2003-11-28-Personal Session with Jesus

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Topic: Interesting Questions and Possibilities

Group: At Large


Teacher: Michael

TR: Loralee Humphries



Marshall: Master, for quite some time I have been speculating on the possibilities of various events unfolding on this planet since the adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion. Machiventa's installation as acting Planetary Prince, the great influx of celestial teachers, the eventual opening of the circuits, and many other ongoing exciting events occurring within this great Mission of yours at this time.


What is the possibility/feasibility of Machiventa materializing as an active Planetary Prince along with a staff of presently unfused ascending mortal celestial teachers? Could it be that Abraham would act in a capacity as his "chief of staff", similar to the Caligastia/Daligastia relationship of old? Would these unfused ascending mortal teachers require the germ plasm of mortal contributors in order to materialize, like the Caligastia one hundred required? Or could they materialize in another unrevealed manner? Would the Tree of Life be brought from Edentia to sustain these materialized staff members and their mortal contributors, or could the Satania life currents/circuits within their bodies be complemented by other means, such as through utilization of morontia techniques of energy transformation/manipulation which would act in a similar capacity as would the Tree of Life? Is there a possibility that the transported offspring and/or other progeny of Adam and Eve could return for purposes of biological upliftment to the races? Could the new order of being be created that would serve in a similar capacity that the Life Carriers had planned for the offspring of the Caligastia one hundred and the first-line generation of Adam and Eve which would serve upon this planet as great teachers and rulers from a social standpoint? Could you provide me with any additional information that would assist me in the promotion of the ongoing blending process that is presently occurring between m y newly evolving morontia body (and mind) and my material body (and mind)? What are the possibilities of these blending mortals of the new order of planetary citizen becoming members of Machiventa's and/or Monjoronson's staff?

Such speculations are just a few that I have been turning over in my mind, based in pieces I have put together from my study of the Urantia Papers and various celestial teacher lessons, Master, and I would greatly appreciate any comments you may desire to share which might be helpful, even though I'm sure that to spend too much effort on such conjectures is a waste of energy.


Michael: There indeed are many such exciting possibilities, my son, many of which you are not aware of. There are many such great beings, who are again preparing for their entry back into this world, however, the ways and means may not necessarily be as you presume. There are many unknown factors to you at this time and which must of necessity require greater understanding beyond that which you are currently studying and abiding by. Know that there is great information available to you already upon this planet among other mortals who hold valuable keys whereby you may re-insert those pieces of information into your puzzle to aid you in gaining greater insight and clarity into such possibilities as that as what this planet may someday experience.