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Topic: Transmitting

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl, Helonia, Sid, Andrew, Lucias

TR: George B., Lucille, Donna, Larry



Prayer: Larry: Dear Father, we love you. We are so grateful for all of the blessings that you have bestowed upon each of us, your sons and daughters. We would be a light to this world. We would be of assistance in the Correcting Time. Please open our minds, hearts, eyes and ears so that we may hear what you would have to say to each of us through your teachers. May we hear the words that you would have us hear, in Christ Michael’s name, Amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher JarEl. It is good to see all of you once again. Last time I suggested that all of you practice the stillness and attempt to TR your personal teacher. I asked you to do this with the idea of expanding your connection with the Universe. My hope is that each member of the Teaching Mission shall be able to communicate directly with their teacher, Thought Adjuster or whoever. We would like all of you to participate. Tonight we will help you to facilitate this process. The circuits are open and it should be simple for you to do this. The thoughts and images are there, you just have to trust in what you are going to say, you have to trust in the words you TR.



Most of all you have to trust in yourself, it is important that you realize that you are a son or daughter of God. All of you are capable of transmitting and receiving messages; of having direct communication with the Father. That is something that most people on Urantia do not realize, that it is possible. Most rely on intermediaries or people in between to make that connection. It is better to know God than to know of God. This is one of the reasons why we are striving to enhance your communication ability. We would like each of you to have a full realization of who God is in your lives. We would like all of you to experience that and to experience direct communication. At this moment, each of your personal teachers is at hand to communicate a message to the group. We shall have a moment of silence so that you may TR your teacher.


Helonia: TR, Lucille. This is Helonia the personal teacher of Lucille. She does not have the feeling of hearing me very well. She seems to depend upon JarEl for her messages. I will try to get closer to her. I will pass for now.

JarEl: TR, George. Thank you Lucille, that was a very good try.

Lucille: Why do I feel the presence of JarEl more than Helonia? I do not understand.

JarEl: TR, George. You are accustomed to me as I am accustomed to all of you. This familiarity is what you recognize. If you would but open yourself more to your own teacher and become more familiar you will soon recognize her messages.

Lucille: Thank you, I will try to listen more.

Sid: TR, Donna. I am thinking about sparkling jewels and jewelry, this could be from my teacher Sid, I am not certain. It seems like each human being, each person is a precious jewel with all the different facets to us. When the light shines on us a different facets shows up and it is like when you look at a jewel, how it sparkles. I think each individual is like a sparkling jewel. It can be more and more beautiful as the light shines through it and reflects upon us. These are just the thoughts and images that have come to me.

JarEl: TR, George. Thank you Donna, that was a very beautiful interpretation, what you see and feel.

Andrew: TR, Larry. This is Andrew, Larry’s personal teacher. It has been a long time since we have spoken. It is good to see the growth of Larry over the past three years that he has been involved in the Teaching Mission. Especially in his application of what he has learned. In each action that each of you take there are lessons of growth that are experienced. Sometimes mistakes are made but these often turn out to be big lessons in our growth from imperfection to perfection.

God is always so loving, so patient and so kind, he sees what we are becoming, a perfected child of God. He is a God of Love. God is Love. He has created all of us in Love. As we apply this love that we are to the world, we become a light to the world. We shall bring about Light and Life to this world. The radiation of light from each individual only adds to the Light and Love of this world. This light shall grow and attract other truth seekers. As all of mankind absorbs the light and applies it in their lives, Light and Life will be a fact! As you go about planting the seeds for Light and Life, know that the seeds are all growing and one day all the people on this world shall serve the Father as we each serve the Father.

Continue on your path of growth, continue on your path of service, continue to love your brothers and sisters and apply the love that the Father gives you so freely. Apply in your action from your heart and your mind to your brothers and sisters. Thank you, good night.

JarEl: TR, George. Thank you Andrew, thank you Larry, for this wonderful transmission.

Lucias: TR, George. I am Lucias, George’s personal teacher. I bring you greetings. I would like to share with you all of my love and warmth. Although I have no conscious direct connection with George, I work behind the scenes with him, helping him with his projects and working with his Thought Adjuster to bring out the best in George. Be aware that even though communications may be rare between a teacher and student there are lessons being learned at the subconscious level. This is something that we have volunteered to do. We are here to help you, to guide you and to teach you. We will not give up merely because you have decided not to communicate with us. We all know full well that you go through hard times in your life and may feel like isolating yourself. We know sooner or later when you feel the time is right you will initiate communications with us and make that connection.

Lucille: Is it the connection with our Thought Adjusters, is that what we are seeking?

JarEl: TR, George. The connection that you have open to you, Lucille, is simply open to every positive opening. Those who have direct connection are God, your Thought Adjuster and your teachers. But just like communication, any sort of communication can be initiated. You may make contact with any individual in the Universe. However, it is very difficult to make that phone link if you have no phone book as a reference. So it is best that you limit yourself to those individuals that you are already familiar with. As you advance into the Morontia Worlds, you will be open to a vast array of communications. Every sort of communication shall be available to you. Including with your loved ones you have left behind here on Urantia. However that is on a case by case basis.

