2009-08-06-New Spirit Energy Transmission Line

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Topic: New Spirit Energy Transmission Line

Group: Indianapolis TeaM


Teacher: Welmek, Michael, 1st Stage Spirit

TR: David Painter, Marty Risacher



MICHAEL (David): Good evening, Marty. My name is Michael...not to be confused with your Creator Sovereign.

MARTY: (humorously) I'm sure about that.

MICHAEL: My apologies. I hail from beyond the Local Universe although I'm from a world of creatures similar to yours. I've traversed all of the steps to become a first-stage spirit. You must find it a bit curious why I would be given permission to come and speak to you this evening. Normally this is not protocol. However, given the situation on your world and others similar to yours, protocol as you would envision has been revised.


The focus of my conversation this evening is to reflect upon your conversation this evening. You've talked about the waste of time, the amount of years that went by without, what you perceived as, much spirit development. Let me reassure you that time as you understand it, and speculated this evening, is indeed, much different than my perception of time. Your experience has been so limited, so channeled in such an indirect form of spirit attainment, that sometimes, as I look back, I wonder how we even got through the material life with much understanding of spirit, thought, feeling, and activity. Please do not misunderstand my meaning. I know that you, as I on my world, did our best to achieve whatever level of communication with the Spirit Fragment as possible. Having said that, it was nothing compared to what you're going to experience. I am pleased to hear the conversation that ego is being diminished while Spirit is being elevated.

  • Circuits, Communication

Part of the purpose of me being permitted to have this conversation is to begin a new process of spirit upliftment on this planet and other planets. I am permitted to share this one thing of material fact, and that simply is: the worlds that have been placed in isolation due to the Lucifer rebellion in this particular sector of the universe have now been interconnected with a new spirit energy transmission line (these words are difficult for me to say because you simply cannot understand the reality of what is happening, but never the less) a new spiritual transmission line that will go from world to world of isolation in an attempt to begin the process of sharing experiences, in particular, spirit growth experiences. Over the course of time, your teachers, who have volunteered to come to your world and other worlds, will pick me to go to these worlds and gain more personal experience in ways in which they have not gained here.

What will happen, in time, is: you will be given stories about people from other planets in isolation...some who have attained perhaps a greater degree of social evolution than this one…and several who have yet to achieve that degree of social evolution. We believe that you will find it fascinating to hear stories that are somewhat like your own. We believe that you will like some of the stories that are, of individual experience, much worse than yours. The purpose of this is to give you a comparison of realities in the particular moment of time.

We know, through experience, that the comparison of realities is imperative for true spirit integrity, understanding, and the overwhelming desire to serve God. We know, as you know to some extent, the related values of experience. You may look at someone on your world and say, "I'm glad I'm not in their shoes." Someone from another world, such as one of your teachers, may at times think, "I'm glad I'm not in THEIR shoes". It is in "their shoes" that is of paramount importance to understand the associated degree of spirit development and understanding. You on the one hand, Marty, have made much progress. You have understood and started to implement this understanding through the actions of Spirit love, Spirit hope and Spirit worship. Continue your path. You will find continued success while the short amount of years lay before you.

What questions would you like for me to respond to?


  • Progress (The Logical Approach To Spiritual Progression In Time's Continuum - Be The Best That You Can Be, Right Now, Today)

MARTY: Hmm. Wow. I'm so pleased to make your acquaintance. While I don't have an understanding of what a first-stage spirit is, it's at least my understanding that you have progressed considerably farther along the road to perfection than I have. I'm so honored to have the opportunity to interact with you. And I hope that we will continue to have this opportunity as time goes on if you're going to be around.

I have a question about the comparison that you mentioned. You said it was imperative to spirit development for comparisons to be made as to the relative progression of spirit. I heard that statement and I especially heard the word "imperative." So, if you would, I'd love for you to elaborate a little bit on that and explain that a little bit more thoroughly as to why that's valuable. I'm not sure that I know.

MICHAEL: You do know, as you expressed earlier this evening. I am here to reinforce this understanding on your part. I want you to look at your life ten years ago. I want you to tell me, to the best of your ability, how you would evaluate your Spirit growth, your Spirit understanding and the congruency between the two, on the scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest understanding and 1 being the lowest.

