2007-12-15-Margul's Address

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Topic: Manifesting the Magisterial Age

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Margul

TR: Unknown



Good day to all who read this message. It is addressed to you. I am Margul, Trinity Teacher Son observer stationed upon Urantia. Know that I and those who work with me are most enthusiastic to observe the progress which has been accruing in recent months upon this cherished planet which will pave the way for the dawning New Magisterial Age.


In spite of relative confusion and mortal inability to clearly stand back and observe the true picture of progress which is in the process of assembly, I can assure you with no uncertainty that you are well progressing into new arenas of consciousness which shall enable those to-be-united lightworkers of Urantia to co-create that unity which will be required to be about the empowered transformation of this sphere. I am pleased that this receiver-transmitter in whom I today come through has finally mustered up the confidence and courage to communicate what I desire to impart.

As a Paradise Son working hand in hand with your Michael ('Jesus') and Monjoronson ('Avonal Magisterial Son'), I greet you today to give each of you renewed confidence and provide you with that enhanced wisdom and power you have been reluctant to accept, as you come to focus upon becoming united under a common umbrella of global unity that will indeed be about the steps and stages which will be required to effectively promote that growing momentum which will bring this planet to the critical mass stage which will enable the new Magisterial Age to commence with new power and presence.

It is truly up to you, my friends, each of you potentially powerful liaisons representing the planetary spiritual hierarchy to your brethren in the flesh, to utilize all of your vast resources to be about that process of cooperation that will be necessary to lift your sphere into this great New Age that you are on the brink of entering. The time factor, as you view it, is totally dependent upon you, and whether it be sooner of later, the united action that a number of you are coming to more clearly visualize will indeed be required to bring about the inevitable momentum that shall be unleashed and actualized to pave the way for what must follow.

My presence upon Urantia shall be taking on new proportions as my able staff of Paradise Sons and associated personalities come to play a more dominant, yet at this time, behind the scenes role in the events that will soon be coming into manifestation. I encourage you to reach for my presence and I shall be honored to make myself increasingly available to you and provide you with that wisdom and power which will enable you to be about our Great Paradise Father's business with increasingly fruitful efforts and empowerment. Having been present upon Urantia for quite some time now in my current capacity, I invite you to assist me in the new phase that my assembled staff and I will be soon assuming in order to collectively bring about the great transformation of this world that many of you are coming to increasingly envision.


Go forth with new certainty that indeed it is you, each and every one of you, that has answered the call to become those great pioneers of destiny that you are in the process of actualizing. Also know that I have great faith in each of you and your Indwelling Pilots to be about this great upcoming mission with total success. Indeed we are all ONE.

I now take my leave.