2005-04-05-Region of Van

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Topic: Region of Van

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Hadon

TR: Helen Whitworth

Session 1


Hadon: "Much of what has been written within the histories is true. But much also is false, or rather hides a deeper truth. The myths and legends of this area are indeed strong, and imbibe into the very land herself. There are stories of man, of celestial beings, of otherworld beings, and of great events, which occurred upon this region. Know however that much of what is written is by way of allegory.

"This is not to say it is not rooted in truth, but do not fixate upon the detail, rather learn from the substance behind the details to find a truth which resounds within all peoples souls.

"Van was a very special man. He held within him much knowledge, some of which was passed to the peoples of this area, other of which has been lost for all time. The history of place is now not what it was, and that may never be recaptured, however there are fundamental truths, which still may be accessed through the consciousness of mankind, and through the soil of the area within which you sit.

"Much of this knowledge has been locked away by design, since as always with knowledge there lies the danger of its misuse. This you know well. Van and his followers and the descendants of such within this region, held much of this knowledge, of science, of religion, of medicine, of technology, of husbandry and of craftsmanship. There are remnants of these ‘knowledges,’ which still retain within the current knowledge of the people of this area, though many will deny this, and few will admit (it).

"There were great schools upon this plain, great centers of learning, which allowed humankind to grow within its understanding and its knowledge. And the teachers of these people were indeed Van and others who followed for Michael, with the immortal substance within their blood. They were assisted also by various of the celestial beings, and by the creatures of the midway realm.

"Some stayed in this area permanently, and worked alongside man for the furthering of knowledge and education over many centuries and millennia. Others passed by this way as they moved to work in the South and in the North East of this region and surrounding ‘countrysides’. The Lake itself has shrunk since the times in which you are interested, and this has indeed caused a change within the landscape.

"The old city, the Holy city of Van, was important and shone as a beacon of light for many hundreds of miles and was a place where people of standing and wealth, and with a desire and love for learning, would send their children in order to further themselves, and to gain knowledge which may be useful within their home towns and home countries. This was not however the only place of such learning. There were places within Western parts of what you now know as Turkey, as there were places further to the North East and further to the South. These were of greater and lesser importance, and each specialized within different areas.

"The Nodites retained an interest within this area but their influence was minimal and indeed yes, the Amadonites did form a backbone of society in the years succeeding the rebellion. There are traces of this ancestry still within traces of the Kurdish people, and their ways were not dissimilar from those you know as Toltec.

"It is the way of the human mind always to question, and for this we applaud you, but I say again not to become rapt within the detail, just know that these things happened within the heart of man, and through finding your own history through your own heart, you will become more at peace with the world and your own unique place within it.

"Indeed, it is experience which causes the seat of your evolution, and not the details of intellectual knowledge. You felt upon the castle the peace and the sanctity of such place and the prevalence of the air element, which are remnants of the seat of learning. It is these feelings and others such within individual places that will bring meaning to this area within your heart.

"I move now to other topics.

"The midwayers are often misunderstood in how they attempt to convey information for they know not to become too embroiled within the detail, and again attempt to convey truth through feeling. It is rare to obtain perfect connection and as such translations, so long as the feeling remains intact are considered as worthy. Of their own history, this perhaps is something which is best to be left for now, as it bears little relevance to your path at this point in time. Understand from this, too, that the information of Armesh and his history does not conflict from the position within which we look, though this may appear to be illogical within your own realm. Instead understand that all beings can be many things to many people.

"Within the Garden of Eden, the tree of knowledge allowed separation of thought and thus rise to growth and learning. Thus it is inevitable that at times this separation is felt, yet know it is necessary for the evolution of your species, and as such occurred within the divine order. As brother Simeon explained to you, the Divine is always capable of remaking and readjusting plans at the shortest notice. Yet such plans are always most perfect.

"We are glad that this place has brought much understanding to you, and that you were able to access part of your own soul’s history through spending time here and working with the energies inherent within this land. We wish you well on your journeys, and trust that you will find love hope and compassion wherever your feet may tread.