MARTY: I would say that ten years ago, my Spirit...I would put the scale at about 3 maybe on a 10 basis. And today I would put my evolvement at 6 to 6-1/2 somewhere in that range. I would say that in the last ten years, that I've gained...I'm an entirely different person. No, I'm not a different person. I'm the same all the time. My personality is the same. Just my awareness is considerably more expanded, now. And I have much more peace, joy and serenity in my life. I'm much more motivated. I have less ambiguity about what's important to me. I'm much more motivated and I have a much greater desire to be spirit-like than I was ten years ago, where I was torn one way or the other...my feet were in two different worlds. I was in the material world [and] the spirit world. I'd say I had my toes in the spirit world and my feet were in the material world. Now, my toes are pretty much in the material world and my feet are in the spiritual world.

MICHAEL: On your comparative scale, if we may continue, twenty years ago?

MARTY: shwoo...twenty years ago...

MICHAEL: Think of two or three things, twenty years ago, in your behavior, closest to how you might behave now...how would you rate yourself on this scale?

MARTY: ...probably 1-1/2.

MICHAEL: ...thirty years?

MARTY: Even less spirit consciousness. I'm down to 1, now. But there's not much further I can go down and keep going back. I'm going to run out of time here pretty quick.

MICHAEL: Knowing Lucifer to the extent you do, would you say you could have gone into the negative, prior to extinction? MARTY: Well, when you have no spirit growth, spirit growth being zero and you're going down in the opposite direction, I could say you could go into the negative, absolutely go into the negative. You can go into 0-10 in the other direction, 10 being total unreal. So, yeah, I would agree that there is a way to go into the negative. When you get to 0 growth and you start going back the other way where you're involved in iniquity and evil and seeking it out for reasons that are unclear to me, I still am confused why how any being could ever make that choice. It's hard for me to understand and fathom a choice of iniquity and evil, because it brings nothing but pain to me. It's never brought anything but pain to me.

MICHAEL: False sense of power.

MARTY: Very false…very false. Insanity is what it is.

MICHAEL: Indeed. Now, let's go forward. You said, I believe, 6.5, as you would view yourself today?

MARTY: Yeah. 6.5 on a scale of 10 being Jesus. Very scientific [...thought?] I'll tell you, Michael. (Marty chuckling)

MICHAEL: You are a goal oriented individual.

MARTY: Yes...

MICHAEL: What would be your goal for the next two years on this scale?

MARTY: Hmm...It would be nice to progress further. I mean, it's hard for me to know. It seems to me the progression that I've experienced so far has not been geometric. It's been more geometric than it has been lineal, especially in the last year or so, it's been geometric. So, it's hard for me to know if it will continue in a geometric way. Then, Lord knows what it would be.

MICHAEL: What you say is not true.


MICHEL: You know how you feel now about your Father and my Father. You know how you feel about the Sovereign of this universe, Jesus Christ. You know how you feel about the angelic hosts that support you. You know how you feel about your mortal brothers and sisters with whom you've come to grow and love and serve. This is only part of the geometric proportion of growth - this part that I am permitted to share with you because it's already been a part of your experience. Why would you ever think that it would diminish in any fashion; rather, that it would continue to, in preponderance, grow more geometrically than any kind of arithmetic or linear proportion?

Having said that, answer the question differently. What would you want, in your spirit experience, on a scale of 6-1/2 to 10, to actually, consciously realize within two years?


MICHAEL: Indeed. Now...project further. Let's say, hypothetically (and I must stress that) - because I, like you and your other teachers cannot predict the future - so, let's just say, theoretically, you live to be eighty years old. In your seventy-ninth year, where will you be on this scale?


MICHAEL: Interesting human response. Why did I say imperative? Simply because, these scales are continuous motion. It's not just the scale of 1-10. Once you achieve 10, guess what happens?

MARTY: You get a new scale.

MICHAEL: You DO get a new scale. Once you reach 10 on that scale?

MARTY: You get another one...

MICHAEL: You get my point. The moral of my story is simply: be the best that you can be, right now, today. Allow the Father to work in you and through you. These things you intellectually attain. You're beginning to more emotionally respond to the leadings of the Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of the Father. And I, for one, am very happy for you that you have come to the conclusion that the only real existence is the one inside. All things outside change constantly. I have seen enough in my short term of experience (I say that only relative to eternity) to know this to be a fact of experience.

