2010-10-05-Special Session 23

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Topic: Race Relations

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson, Charles, Machiventa

TR: Daniel Raphael


  • Moderator - Vicki Vanderheyden


Vicki: Dear Father, we ask that you encircuit us with your protection in the spirit of truth, beauty and goodness, and that you allow us the opportunity to speak to those beings of light, who can answer our questions. We hope that all who hear this transmission will receive comfort and understanding from its content today. We express our gratitude and humility for all those that assist us at this time. Amen.

MONJORONSON: Good morning, this is Monjoronson. (Good morning, welcome once again.) It is good to be with you, to be in your friendship. (Good morning and welcome once again.)

Vicki: Good morning, Monjoronson; it is wonderful to be here with you too.



  • The indigo race as spoken about in the Urantia Book

We have a theme for today. I thought I would begin with a very brief statement. In the Urantia Book, there are references made to the early indigo races that have created some concern among many of our readers. They find some of the terms used to describe this race, and some references made to this race, offensive. This led some to feel that they were the most inferior of the colored races. Their concern is that this discourages readers of many races, particularly those of the indigo skin color, from considering the Urantia Book as a Divine source. Would you address this for us, Monjoronson?

MONJORONSON: I would be glad to. I will give you a parallel or a metaphor that will help you understand what has occurred. First, I wish to say that on other worlds, where these races occur, the statements regarding the indigo race would pertain to those worlds, where eventually that race and the other colored races die out. You are aware that on your world most of the original colored races continue to exist. How do we deal with that? Now, the parable: There was a wealthy man who bought his wife a very gorgeous diamond ring. He insisted to the jeweler that the diamond for the center mounting must be one with an inclusion of a small bit of coal, that it would not be a flawless diamond, but that it would be a near perfect diamond. The jeweler asked him, “Sir, why would you do this? You are wealthy enough to afford several of these diamonds, all of them being perfect without any inclusion.” And the man said this, “I wish to give this to my wife as she would appreciate it as a reflection of herself, one that is not perfect, to avoid her arrogance and social comeuppance. I wish her to be appreciative of its near perfection, like herself. If it were perfect she might have something that no one else had.”

Urantia Book

  • The inclusion of a flaw in the Urantia Book

So too, the Urantia Book has this flaw within it. It was intentionally placed in it to keep the document from being perfect. Now, this is anathema to many individuals who like perfection in their belief structures. The reason why this was included was to maintain the humility of the originators and the readers of this book, as this book is mostly read by the white race, and their superiority is in error, as they are flawed as well. You must realize that their flaw of arrogance, of seeming perfection, is a flaw itself as those of the indigo race feel that they are flawed. In fact, all races on your world are flawed. What makes the difference is the individual. The individual must know that they are equal to all others. There are those of the white race who are degenerate, immoral and who in fact have rejected God and are soulless. There are also those of the indigo race who are likewise the same. On the other hand, there are those of the white race, yellow race, red race, and so on, who have made major contributions to their civilization, to their spirituality, to their culture, to their world. They are imminently moral, ethical and maintain a high social consciousness. This can be said of many of the indigo race as well, no matter what nation they live in. This was an intentional inclusion in the book.

  • Unlocking the potential within

Now, what does it say about you, as you read it, as you listen as an individual. You of the white race might say, “Oh, we are so superior over the blacks, and they are so much less than we.” And with the blacks say, “Oh, I am so much less than the whites, and so I am inferior.” This is the trap, my friends; this is the intention of that trap, that you must be discerning, discerning of what your read, what you think you believe is perfect, as it concerns yourself. You are the estimator of your life; it is your estimation of yourself that guides the fulfillment of your life. If you feel less than, then you will perform in a less than manner. If you feel that you are more than others, then you will perform in that way too. Both are in grievous error; both diminish their capacity to unlock the potential, that potential in them, with their Thought Adjuster. You must be discerning.

Of blacks who read this book, you must realize that they are the exception, that you are truly worthy and deserving of all the best that the universe has to offer. And so, the whites must know that the universe has this for them too—not because of their color—certainly not, but because of the God potential within them. How many times has the Urantia Book told you “God is no respecter of persons;” God is invested in every individual. This statement is repeated not once or a dozen, but hundreds of times. We teach that no matter what your color you are invested with a Thought Adjuster, unless you have rejected the light of God, and you reject the presence of God in your life, or you have behaved in such a manner as the Thought Adjuster must leave, for the territory within that individual is so hostile, unfriendly and barren.