Lucille: What about communication with those who have gone on before, like Hal, I have not heard too much from him? He probably is far ahead.

JarEl: TR, George. The circuits that have been put in place have mainly to do with communications with your Thought Adjusters, angels, and teachers. Individuals who have passed from this world are limited in their communications to this world. They need to ask for permission in or to permit any sort of communication. Your failure to contact Hal has nothing to do with your ability to tap into the circuit. Whatever mission that Hal is on at this moment is very important and takes a majority of his time. You will soon find out how busy you shall be in the Morontia Realm. Rest assured that Hal stills loves you and he loves you like he did on the day that he left. You will have plenty of opportunity to catch up with him. Do not worry. There are many friends that you have here.

I am very glad that all of you attempted to make that connection with your teacher tonight. It may seem like a first step once again, but once you get a little practice you shall be Transmitting like a pro. If you have reservation as to how or why you need to transmit, let me reassure you that it is all for the greater purpose of the coming of Light and Life. It is our belief that every individual who is involved with the Teaching Mission should in some degree allow themselves to receive messages and to transmit them to the group. It is our belief in doing so you will bring new and invigorating messages to the world. It is not necessary to transmit in a group setting such as this. We bid you to practice for the mere purpose of transmitting on your own time and in your own way. It may be through literature or through film or through counseling or through art. Whatever means or way you decide to transmit this message of love, that is enough for us. We hope to inspire all of you. We hope to bring to your lives a richer meaning, something that you can give to the rest of the world. Are there any questions here tonight.

Lucille: Yes JarEl, do we each have an individual teacher of our own?

JarEl: TR, George. Yes we do. Those who have not made that connection with a teacher and wish to do so may ask for one and a teacher will arrive soon. Yes everyone is a candidate for a teacher.

Lucille: I think I have a teacher but I don’t hear from her very much.

JarEl: TR, George. Remember teachers do not initiate contact, they wait for you to contact them. Every teacher is willing and waiting for you to contact them. They are there at your disposal. It may take getting used to, to listen to and to hear their energy, but as soon as you get used to recognize them and hear their voice it shall become easier to begin to understand and comprehend their message. You may hear from your teacher but most of the time you may think it is your own thoughts that you are hearing. This is common, but it is not something that cannot be solved. There are ways to understand your teacher. It is very simple, Lucille, just go into the silence, into meditation and ask questions. As soon as you receive answers that are not of your own mind then you will know. I hope that helps.

Lucille: Yes it does.

JarEl: TR, George. Are there any other questions?

Maitreya, Magisterial Mission

Donna: JarEl what can you tell me about a world teacher know as Maitreya? His message is peace and he has appeared in different parts of the world and he has been associated with different miracles that have happened. I was just wondering how does he fit, or is he real, or is there a connection with the teachers of the Teaching Mission?

JarEl: TR, George. My dear sister, Donna, this person that you ask about is one of many teachers who have volunteered to give spiritual messages to this world. There are thousands upon thousands of off-world individuals who have come to this planet to witness to the dawn of the Age of Light and Life. They are surrounding your world eager to be of any help whatsoever. Sadly, this individual is not the expected Magisterial Son, who is yet to arrive, but he does bring to this world messages of love and kindness. Any message that brings good fruits is worth listening to. It is no wonder that you hear about individuals who seem extraordinary. We are living in extraordinary times and extraordinary events are about to occur. Our Teaching Mission is…………and Machiventa Melchizedek is in charge of all spiritual teachings going on throughout the world. There is a separate division that deals with off-world individuals who have volunteered their time to teach here as well, and they may show up from time to time within the population.

Donna: JarEl could you define what is an off-world teacher or individual that phrase?

JarEl: The off-world individuals are what you would define as aliens, from other planets. I say off-world because it is not of your world. It is important to understand this. You have come to rely on the Teaching Mission for quite some time now. I can imagine that many of you think that the only connection you may have or the connections that you receive are the Teachers, Melchizedeks, Midwayers and so forth. But there are a vast array of individuals and mortals that exist in this universe that do come to your planet and visit and do try to offer assistance. However they are restrained in many ways for they need to allow this planet to take its natural course until and when it is decided that the Magisterial Son will present himself to the planet. However they are eagerly making preparations and part of the preparation is sending missionaries and diplomats to your planet to prepare the world.

Many of you are asked to do the same to prepare the world just like John the Baptist prepared the way for Michael. In such a way shall all of you prepare the way for the day of Light and Life. This preparation is not only in telling others, but is mostly and primarily in preparing yourselves and opening up your hearts to others and in sharing your lives with love and tenderness; this is the preparation which we ask.

So, going back to your initial question, this individual which you referred to is one of many who have come to prepare this world and he is no more extraordinary than you. So remember that. Do not give yourself less value. What you know and how you feel are just as important as any individual who professes love. I am no greater than you and, therefore, I am your brother and it will remain so forever. So whoever appears on your planet and gives you messages of love and hope listen to them. But, do not adore them for they are your brother and they are equal to you and to me.


Lucille: This is a beautiful message JarEl. Thank you.

Donna: Yes, thank you JarEl. That was a very thorough answer.

JarEl: Thank you and I will see you all in two weeks. Good night.

All: Good night.