So, why do I bring all of this up to you this evening? It is to help you gain a more logical approach to time's continuum. It is really not about two years or five years or twenty years or whatever...it is about the day-to-day decisions that will lead you to that growth. So, when you say in two years you want to be an 8...why two years? Why not two months? Why not six months? Why not ten years? My point here, I'm sure you see, is it all comes down to YOUR choice. When you reach that level of 10 - that's not the end - it is the new beginning. The humans do not grasp this concept. Humans tend to reach a level of satisfaction and place everything else on hold, thinking that there is, for them, not much more to attain in such a short life.

I'm going to share this with you. There is a mission for you. There are personalities - two of which are unknown to you and will remain so for awhile - who are given the command of supporting you in this mission. It has been revealed to me through different teachers that you are familiar with, that you truly do have a desire to serve your brothers and sisters. You will find in the near future, through your kinds of skills and your communications with your teachers, a fuller understanding of what this mission is. It is not mandated that you do this. You will surely do it on your own free will.

  • Ego [[[Replace Your Ego With God's Ego - You Will Never Be Alone]]]

You are searching in your life, right now, for something you have yet to find, when in reality it's right in front of you. But, like you, I too many times could not see right in front of me. I was constantly looking to the right or looking to the left or looking up or looking down or looking behind me - Where is the truth? What am I supposed to do? Who am I supposed to be? And why am I supposed to be doing all of this? - when it stares me right in my face, as it is now.

My friend, if I may call you that...As a first-stage spirit, in the form that I am in, I cannot begin to describe the beauty, the wonder, the glory...the words [there are no words]...you know what I'm saying. What I can tell you is, everything that you are pursuing, when it comes to your inner communication, your desire to serve your brothers is totally, as you say, right on the money. Be patient; be diligent, allow God to work through you, not you work through God. The more you diminish the ego, and replace it with the Spirit, in reality, the greater your ego becomes. Does any of this make sense to you?

MARTY: It does...the last thing you said...the more you diminish your ego, the more that you permit God's spirit to work through you, the greater your ego becomes...that's a little bit of an oxymoron for me. But I think the ego that you’re referring to, the one that replaces the one that I have now, would be an ego of a spiritual dimension rather than one of the human dimension.

MICHAEL: The ego that your replacing is God's ego...Let me rephrase this. You are replacing YOUR ego with God's ego.

MARTY: Well, that's something that I desire. That's something that I desire and...

MICHAEL: Do you really? (Yes) Do you want it? (Yes) Does it burn inside of you? (Yes) Do you seek of it daily? (Yes) Do you pray for enhancement? (Yes) Do you serve your brothers and sisters? (As often as I can) Do you give thanksgiving every day for what you have and who you will become? (Yes)

Do you know how far ahead of your brothers and sisters you are, for the most part, on this planet?

MARTY: I have no idea. All I know is that sometimes it's very lonely. With the exception of David sitting right here, I don't really have anybody to talk to about it other than you guys, and I love talking to you guys.

MICHAEL: Keep in mind this one thing. You may find yourself lonely, but you will never be alone. You've heard this before in your meetings. You've read it I'm sure and things of this nature. I cannot tell you how literally this is true. There are myriads of personalities across this universe that you and your fellow members of these kinds of groups have given permission to, to observe certain parts of your life, such as what is transpiring right now. All I can tell you, my friend, is you have countless admirers, friends and people who would like to meet you face to face. MARTY: I could start selling t-shirts.

MICHAEL: Is there a buck in it for me? (Marty laughing heartily)

MICHAEL: Whenever you’re feeling lonely, call on me.

MARTY: I will.

MICHAEL: I may be on assignment, but your so-called e-mail will be answered.

MARTY: That's wonderful. Very gratifying. My heart's lifted by your words and I am motivated. It's an exciting adventure. I'm really getting into the excitement of it. It's real for me, now. It gets to become more real. The more that I engage, the more real it becomes.

MICHAEL: As you say, "So it is." Live it. Isn't it a thrill to find the Father and allow him to work through you?

MARTY: It is a neat thing.

MICHAEL: Isn't it a wonderment that this could even happen to a lowly creature like you?