Do you understand this metaphor now?

Vicki: Yes, I believe so. It’s almost like the authors of the Urantia Book, the contributors to the Urantia Book, provided us with a contrast, and that we sometimes, require a contrast to see the whole picture. Would that be accurate?

  • Attitudes, prejudices, feelings of superiority and inferiority

MONJORONSON: Yes. I further wish to state that the inherent flaw in the design of the Urantia Book also [taught] some of the originators, contributors and those individuals who were the early base of its development that their preferences for themselves became apparent as well. Remember, that this was a co-creative effort. It was a co-creative effort between the celestial realm and the mortal realm. When this occurs there are always many fronts for errors to occur, and this is it. The reason why it was designed this way was so that it would be an easy place to sweep up the debris of attitudes and prejudices, feelings of superiority and inferiority. It was an obvious place to put the flaw because it is so evidently not about racial coloring. This allowed the designers to place it in an obvious place rather than contaminating the whole book. Those of you who have objected to this, no matter whether you are white or black or other colors, you have discerned correctly. Those of you who have accepted these statements point blank, and accepted your superiority, if you were white or your inferiority whether you are black, you have failed to discern correctly and so this is a lesson in which you can ferret out the way of growth. You must be discerning in all that you read.

  • The singular organizing intention of the Urantia Book

You recognize—many of you—that the Bible was not brought into existence with a singular intention. It was not designed; it was not formatted in a way that would contribute to the lack of confusion, in fact its hundreds and hundreds of conflicts within itself, causes great confusion among its readers. On the other hand, the Urantia Book was brought into existence by a singular organizing intention, and that every paper, every paragraph, every sub-section was thoughtfully and tediously organized and developed in a manner that would lead to integration and lack of conflict, except in this one area. It is important that this be included as a teaching aid for everyone who reads it. Many of you were not aware of this and we waited until you were mature enough to reveal this to you, not that this one error makes the book incomplete or nullifies its validity; that would be as sweepingly undiscerning as to say that it is perfect in every way, [when] even in the face of it, [there is] an obvious, obvious flaw.


  • Are we permitted to make choices about who we are?

Vicki: This brings to mind another question: Monjoronson, you told us that before we are conceived, our Thought Adjusters know many details about who we will be and how our lives may play out. Is that correct? (Monjoronson: Correct.) So my question is this, before our incarnation as mortals, are we permitted to make choices regarding who we will be, and how we will generally live our life on this planet?

MONJORONSON: That is conditioned upon whether you are a “new soul,” or not. A new soul is given its first opportunity of life by the direction of the Thought Adjuster. This is pre-arranged; you come in as an open book, a blank slate that needs to be filled. There are some who pass on, who go into the morontial realm and choose to return for additional lessons that they missed. It is obvious to them that they would benefit greatly by returning. There is a coordinating effect between the new Thought Adjuster and the life that you will opt for when you return. This is not related to any traditional concepts of karma, using a singular life, one of uninterrupted continuum. Once you begin this process, unless you choose not to [??missing connective text??] fate, flaw, fallacy or difficulty of those who pass on and reside in the morontial realm, and who are on the fence whether to continue or not, is that they fail to see that they are in control of so much of their future. They see themselves as a victim, if they think in those terms. On the other hand, there are those who realize that they are the winner, and that they wish to return for new choices and in growth. Once the entity begins, there is continuity; there is growth, there is opportunity for new growth where growth is needed and there is an awareness of something lacking in that growth development. I hope I have not confused you.

Vicki: No, I’m digesting.

  • The paucity of language makes concepts difficult to understand

MONJORONSON: There is a lack in your language to explain these concepts. Your language is composed of words that reflect a concept and unless you have thought of these developments, you do not have the concepts and therefore you do not have the language. Your language would need to border on the morontial language itself, to be able to adequately explain this to you. This will become more and more complete as we work co-creatively with you through these dialogs now, and in the decades and centuries ahead. This will be a learning process for you individually, or you collectively, and for future generations to come.