"I tell you, know I am a midwayer you have not previously conversed with. For I reside within this area and spend my time working with those who are on the path of awareness within the surrounding areas, and I tell you there are many. I tell you my name, and it is Hadon. And with me, beside me now there are two others of my kind from this area. There is Kerath, and Zanik, and we are pleased to talk with you in this way today.

"We give you now the bough of friendship and say ‘Hakatur’. We are gone."


This was a most intense session. I later discovered that there is a small group within the Kurdish people of this region that worship Lucifer, the Peacock Angel, who they believe was forgiven by God after the rebellion. Are these peoples part of the lines mentioned?

Hadon was most certainly male and Kerath female. Zanik was energetically more distant, and I think it likely that he/she was either a primary midwayer, or a more recent off-world volunteer assisting the Anatolia group. Whatever, they proved most excellent hosts and guides throughout my travels in Turkey, and were obviously well acquainted with Armesh and other midwayers familiar within the 11:11 Progress Group.

Session 2

  • Asclepion Library, Bergama, Turkey, May 11, 2005.
  • Midwayer Hadon.
  • Subject: "Asclepion."
  • Received by Helen Whitworth.


Hadon: "This place is indeed important as one of the ancient centers of learning for the art of healing. The remains are dated to the Greek era honoring the God Asclepius, but know that there have been healing arts and traditions practiced upon this site for millennia prior to the building of these remains.

"As in Van, the actuality of the stones is less important than the feeling as you correctly ascertained the more holy part of the site through its peace and instant sense of well-being. You resonate well with this place since many of the methods welcomed here are yours, also, and the depth of knowledge archives held here once upon this very spot are also dear to your heart.

"Do not forget, also, how music was important here, alongside healing and scholarly pursuit. You would do well to remember this within your own pursuit of the path to the heart of the Divine.

"We are glad once again to escort you through a special area of that land you now know as Turkey, and we are glad to have had time working with you and yours in this way as a welcome chance to re-acquaint with others as busy as ourselves, whilst still hard at work in the service of Michael. I trust you will follow our lead again tomorrow and walk where your feet and heart point you.

"We leave for now in fondness, I, Hadon, my consort, Kirath and your dear friend Armesh talking with us also, and we say, Hakkatur."

Session 3

  • VAN, Eastern Anatolia, Turkey, May 4, 2005.
  • Teacher Simeon.
  • Subject: "The Divine Plan."
  • Received by Helen Whitworth.


Simeon: "It is not always necessary to complete every part of a plan for a plan to be successful. Indeed within any carefully planned and orchestrated series of actions there are details and nuances which will change, and which must change in order for the work to transpire smoothly and with the ultimate of beauty and perfection. Occasionally, large chunks of a plan are changed and altered. At times, this, too, is necessary, especially if the parameters surrounding the plan change beyond a point where flexibility may allow an easy and subtle recalibration.

"These heavy re-evaluations of plans are a speciality of your planet Urantia, which seems to feel a particular delight in confusion and confounding planners and architects within every changing parameter, and will not be satisfied with just allowing small neat adjustments to arise as if the norm on more sober planets.

"The Divine Planner, or ‘Orchestrator’, however, is uniquely able to re-orchestrate within the moment, at each point of now, so the plans unfolding are always perfect even when from human perspective it may appear that plans of great importance are never stable, and therefore inherently risky. The creator does not take risks. His plans are perfectly conceived in every moment, and as you Earth-beings delight in changing circumstances at the last minute, so too the Creator delights in the momentary adjustments of even the biggest changes in the greatest plans.

"It becomes a dance between you, albeit of cosmic scale, and a rough, energetic dance also, but it brings delight to the heavens, and we have much love for you of humanity, who hold such a strong streak of independence and individuality within your souls. I smile with you on these images and leave your mind to infuse your body with energy and healing. I love you. I AM Simeon."


This transmission was received after some questioning over the unfolding of the Rebellion. Simeon’s loving attitude was that of a parent towards a wild teenager who always wishes to push the boundaries.