MARTY: The Father is just beyond any description that I could ever give. The wonder and the beauty and the magnificence of his being is so awesome. It's such an honor to be in existence. It's such an honor to have the gift of life. It's such an honor to be connected with the Father and for him to have had such love for me and all creatures to give us personality and experience death. I mean, it's truly an honor.

MICHAEL: Given my "advanced" realization relative to yours, do you think in any way that the Father might love me just a bit more because I know Him perhaps better than you?

MARTY: Not a bit. (laughs) Not a bit. Michael, with all due respect, I don't think you're any more connected to the Father than I am. None of us are separate from the Father. We're all part of the Father. We just don't...just at my level of understanding, I'm not aware of as much of it as you are. But that doesn't in any way negate the reality that we have the same connection. We're all part of it. That's my understanding. I may be wrong but that's the way I feel.

  • Gratitude (Gratitude From Another World)

MICHAEL: Here is what I'm hearing now from a world whose name will go unknown (but it is, in distance [relatively speaking] close to this one) - who's also in isolation. The message is this: "We thank you for allowing us to hear Marty's words of encouragement. We know somewhat of the struggles from sharing over time. And we are pleased to know and look up to him as our inspiration, that in a world of strife, a world of turmoil, God will survive and shine through anyone who so opens himself up. This individual, in particular, who asked that this petition be reiterated here this evening, has made a pledge, if it's the Father's will, to seek you out on the mansion world and to so-call hug you and thank you, face-to- face, for your words, your encouragement and your spirit of love.

MARTY: It's very gratifying. All I'm doing is expressing what I know to be true and what my understanding is. It's just...I'm only expressing what IS and it has nothing to do with me.

MICHAEL: Life is simple isn't it?

MARTY: (chuckling) Yes, it is. Pretty interesting.

MICHAEL: We sure like to take hammer and nails and crucify ourselves many times. (Yeah) We sure like to take the sickle and cut others up in the process of our own crucifixion. (Hmmm) These things are disturbing to me in a way because of the fact that I see the pain and the suffering. Having said that, I do not lose sleep, for I know that our Father and Michael will surely take care of you. For, as is said, even as the Father knows the lilies of the field...

Is there anything else you would like to ask of me?

MARTY: Are you going to be assigned to this planet for some period of time, I take it?

MICHAEL: Not relevant.


MICHAEL: I know that may sound not fragrant...

MARTY: That's OK. I know. If you can't tell me, you can't tell me. You've got your secrets.

MICHAEL: Not so much secrets as...In universe administration, there are so-called "laws" that have to be followed. My order of first-stage spirit petitions your Creator Sovereign for an opportunity to come back through His universe and, as you would say, spread the good word. I do not know, nor do I have the permission yet to say how long I will be permitted to stay in this particular sector. That is why I say, "not relevant." Perhaps I should have said that explanation rather than being so short. Sometimes, I, like you and so many others, seem to take things for granted when it comes to understanding. Isn't it amazing? I, too, still have much to learn?

MARTY: (laughs) That's something that David and I were speculating on. Even after we leave this world and we progress, we continue to have the frustrations and expectations and the frustrations that go with unrealistic expectations and still continue to struggle with ego deflation even in spirit form. And I think maybe that we do.

I'll ask that question. At your stage of development, what are the kinds of issues that you are confronted with and what's your life like in terms of how you develop. I mean, you're so far more developed than I am. You look at me and I'm sure you see me as a child. What's your life like in terms of how you develop?

MICHAEL: It's rather new to me since I am beginning the first stage of spirit existence. What I can tell you is that the periods of development up until this point have been exciting and wonderful and beautiful and... you pick the adjectives. What I'm experiencing now is not something that I can even conceptually convey to you in a way in which you can remotely understand. Being a spirit is so radically different than human and morontial. What I see in depths of perception, what I feel in the heart of love, and what I know from the mind circuits of Spirit are beyond my ability to communicate to you. I know that doesn't satisfy you, in any way, since humans tend to like specifics, something that they can identify with…understand. Yet, I cannot say anything other than what I have just said. It is just too different.

MARTY: I have a sense of it. In my mind, I obviously can't get around to see things outside where I am materially, but my spirit has a sense of it and I sense an awesomeness of it...and thank you for that.

MICHAEL: Are you ready to begin YOUR session?

MARTY: I think so.