  • Exploring our potential

Vicki: Is it accurate to say that the life we experience and the way we express ourselves in this mortal life, is only a small part of who we truly are?

MONJORONSON: The question is only partially well posed. The stumbling word is the verb “are.” Who you become depends on the potential that you unlock, and unlocking that is the active part of the verb “is” and in the moment, now. Who you become depends on who you perceive yourself to be, and the potential that you perceive lies within you. If you truly see that you are a union, a partnership between a growing and evolving mortal, and the infinite presence and participation of a Thought Adjuster, then you realize that you have a lifetime to explore the potential that lies within you. Everyone has as much potential as another. The more developed you are, the more potential that you have to unlock, even though you have explored a great deal within this lifetime, and through other experiences.

Those who are new, of course, have the totality of all potential before you, but you have so little capacity to unlock even the first increment of potential, that is within you. The development of the potential that lies within you, is infinite. You see this in the Urantia Book where you have 570 lives or different phases for expressing your potential in the morontial realm, alone. You have that many here in this life and more that you could unlock, but because of the brevity of your life and the consciousness of who you truly are, develops so late in life, that you have so little time to explore, unlock and live out and enjoy that potential and develop it to its fullest. Then you pass on and some of you forget. Is this clear?

Vicki: Yes, yes it is. I’m thinking. I know, Monjoronson, that many of my brothers and sisters of the indigo race have suffered tremendously from the words in the Urantia Book that refer in a negative way to their race. It has hurt them deeply, as it has hurt some of us who care and understand. I’m not sure how to comfort them with this. Do you have any more advice?


  • Comparisons always draw separation

MONJORONSON: A good deal of the perspective of individuals is cultural. To take the negative connotation means that you are less than and feel bad about it. As those of you who read that you are superior, take pride in this and you feel greater. Both of these are comparative and they see they are not worthy of your acceptance. The trouble is that you think there is something inherently wrong with you because you were dark, or inherently superior about you because you are white. Both attitudes are comparative, and both are unworthy of your attention. What you feel is in the comparison. Comparisons always will draw separation—you from others. You may feel that this was intentional for you to feel bad—it was written in the Urantia Book—you have taken this as personal. It was not meant for you at all, whether you are white or whether you are black. You each have so much work to do, comparisons are irrelevant.

Inclusion of this material that is in the book, is your wakeup call. Stop sleeping; stop comparing yourself to others and do the best you can, whether you are white or black. There is no inherent rightness in your whiteness; neither is there any inherent wrongness in your blackness. Both of you have so much work to do that it is irrelevant. How you take it is your personal problem to resolve. It is unfortunate, however, that for blacks there are so many social reminders in their society to indicate that there is something wrong with them. Just as similarly, there are so many indicators in society to indicate that whites are so right. This diminishes the tremendous amount of work that the whites have to do.

In every family there is a “black sheep.” This metaphor is painful, I know; this is how you call it in your society. Some however, cultivate black sheep for their wool, because it is superior, because it is so unique, and because it brings such a high price compared to the ordinary white wool. Too, as I said in a previous session, that there are strains of superiority in some racial context. It indicates a potential that a person has available to unlock. Whether you are white or black, you have so much potential to unlock, that your own attitude is the greatest deterrent towards unlocking your potential. Yes, it is painful; I am not saying, “get over it,” because that would diminish the love that God has for you, and the care and compassion that Jesus, Christ Michael, has for you.

Your challenges are multiple because they are social and economic, and now they are personal if you accept them as real. There are others, however, who are black, who have forgotten their blackness and have moved on. What would you do if you were mulatto—you would be, let’s say, a Jamaican? You would be part black, part Indian, part white, part native; you would have the potential of intermixing with many races, many nationalities. You would have actually an advantage to move into, if you accept it as an advantage. Personal feelings about your race are your own. You have chosen to accept that which was given to you by your parents, by your siblings, by your peers, and by your society. This is not much different than individuals in a white family, where one child is told that they are ignorant, slow, an outcast and that they will never amount to much. They too have so much to overcome, even though they may be white. They have no crutch to lean on, nothing to point to the causes or responsibility for their inferiority. Many in your world are in this condition; in fact, the vast majority of your world population is in a similar situation, were they to compare themselves to the populations of other worlds. You would feel that you were unworthy, undeserving of God’s greatness. I say to you that Christ Michael himself, in his last bestowal, chose your world to express himself, using his highest potential as a mortal becoming God.

