2011-06-17-Two Short Messages

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Topic: 11:11 Movie and the Wider Community

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu, Machiventa

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: “By virtue of the fact that we Midwayers are no longer restricted to the far reaches of the (earth’s) stratosphere since the advent of the Correcting Time, I can give your friend and name-sake, (George S.) a reliable first-hand report. That which will reach Mansion World One upon your mortal dissolution will be your soul, or what we call your mid-mind.

“There you will be given a new body, and since your new home planet will be much larger, and since gravity will be much greater, your body will be a great deal lighter in order to compensate. The days of alternating chemical and electrical function will be over, and this will be entirely electrical. Your human ways of learning and perhaps forgetting will be over, and you will be able to learn faster, with many Teachers being of your ongoing choice.

“More importantly at this time, it is for you to know that disease and frailty will be a thing of the past. You will be healthy and energetic as in celebrating eternal youth. I’m pleased to be able to answer this enquiry for my receiver. Another, which you know well, is here now.

Machiventa: “Essentially, and for important political considerations, you, our human friends, are often out of the loop when it comes to the strategies which are to follow the plans and implementations of the Correcting Time. We are amused by your designation of our human ‘helpers in waiting’ as sleeper cells. Indeed, what mirth! And as if they were secretly arming themselves to the teeth for their revolution. We propose our drive towards Light and Life can come about without the spilling of blood in the streets.

Monjoronson’s (for some subscribers the Mahdi) arrival on this planet will so influence the spiritual economy of the sphere as to resemble a global mindal transformation of considerable intensity. It will be new, quite sudden, even momentarily heart-stopping in some instances, for such is what one experiences in the presence of a perfect Paradise Citizen, love. And still, you are not left behind, not out of the loop, not even ill informed, my at times, critical friends. Have you then not long ago knowingly spoken of the prophets of the future, star children, indigo children, and ever-growing veritable army of 11’ers, yes, sentinels.

“You will seemingly act on impulse, alone or in groups, for you each are armed with a most powerful, fully apprised, oh so generous Gift the universe bestows upon its human childrenthe Fragment of the Creator of All, which confers upon you your eternal identity.


This is Machiventa. I now take my leave. Adieu.”