MICHAEL: Then, I'd like to thank you for your time. I want to thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with me. And I also want to thank you for, in a sense, inviting me to come back. If it is permitted, then I will. There are many sheep in the herd who need tending.

MARTY: (chuckling) Are you a shepherd?

MICHAEL: Not really, But it seems nice. It seems appropriate and certainly you can understand.

  • Reputation (Michael Of Nebadon Is Quite Remarkable Beyond Just His Universe)

I would make one comment in closing. Your Creator Sovereign is quite remarkable beyond just His universe. In as much as there have been those Creator Sons who chose to terminate their material manifestations at the point of fusion. Your master knew EXACTLY what was going to happen to Him in a short amount of time. I wonder how many mortals could be so brave, knowing that sooner or later, the so-called freight train is going to run them over?

My friend, may you rest in peace. May you find happiness in your decisions and, most of all, look into each person's eyes and talk to their Spirit. You've heard these words before. I am here to (in my own way) let you know, this will improve-enhance your Spirit growth more than any other advice I can share with you. Thank you.

MARTY: Thank YOU, so much.

Transcribers note: At this point Marty and David trade places and Marty assumes the T/R responsibility

WELMEK (Marty): Good evening David. This is your friend and teacher, Welmek.

DAVID: Good evening.

WELMEK: I am here, this evening, for the purpose of continuing the process of assisting Marty in developing his skills to do as you do. It seems to me that the process proceeds most efficiently when you pose a question to me? What is your first question?

DAVID: Give me just a second, Welmek. I'm still trying to absorb all this energy...

  • Growth (The Most Important Way To Grow Spiritually - Give Your Spirit To Others To Receive God's Spirit Unto Yourself]]]

A moment ago, Marty was told that (if I remember correctly) the one thing that would allow his Spirit to consciously grow is to - in dealing with other people - consciously make the effort to talk to their Spirit. You have shared this with us before. However, I have always kind of thought of it as, "Yes, that would be a good thing to do."

I don't know if I've ever heard you say that it is THE MOST IMPORTANT way to grow spiritually. Can you talk about that? Did I misunderstand (which is possible since I was doing the transmitting)? IS this the most important thing that we can do to grow spiritually and, if so, why? Because we've kind of thought that - "going inside" and "the stillness: and" finding the Spirit" and the "worship of the Father" - those were the things that really were the cornerstones of spirit growth. And yet, if I understood it correctly (well, obviously those things are important), it's not THE most important thing. Can you talk about that?

WELMEK: I can. What Michael was saying is direction...is in terms of direction for Marty at his level of development. Marty has already experienced a period of time (where he has engaged in stillness as a regular practice.) As a result of engaging in stillness as a regular practice, and all of the other things that you mentioned which have been part of his life experience, his development is such that the most important thing for HIM, at this period of time, is to put those practices...his development into practice by bringing into reality the things of which he has become aware about, himself.

By speaking directly to the Spirit Fragment of others...that is...by permitting the communication from his Spirit Fragment to the Spirit Fragment of others through a connection of eye to eye [contact], then the communication and the flow of Spirit occurs, such that, the recipient of his attention and efforts receives the benefit of Spirit development in a more expanded way than merely by assessing - through mental faculties - concepts and understandings related to the mechanism of spiritual development.

In other words, communicating in such a direct way...that is...Spirit to Spirit...enhances experience on the part of the recipient of the attention. Marty receives as a benefit and receives a significant benefit in the expansion of his spiritual development. Off-giving in such a way, projecting energy and Spirit from his material mechanism to that of another, in a sense, he voids himself of Spirit content. When Spirit then flows to fill that, it expands his capacity.

Does this answer your question?

DAVID: It does...um...I guess that lesson then would be for all of us to...when we are encountering anyone that we come in contact with...to ...when you're looking at someone and you're talking to them, then it's more of the feeling of the Spirit that's coming through you and reaching out to that individual. As you said, you kind of release that Spirit energy, so to speak, and by releasing it to the other person, you then get...the cup gets filled back up, so to speak. Is that right?