  • The blending of Urantia’s races

Vicki: I think this question has been asked before, but it might be a good idea to ask it again at this time. Is this an opportunity to fully blend our race? Something that will occur during the early stages of light and life, or is it an anomaly that due to our disrupted past, will be unique to our planet?

MONJORONSON: Yes and yes. [As you approach light and life] your world will be fully blended. There will be a homogeneous racial structure to your world.


  • Prejudice is a universal experience and part of our growth

Vicki: I understand that. Monjoronson, would you consider it accurate to say that everyone on our planet has experienced prejudice to a degree, that prejudice is a universal experience and part of our growth?

MONJORONSON: Most definitely, prejudice is universal on your planet. Everyone experiences prejudice, some, as a point of prejudice, since some are the origin of prejudice. The worst aspect about prejudice is where prejudice is accepted as a self-righteous position; there is greater fear of the person who is in [that] position, [of] not being able to work with their prejudice. Prejudice is given and received; you give prejudice against someone, and you think you are right, and if you accept this, you have far more to overcome than the person who is receiving of negative prejudice. The person who receives negative prejudice notices it immediately, and they either accept it or do not accept it. The person who gives prejudice does not have that capacity of discernment in the immediate moment. Both have much work to do, and both of them must begin to discern whether it is rightful prejudice, or not. There are prejudices which are discerning, which indicate that you should not do something, or should avoid something. This is thoughtful judgment in the face of evaluation, whether it contributes to your growth or not. Prejudice whether given or received, does not contribute to your growth; it is a sticking point, much like a piece of gum on the sidewalk, or in the carpet. You must consciously remove it from your life. This is universal on your world, except in those individuals who have been driven to be masters of their own mind to discern what is cultural and what is personal.


  • Receiving more challenges than one can manage

Vicki: Monjoronson, I can remember being told by our spiritual teachers that the people that are truly given a gift are those that experience a fair amount of challenges, because it provides them with more opportunity to grow. And yet, as you said, is that sometimes people receive so many bumps in the road, that it feels almost insurmountable. Would you talk to us about this?

MONJORONSON: Elements of having a mortal life is to gain experience, to have challenges and overcome them, and this is reason for this brevity of mortal life: To gain tremendous experience in a brief period of time. That there are exceptions on a world—and your world itself is an exception—individuals are exposed to multiple, difficult, traumatic situations where they come to the negative influences and are overwhelmed by the challenges, not seeing any support for them to improve themselves, or find a way out of their difficulties. These are not intentionally built into a person’s life. It is simply one of those vagaries that occurs in an individual’s life that makes life so difficult. Now, although the universe is perfect in its outcome, it is nonetheless evolutionary, and in an evolutionary universe and upon an evolutionary world, and an evolutionary life, there are circumstances that will occur, overwhelming individuals. In those cases, it’s all a person can do to hang on and live out their life in suffering, knowing that God did not do this to them personally, … with the decision that they accept that life with God, and hope for a better circumstance in the afterlife.

  • Difficulties are motivators

Difficulties of life that you experience are motivators; those of you who live in higher latitudes have greater challenges in your life, and you have in general, a greater motivation for invention, for art, for expression, or innovation than those at the lower latitudes where life is easier and less challenging where there is an abundance provided by nature without the need for air conditioning or heating in a home and the requirements that entails. It is most unfortunate, and borders on an apology to those of you who experience the travesties of mortal life, where one difficulty is heaped upon another, and where there are so few resources obviously available to you, to overcome those challenges. In all cases, know that you are a child of God, that God loves you and that this will not end, and the fact of God’s love will not end, ever, in this lifetime or another, and that God has promised you a “mansion of heaven.”


  • A second mortal life?

Vicki: Monjoronson, when those people have experienced a very difficult mortal life, are they then provided an opportunity to have another mortal life?

