2010-06-06-N. Idaho Team

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Topic: Faith

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: [Mark] May we be steadfast in our commitment to honor universal principles and ideals and bring them into our lives. May we be ready at a moments notice to see the signs and the cues that you send to us and move in the direction of our inspiration. Particularly may we offer our services to the latest epochal revelation for our beloved planet Urantia. May we provide a basic foundation of spiritual awareness for Monjoronson as he accepts his mission and mandate and undertakes the project of ushering us in to the beginning phases of Light and Life on our isolated world. May we do this and demonstrate great faith. May we be granted the courage to boldly go where we sense we should go, even in the absence of physical demonstrations of truth. May we each provide a shelter for Monjoronson and all the others within our own being and to the end that it may become necessary, a shelter in the material. Thank you for this gift of grace. Thank you.


Monjoronson: [Mark] Thank you for this offering of devotion, I am Monjoronson here to accept your invitation and your willingness as you so readily provide them. After observing your discourse this morning, I observe that there is once again arising the ever present concern over what is to transpire immediately ahead and before us. Even though the speculations rage and the feelings may come and go, I perceive in each of you a long term presence of peace that is only attained through your active application of your faith, faith in the most simple and basic aspects of who you are, whose family you belong to and what your destiny is.

These most basic faiths are critical to developing any form of additional faith which arises on the foundation of these well laid cornerstones. First, in order to believe and have faith you must be free from fear so that you may sincerely apply your faith in the direction of your choosing. One cannot have real and genuine faith if they are frightened into it or guilted into it or in any way coerced into taking a position. They will merely hold this position, they will not truly have faith in it or believe in it. That must come from an individual experience of applying faith and witnessing the result of this application; that is where your true strength in developing your ability to take the next step lies.

The repeated application of faith and the repeated exposure to the results of this bring you a sense of strength the next time you are asked to put your faith foot forward and go. And so it is true as with so much in your experience, that there must be this practice to be made perfect, there must be this repeated exposure in order to have comfort zones around the demonstration and the use of this faith. But once you have waded in, once you do have experience, the element of fear, even the element of doubt may be washed away as you eagerly engage in the process and discover that after having taken the step to dive in, the water is in fact fine.

I understand that there are these continuous steps that must be taken on your part, the exercising of faith which build the scaffolding for your ascent but I understand that these steps are not taken lightly, they must be as a matter of course, a little bit difficult and uncomfortable for there must be something challenging, something to rise above and overcome as an element in the equation. So there are fears, there are doubts, there are uncertainties, and each of these must be stared down and overcome before you are truly able to exercise your freedom to build the next level of scaffolding.

Each time you are confronted with the limitations of your faith, the creeping in of doubt, the presence of uncertainty, those are the moments when you are on the edge, when you are taking your next step and are expanding your capacity to the next level. When there is a sense of discomfort and you are confronted with evidence of your boundaries and connection to elements of the equation such as doubts and fears, these are the moments where you are perched on the edge and ready to take a dive into the next pool. But there are moments when you gaze down and wonder if the water is fine, wonder if you will be okay having made this leap. But all you need do in your life is reflect on past episodes when you have walked out to the end of the board with intention and stared down the fears and doubts and uncertainties and made the move, pushed yourself beyond your comfort zone.

Certainly there may have been times when you decided the timing wasn't right, the potential reward was not great enough and so you turn around and decline to take the opportunity to dive in. This is fine and respected by all those with spiritual perspective as simply a choice you've made in your ascension career but repeated attempts will bring you again to the end of the board and there will come a time where you do feel the strength and the confidence and you are ready to take the leap of faith once again to discover that while you have left your place of security, you have entered a grand new arena of experience and once again you have been rewarded for acting in faith.

So be it. These are our building blocks of experience. This is how we create our platform of awareness. I am sure you can all relate to being confronted repeatedly with a new horizon, an unknown turn in direction, an uncertain sense about the future. Each time these things arise you are quicker to respond from your spiritual perspective and bring into play these spiritual principles you have learned. And, each time you will witness these episodes of growth and transition become easier to manage, less frightening, less unsettling, all because you are simply repeating this act of engaging your faith. No matter what the circumstance or situation, it comes down to the same action of demonstrating your faith, living your faith, trusting your faith, believing in your faith. As you develop these skills, they will and have transformed your lives. So let us engage in extending our faith once again. Let us be willing to accept new dimensions of being, new horizons of experience as yet unknown to any of us. Let us be willing to extend in faith to go to places unknown together. Let us be willing to not only accept, but rejoice in what the Father will bring us in our experience.


Thank you for your willingness to help me in my mission, whatever that may mean. I accept your offer and look forward to working with all of you in the future. Do not be concerned that I will be somehow be out of touch for in fact the exact opposite will be true. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to present these thoughts today. I now allow this arena for expression by others, farewell.