WELMEK: That's generally correct. Let me put it this way. When you encounter another human being in everyday life, the level of the interaction is a product of the activity in which you are involved at that particular point in time. For instance, when you are in a convenience store and purchasing an item or putting gas into your car or something of that nature; the level of the interaction that you may have with that particular clerk may not be at a highly, spiritually-charged level. Yet, it is possible, even in a brief moment to make a spirit connection with that individual by exercising intention to do just that. Make a clear intent to connect with that clerk...to look into his or her eyes...to connect our Spirit with that person by merely recognizing the Spirit in that person, charged to activate Its presence. Just that alone is of spiritual importance.

DAVID: How does Marty grow with that? What is the process, then, of Marty's growth if it's the best way to grow spiritually? It seems so simple to me that...I mean, I try to an extent to do that, but if I'm understanding you correctly, this should be my primary focus a well.

WELMEK: Certainly, David. The fact that this advice was given to Marty does not mean that it belongs exclusively to him.

DAVID: I understand. Yet, many times when I do this I guess I'm not really sure what that person's reaction is or what not - I guess I know that doesn't really matter...It's not for me to control or anything like that...I understand that - yet, I guess it truly exemplifies the fact that spirit growth is an unconscious thing. I accept that and I've lived that in my life. But, again, if I understand you correctly, the more I focus on THAT, the more it will come back to me in rewards of even greater spirit understanding - even though I may have only said a couple of words or given a smile, or a few words of encouragement or done something for them they didn't expect or something. It just all seems like what Michael was saying earlier that it is really all just very simple and somehow I want to make it more...it's got to be more than that. Does that make any sense?

WELMEK: It makes perfect sense. The importance is the intention. If it is your intention and desire to do the Father's will, wherever and whenever it takes you and to whomever you encounter - if that becomes your primary focus, then there will be countless opportunities for the Father's love to flow through you to others who desperately need it, and crave it, and will derive benefits from it. The Father's love is spread in a fashion, by willingly and intentionally being available as a mechanism for the direct transmission of the Father's Love from you to others. This process serves not only the over all development of all those who you encounter, but benefits you as well. You gain spiritual insight. You gain spiritual capacity. You gain greater desire to do more of the same. By your decision to surrender (totally and completely) your will to that of the Father, you then are available to act as His emissary wherever He takes you. You will have opportunities at every step in this process to spread His love through human interactions that you have. This occurs merely by your intent. It is unconscious on your part, but intended.

Does that make sense?

DAVID: Yes. This is more of an earthly kind of question than a spirit question but...what happens to you next after this mission?

WELMEK: After this mission? Then I will move on to whatever it is that my superiors have for me to do. While I have some ideas about what that may be, I really do not know. I am subject...I am a being who is Spirit-led. I strive, like you, to do the Father's will, wherever that takes me. While my journey puts me into contact with many other beings who provide guidance and assistance for me and my work as one who teaches those who desire to know more about the Father and spiritual nature; I take my mission one step at a time and one day at a time. When my mission has ended, I go on to the next one and accept each assignment with an understanding that it's purpose is not only to serve the Father, but to provide me with additional spiritual development by my conscious, intentional effort to do the best that I can.

Does that answer your question?


  • Energy, Circuits (Why Are The Spirit Energy Transmission Lines Being Opened Between Worlds? - The Universe Is Coordinated By Cooperation, Organization And Interaction]]]

DAVID: Can you elaborate at all about what Michael was saying...something about the worlds of isolation and there's something that's going on...I think it's a communication process or something?

WELMEK: This is a time of great challenge for this universe. Michael has instituted His plan for bringing His universe into Light and Life. The process by which this plan is to be implemented requires, at the minimal and first step, to bring those planets in spiritual isolation as a consequence of the Lucifer rebellion back into alignment with the overall development of the universe.

It is as though there is one part of the body that is harmed. For instance: If you have a broken arm, your body is unable to function in the proper way. The body is hampered by its lack of ability to use the arm, which is broken. If you were required to engage in an exercise requiring physical strength and agility, it would be greatly hampered in that respect by a broken arm. In order to begin to train for such an endeavor, your arm would first have to heal. This is the case with regards to the universe of Michael's domain. There are planets in isolation. These planets in isolation are being subjected to significant and great spiritual pressure imposed in the form of many, many, countless individuals and spirit entities of varying orders, all who have willingly and voluntarily agreed to act so as to promote the plan which Michael has ordained.