MONJORONSON: As I said, the universe is very generous. I have repeatedly said that in our transmissions, that the universe is eminently generous, and that the individual can and must make a decision to opt-in for more experience, or proceed out of the lessons that flow from mortality. There are almost no limitations upon the sovereignty of a human’s self-willed decision. If they choose to return for another “go” at it, they are given that opportunity. They are given a new life, a new identity to contribute to the same soul. If this is most difficult for you to understand, it is confused on one hand by the wrong-thinking of karma by many cultures, and the limitations that the Urantia Book gives you. There are multiple parameters within those extremes to allow for expression and development of experiencing new lessons in life to overcome the challenges that existed previously. It is as simple, and as developed as that. The limitations that exist in your language, in your cultures and in your belief systems, limit the expressions of that which is believable by you in its context.

Vicki: Thank you, Monjoronson, and it is confusing as you have expressed due to some of the cultural beliefs that we have on this planet. In addition, the Urantia Book represents truth, but truth is expressed at the level that we can understand, and not necessarily in its fullness.

I’m going to stop you here; I have some questions for Charles, from one of our readers, wanting to know a little bit more about Charles’ history, and I don’t know if you are up to it today, Daniel.

Daniel: Let’s give it a try. I’m in a really good TRing space.

CHARLES: Good morning, this is Charles. Let us proceed.

Vicki: Good morning, Charles! I have some questions for you from one of our readers, that pertain to issues of the indigo races. This particular reader would like to know how you would describe the race you were a member of on your planet of origin?


  • Questions of race on Charles’ world of nativity

CHARLES: My world has a more complete documented history of its evolution than those of you have on Urantia. My principle racial composition was of the red, yellow and violet race. I am blessed to have had that, and it was totally amalgamated, but I might say, as well, that 99.8% of our global population has the same composition.

Vicki: Charles, were there at sometime in the history of your planet, people of the indigo race?

CHARLES: Most definitely. Do you wish to elucidate your question?

Vicki: Yes. From what I understand, Charles, when you resided on your planet of origin, it was in a more advanced stage at the time of your residence than we are on Urantia. Is that correct? (Charles: Yes, that is correct.) Okay. You say that you have a more documented history of your planet of origin; can you tell us how some of the racial problems were solved on your planet, during the process of racial blending?

CHARLES: Yes. It occurred this way: That you have on your earth history, the awareness that there were certain species of animals that were eliminated. You realize that Homo sapiens eliminated the Neanderthals and other variations of human strains. They eliminated the inferior because the inferior were predating the food sources that were available at the time, though too, with the racial history of our world, the lesser capable races were easily identified and were eliminated. They were seen as competitors to the races that existed. You may call this callous, but in a survival environment on a world with limited resources, that this was the case. These races which have less inventive capability were eventually and methodically eliminated.

Vicki: This reader is asking, did the indigo race occupy a similar status as a race often subdued or enslaved, as it did on our planet?

CHARLES: No, definitely not. That mistake was not taken by our planet. The racial error that was made on your world is the enslavement of these races, which were less capable. Your war-like nature has continued throughout the ages, where you have found the necessity of war to gain and explore and expand your sovereignty necessary to enslave those peoples who were made captive during the war, to further serve the dominant culture and society. As on our world, they were simply eliminated. It is not a matter of being right or wrong, it simply was what occurred in its survival situation; it was a societal and cultural decision that was made, not by individuals, but by the racial group itself, that there would be no outsiders included within the group. It would be much like having a pack of wolves accept the presence of a fox within their kind; they simply do not tolerate that, and that is what occurred in the history of our planet.

Vicki: Interesting. The color of one’s skin on our planet seems to delineate and cause so much difficulty with prejudice, and so when we are told that at the time of light and life we will be fully amalgamated and blended on our planet, does that also mean that we will be of the same skin color? (Charles: That is correct.)

Is there anything that you’d like to add, Charles, regarding the discussion that we’ve had with both you and Monjoronson today, on these issues?


