2010-04-11-Talents and Healing

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Topic: Talents and Healing

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Samuel, Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: “There are times when I feel I should throw my hat in first to see if I’m truly welcome. I see this is not one of those times. In our defense I reiterate that it is almost always possible for us to prejudge for suitability those who are to be contacted by us. I use the term ‘almost,’ as there are times when an individual is confronted with issues that are not anticipated by us. He or she may become fearful, and is than likely to reflect this fear back onto your services as abuse.

“Fear, hatred, anger and jealousy, harbored, implied or expressed, are among the mental states that slow soul growth, and make the human temple a very uncomfortable place for the innately perfect Spark of God to indwell. We do what we can. We have no crystal ball to project each outcome to make each day a winner. I hand you over to your Teacher now.”

Samuel: “When we met up a few days ago, we conversed about the law of attraction, and the fact that it never fails if one wishes for a more spiritual life. No matter how faint it is, such a wish is always granted in some way. Today, I mean to speak about talents, and your talents to heal yourself and others, and as an aside, your tendency to rob yourself of innate talents, which you may well have in abundance. It is so very typical for individuals of nearly all civilizations on this planet to so sell themselves short. Generally, you are considerably more talented than you think you are.

“Specifically I wish to make mention of what goes into healing of self and others like intent, focus and concentration, visualization, and above all, the invitation to the Spirit that indwells you to, in real time, cooperate with your mind and soul-felt intent and focus to bring about this healing. I ask you if you are a healer, and if your answer is ‘Yes,’ it merely means that you have been successful in cooperating with the Spark of God for It to be able to do Its godly work. I ask you again if you are a healer, and if your answer is ‘No,’ it only means that you have not yet discovered this gift among the many you were granted as a Team.

“Intent, sincere prayer, a positive attitude, and clear visualization are what you bring to this exercise of God-human co-creation. Outright denial of, or a doubtful acceptance of, your gifts’ portfolio are the constraints you impose on your God-Spark Partner. Hardly without consequence are the great efforts of your Midwayer Friends, Destiny Guardians, and Teachers. Overshadowing all are the efforts of the Thought Adjusters as they go about ‘marinating evolution with creation’ in their eternal drive for progress . . . if only you will partner Them.


“I am Samuel the Panoptian. I say Adieu.”