2010-01-30-Upsurges in Spirituality

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Topic: Upsurges in Spirituality

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Michael

TR: George Barnard



Michael: “It is so that on a primitive evolutionary world when some member of a family, tribe, or nation first makes occasional contact with one of my celestial helpers – as a rule one of Nebadonia children – a certain ‘credo’ springs up in that human mind. At times this event is analyzed before it is shared. At times others will give their interpretation, and frequently a new religion will come into being, for mankind must find explanations for all that is perceived.

“Mere theories become rules to live by, customary behavior can be ‘elevated’ to be seen as sacraments, but so often, prayers become mere mumblings of no value as shiny beads slide through eager hands. Not often does this represent communion with God, as the mind is on other things. For worthwhile communion to exist, it is important to still the mind to give the Creator a chance to let the human know what is important to him or her.

Spirituality begins with the realization that there is more to one’s existence than having a body, a brain and feelings. Indeed, the enquirer is correct in stating that there have been upsurges in spirituality during and after major conflagrations, wars, and personal difficulties experienced in married and professional life. My advice is to hold onto his personal mission of bettering the world in his unique way.

“The departure from her home planet, although missing her is so greatly and sadly felt by many of you, is not a loss to you, either to you individually, or to you as a group, for you have gained an active emissary in another world, Mansonia One, where her suffering has come to an end, where her future plans are now unfolding, and where the wide-eyed lady will be a great asset to you in her dealings with celestial groupings that can aid you all in your ‘travels.’

“Here is a contributing member of the (11:11 Progress) Group, who from childhood kept her future spiritual life in mind, lived her life accordingly, caring for all, and although a personal disaster struck later in life, her beliefs and reverence for the Creator of all never wavered – a life well lived. You were loved by her, fortunate to know her, and she was also fortunate to know you all. Be assured that she is close to my heart, and loved by many who went before her.


“I am Michael. Have trust and courage my dear friend, for your words will always be mine.”

George: “Thank you Michael.”

Receiver’s note

After a lengthy illnes, the 11:11 Progress Group recently lost our Carol A. – a sweet lady, and a regular contributor to this many-sided 11:11 effort. Fare thee well Carol . . . from us all.