  • Right discernment

CHARLES: Yes, I do. First of all I wish each individual who reads this to examine their attitude about themselves; where those attitudes came from—where did their prejudices come from—whether they are positive or negative, and whether they are justified. The whole area that you have discussed today has to do with right discernment in knowing who you are, outside of any societal or personal labels, from the family labels, or community labels, cultural labels. This life is personal to you; it is your life, and you are now responsible for your life. If any of you were born in difficult circumstances, no matter what your skin color, you have much to overcome—this is a challenge. If you believe it, then you live in limitation, whether it is positive or negative; whether you think yourself as superior or inferior; it is something for you to overcome. You must discern that God truly loves you, no matter what your skin color, and God loves you as you are, where you are, and will assist you to grow as you are capable of unfolding the potential within you. It is our responsibility, those unseen friends of yours, your Guardian, your teacher and all the others who work in your world, to create right circumstance for you. Remember, the universe is truly very, very generous, but it does not act without initiation on your part.


  • It is your responsibility to unlock your potential

What is the intention for your life? What is the action that you have chosen to take? And will you take the action—actually express the action—to change the circumstances of the world? Will you take the initiation to fight those who say that you are inferior, or will you deflect that away from yourself, knowing that you truly are as good and as capable and superior as anyone else. You truly are the determiner of who you will become, and the degree and amount and quality of that potential that you unlock in expressing your life. If you accept these negative connotations, then you live in self-limitation, and you may point to others saying they limit you, but they do not—they have simply labeled you. It is your acceptance of this label that limits you. If you reject that label and accept the label that God loves you as a son and brother of all humankind in the family of God, that you are equally loved and are held as capable as anyone else. Now it is your responsibility to unlock and develop that and find the resources to assist you to do so. You have only to call upon us to assist you to find the options for making decisions about your life, and then taking action. It is as simple as that; it is as difficult as that. Surely it is a challenge that you have not asked for, but it is your responsibility. The options: Make a choice, decision to act, not out of rebellion or oppression or aggression, but forward in constructive development of who you truly are. This is the challenge for everyone on your planet.

Vicki: Thank you, Charles Roxanne, you had a couple of questions that weren’t related to this topic, is this a time when you want to ask them, and who do you wish to ask?


  • Question on the fusion experience

Roxie: I have a question for Charles. I don’t know if you are allowed to tell us about this or not, but can you tell us about your fusion experience, what it was like and did you notice a difference immediately, or did it slowly manifest itself in time that you and your Thought Adjuster were one?

CHARLES: Your question, I would be glad to address it. Imagine being a runner in a marathon, and that you have run the race, you are in the last few hundred meters of it’s duration, after a good deal of time. You are exhausted, you feel spent, you know that within you, you have the energy to complete it and do well. It is not that you are the first one across the line, but you are one of many in this group that crosses the line that breaks the tape. As you do so, you enter the stadium, for there are 200,000 people standing up, cheering you, creating a tremendous roar of applause, and appreciation and acceptance of your achievement. And now you are overwhelmed by this feeling, on one hand being so spent, so tired, and yet knowing that you have accomplished what you set out to do, and there is the applause of almost a quarter-million people who are cheering you in appreciation and congratulations. That is pretty close to how it feels when you are fused.

Yes, there is recognition within yourself that you are different, that you have achieved something that you had wished to do all your life, and the lifetime may include many decades, years or millennia in the morontial realm before this occurred. Now you know that you are a new being in the universe, and you are a new contributor to God the Supreme, that you have made a recognized contribution to settlement of the universe. Yes, you know that you are a different person.

Roxie: Thank you, very much! I’m sure that a lot of people are curious about the fusion experience.


  • The earth as a spiritual being with spiritual energies

Many times Monjoronson has spoken about the earth as a spiritual being, with spiritual energies that interact with us. The earth is referred to by names such as “Mother Earth,” “Urantia,” and “Gaia.” Many within the Teaching Mission find this to be absurd and believe that the earth is just an inanimate object, without personality and will. Can you shed any light on this subject, please?

