2005-01-23-Fusion, Meditation, & Stillness

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Topic: Fusion, Meditation, & Stillness

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon

TR: Jonathan



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings to you, this is your friend Elyon. I am going to speak about fusion, that moment wherein you will receive the eternal blessing, that permanent merger with Father, that point from which the infinite potentials of the universe become yours to choose and to pursue. That which you hold in faith today will be a true possession subsequent to that moment, for all that can transpire in your future is possible and present in the Father's spirit with you even at this moment. But fusion qualifies you as a human soul to be equal to the divine spirit, not merely aligned, but one.



Jesus said, "Let your light shine" and we can think of ourselves as lanterns from which this light of spirit shines through us that others may see. It is our recognition of the value of this light that motivates each one to take care of the lantern, to keep the glass clean that the light may shine freely, to position the lantern in a manner that the light may do its best to illuminate for others.

This is a noble effort for the human soul, to make oneself pure and clear for the transmission of divine light. As you are maturing, as your spirit association develops, your perception of yourself begins to shift. Where once you saw yourself as the globe that required constant cleansing for the transmission of clear light, you begin to perceive yourself as the wick from which the light is shown forth. Your identification is closer to the spirit presence within you, less associated with the shell that is your body and mind. This wick may be thought of as your soul; as your soul grows the light burns brighter. It is the true anchor within you, that point where Father pours energy that emerges from you as that divine light. The growth you will undertake in the near future that takes you to fusion will be the transfer of your identity from wick to the combustion point where you and Father become one, and you become light yourself, no longer the transmitter of light, but light source. Then the potentials of eternity that I spoke of become yours to pursue as do the photons of light that cast from a source of emission go far and wide. It is an event worth preparing for.

To many on the terrestrial plane whereon you reside today concerns such as livelihood, your well-being beyond your working years, the proper management of your possessions upon your death, while of great importance, none is as great as the preparation for fusion with the divine spirit within you, the removal of the duality and attainment of oneness. With this date in mind, this inevitable future occurrence that you who have the faith to pursue, all your decisions, the direction you take in your remaining earth days, take on a value that is oriented to fusion. Subsequent to this event you will have many spectacular experiences. Nothing will be as profound until you stand in the Father's presence on Paradise. This moment of fusion is very close in comparison in time to you now. Hold it as a high priority in all that you do.

Remember: stillness is the preparation; stillness is also the pathway. It is how you move from the glass of the lantern to the wick and from the wick to the fire. I wish to draw you into conversation at this point. You may ask questions or make comments. Thank you.


Evelyn: You have brought this up before how fusion is not so far off, and it's a hard concept to make real in our lives. I think of it as far away. I'm still just dealing with controlling emotions and the basics of being a human animal. I'm sure you remind us of this for a reason.

Elyon: The life you live upon Urantia is much like the early years of your life, the years of infancy. At those times each of you struggled with enormous tasks; learning to walk, learning to understand others around you and to talk, learning to feed yourself, learning to clothe yourself. These tasks and skills occupied your mind, filled your day. You gave no thought then that these acquired skills would merely supplement your real goals in life in years to follow. Those things you wish to accomplish are aided by those early trainings. Your entire earth life is much like this in the preparation for the morontia experiences and that event of fusion. While you do well to treat your earthly goals with great importance, do ever be mindful that they are preparation training events for far greater spiritual unfoldment in the life to come.


Tom: I was recently reading of a form of Buddhist meditation, the counting of breaths in order to get into stillness mode. They mentioned that the stillness practice is more subtle; it involves not trying to control the process but to try to open up to the process. Could you speak to those two issues?

Elyon: The practice you speak of, the observance of breath, is a discipline of mind. It has value in the form of focus and control. It teaches the self that the mind is the avenue through which the being perceives. Stillness may be thought of as turning 180 degrees in the opposite direction, meditatively speaking. It is the focus upon the Father, the divine presence. It is the opening for the reception of spirit embrace. The two practices are complementary, for meditation of mind strengthens you for a more efficient experience of divine presence. It sharpens you to the recognition of the subtle proximity of spirit. When static of the mind is too great spirit is hard to hear. However, any discipline that clears the mind and sharpens observance is beneficial. You may count your heartbeat as well as your breath. You may listen to a clock in your room tick. It is the simplicity of the repetition that reins in the mind and calms the thoughts, but it is the recognition and the experience of spirit that gives this value, for a trained mind without spirit is like a fit body with no task to accomplish. I hope this supplements your study.

Tom: It sounds like having wisdom without sharing it.

Elyon: Indeed.

Tom: Thank you.


Elyon: My good friends, it is always a delight to merge with you in thought, to share in the focus of life's greatest value, the recognition and embrace of God. You are truly held in His arms. God's love is abundant and freely given to you. Your devotion and love for Him is always noticed, always received. I will take my leave. Remember, you are ever in good company. Farewell.