Currently, there has been progress as a result of the efforts, which have been in place for some time. Much of that effort has taken place behind the scenes, as it were on your planet. Only now are the fruits of those efforts starting to become manifest. This is merely the beginning of this stage. Other planets in isolation are undergoing similar renovation and rehabilitation in varying degrees and in ways individualized with respect to dealing with the reality present on each particular sphere.

The universe is coordinated. The administration of universe reality is based upon cooperation, organization and interaction. Those planets in isolation will benefit from connection with, communication with and cooperation with those of other spheres who share a similar history and purpose.

DAVID: Interesting. It's remarkable the things that someone from another planet, somewhere out not too far from us, I guess, can actually send a greeting, in this case to Marty, about helping them or whatever exactly it was. On the one hand I almost find that hard to believe, and on the other hand it seems so natural, that we are all so interconnected, that why wouldn't something like that be allowed to happen. It's just that every time I think about these things, I'm just kind of overwhelmed by the beauty and the fairness and the glory of everything, that it humbles me when I go to my earthly life and make some of my decisions and think that, in a way, how inconsequential they really are. Yet, at the same time, I have this opportunity at hand, by serving my brothers and sisters, to gain even deeper insight into the truth of what I just said. It's almost, at times, overwhelming and yet so simple.

WELMEK: Indeed it is. It is incredible to consider that there is such great interest by so many beings as to the progress of any one individual. But, even on your planet, your history indicates the inspiration provided to the masses by the actions of one or a few. This is something that pervades all reality. We have been influenced and greatly impacted by the example of the Creator Son, Michael. We have often expressed the significant and the incredible inspiration His actions on this planet have provided to us...and continue to do so throughout the entire universe. Naturally, it can be expected that those who observe what it is that you do will be inspired by your efforts. This inspiration provides encouragement and support for the individual in encountering the struggle that confronts them wherever they are and in whatever form. It does not matter at what level of development that you are.

The adventure of self-awareness continues. Obstacles are continually placed before you. It is inspiring to observe anyone, at any level, intently and diligently endeavor to overcome their struggle. This inspires all of us. I have said many times how it is that I have gained so much from my interactions with you. Truly, you do inspire me and amaze me with what you do. It is an honor to be permitted to have this interaction with you. I shall never forget what it has meant to me. Thank you, so much, for this opportunity.

DAVID: We are certainly equals. It would be something that I would like to do - what you’re doing - as soon as I possibly could. Even though I'm not nearly your age or your experience, once I transition and go through some training and whatever happens, I would certainly volunteer to come back to a world of isolation and share with the mortals, ‘cause I have gone through such a planet at such times as all the not so good things. But, I feel that I would be able to do a good job of serving my brothers and sisters in that manner. Having said that, it's totally up to the universe administrators, my Father and Michael of Nebadon to help me with those decisions.

I want to thank you for everything you've done for all the people that have heard my words for you and, now, Marty and other sincere individuals for giving us the opportunity to participate in something that (even after all these years, I don't fully grasp, but know, that from the reactions of people who have participated in these meetings) surely has meaning and value. And I want to thank you for staying with us and allowing me to be a part of this and whatever plan God has for us in the future. Thank you, so much.

WELMEK: You are so welcome. I have one comment for what it is that you said. While it is natural to speculate and to dream about what may be, the state of mind and experience that you have identified, as being part of your dreams for the future is available for you right now. There is simply nothing that stands in the way of you providing that level of service to your brothers and sisters on any planet in isolation, today. I know that you are aware of this. But I bring it to your attention in order to emphasize that the opportunity for service does not have to be any future event. It may be realized by you in this lifetime. All it takes is for your desire, in a sense, to be directed fully and completely in that direction.


With that said, I am gratified and have a fondness in my heart for you, David, and for all of the mortals with whom I have been honored to interact with. I am encouraged by the progress that you have made...and others. I will continue to be your cheerleader, your supporter, your teacher and assist you in anyway that I can to bring you closer to that which you desire to achieve.

DAVID: Thank you. You have been a true friend over these years. I look forward to the time when me may meet face-to-face.

WELMEK: That will happen.

DAVID: Perhaps we can go out and have a beer somewhere; and maybe you'll even let me win at golf. Thank you for everything you've done, Welmek.

WELMEK: You're most welcome. I look forward to the time when we meet as well. Good night, David.

DAVID: Good night.