2003-12-11-Count Yourself Among The Extraordinarily Blessed

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Topic: Count Yourself Among the Extraordinarily Blessed

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Unknown



Dear one, allow yourself to knowingly be more open with Me, for I know your innermost thoughts. I know, too, that you still entertain doubts about My existence in you.

And as long as doubts persists, you need to keep training your faith muscle, for repetition and self-discipline are needed in the same way you condition your physical body, since what you don’t use, you will lose.

It is the same with faith. In time your soul grows so hungry for My nourishment, that even your conscious mind hears the questing echo of your soul, and you begin to wonder how you could ever exist without My presence.

I tell you this, dear one, I shall make you so incredibly hungry, that all you will desire is to be with Me, and feel My Love and Understanding until it overflows your capacity to receive. Only your doubts are casting the shadow that keeps you away from My Light.

It is the curse of mankind to be in doubt of the existence of an Almighty Creator. All mankind clamors for proof, in spite of all the prophets that have been sent to tell each and everyone that they, all, are the beloved children of the Creator.

Even the very Ruler of your universe came in the person of Jesus of Nazareth to tell you this. And I tell you now, that the ones that can believe without seeing while yet in the flesh, shall receive the greatest rewards, as they have shown themselves to be more courageous, braver, and stronger than those creatures that have on their planets the visible representations of the Celestial Government.

Urantia breeds most peculiar races of peoples, and they are tried in all manner of struggles to develop their faith. After they finish their age-long training, they shall be rewarded with positions of trust in the far-flung universes of outer space that are now in the process of being created through the evolutionary processes.

Count yourself among the extraordinarily blessed and expect great things.