CHARLES: I would be glad to. Yes, it is true that Gaia does not have a personality, as you have personality, and does not have will as you have will, yet it is a living being. Just as the Power Directors are living beings as well. They live on infinitely into the future and carry out their work accordingly. The planet that you live on is a living organism; it does pulsate with the living energy of the universe; it provides living expression and support for the beings that live on it. It is a real entity; it has identity; it has, not necessarily a uniqueness to it as you do, but it is nonetheless a living being. To think of it as a barren rock of minerals, without being living is absurd as you will know in the eventuality of your life, that all the universe is truly a living organism. It supports you, is vibrant, it courses with energy, it is developmental, it is developing according to a plan much as you are. You could say the same about your body—it does not have personality, it does not have will—it is only minerals and fluids, and you would be right. What exists in you, as the gift of life, is composed of your personality, your will, your identity, your soul. Your body mechanism is in many ways identical to your Mother Earth, Gaia, to Urantia itself. It has not been gifted with personality, or will. It, as the Power Directors, are guided by an extremely complex “ROM” (Read Only Memory) program for the work that it does, which is, if you looked at it, far exceeds your own intelligence. It is arrogant to think that Mother Earth is not living, and that you are. Differences are the gifts of God to you, personality, Thought Adjuster, your will and your soul. This is what sets you apart from your earth; otherwise, you are the same.

Roxie: Very interesting, thank you.

Vicki: Thank you so much. Those were two excellent questions, Roxanne.

Roxie: I have one more if everybody feels up to it?


  • Cellular memory carried through to future generations

This one is on forgiveness. In a transcript, one of the Thought Adjusters talked about resentment and unforgiveness being carried at the cellular level and is manifested as pain or illnesses, such as heart problems. Can this cellular memory be changed genetically, so that future generations will not have to follow suit through the genetic mechanism?

CHARLES: Yes, that is correct. The attitudes, behaviors that you hold now with your life does affect this and future generations at the cellular level. This is recorded in your gene code and it is carried forward. It is overcome by personal decisions, by personal actions and personal attitudes towards themselves. Your question is completely in sync with the prior topics of discussion about racial constitution, and inferiority and superiority. It is unfortunate that the indigo race has suffered such subjugation and domination by other races. This has affected how the individuals think of themselves, which greatly increases the personal challenges that the individual has to overcome in their life. There is an inherent prejudice that they feel, at the lowest, deepest levels of their being. And so, it makes their life most difficult. There are, on the other hand, other racial groups, dominant racial groups and mixed sub-racial groups that have the air of superiority and inherent arrogance in their being. This is equally as debilitating, as those of the indigo race; there is something to overcome. The individual must see themselves as contributing to their lives and the lives of future generations in appropriate, constructive [ways], without harmful attitudes of resentment, or arrogance. Both contribute to the difficulties that future individuals have to overcome in their personal lives.

Vicki: So how we choose to deal with the challenges in our life now, does then affect our future progeny? (Charles: Exactly.)

Teaching Mission

  • Mission update from Machiventa

Roxie: Are there any updates about the Mission right now? It seems like so much is going on, I just wondered if you have any update information for us.

Daniel: Oh, we have a different player here—Machiventa!

Roxie: Welcome, Machiventa! (Vicki: Yes, welcome!)

MACHIVENTA: Good morning, this is Machiventa. And you asked about the updates on the Mission, right? There is much going on with this at the individual level. We are seeing a tremendous increase in vibration in your world, which affects individuals. The Teaching Mission suffered much disarray and disintegration, many people going their way and having difficulty joining together under the old identity. Part of the new vibration is to attract other groups which are similar in function. If you retain your identities while looking towards that which is similar with other groups, you will do a great service to our work, as it is time now to find those who are similar and to share constructive thoughts and energies between the two, without losing your own identities.

Do not isolate yourself ideologically or socially from the groups or individuals, for that would do much harm. You and we are on a course of integration, finding those elements which are similar enough to integrate and to expand our numbers. We are assisting your groups of individuals to make inroads into your old established religious organizations; where you left once, there are others who now see why you did so, and who wish to know what you have been up to. Do not be afraid to share your thoughts with them and your experiences, as your thoughts give them hope for the future, in a world that is filled with great difficulty and problems, for which these older established religions do not have the answers or possibility of overcoming. Your challenges are within yourselves now. Go out and find those who are familiar and friendly to you, to join with and share your experiences. We are not saying proselytize others and argue them into your group; simply share which you know and offer to share further what they wish to know.

Vicki: Well, that concludes our session. Thank you Monjoronson and Charles for your contributions to many interesting and relevant topics