2012-09-05-A World of Extremes

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Topic: A World of Extremes

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Oscar



Thought Adjuster: “Currently on this world two different extremes of civilization and spirituality can be found. On the one hand there is barbarism and savagery at a level that rivals the primitive eras of this planet before the arrival of the Planetary Prince. On the other hand, many among you are achieving higher levels of understanding about their origin, their destiny and responsibilities in the creation of the eternal realities — their duty to the Supreme Being — and the expression of truth, beauty and goodness.

“This is one of the reasons that make your world so interesting to the rest of the universe. Those who have been born on this sphere possess a wide range of choices and therefore the weight and the importance of their decisions are a lot bigger. On a primitive world the spiritual progress that is expected of each individual is very modest. On an advanced world much more is expected of its inhabitants but the possibility of going below a certain level is not there. Very few worlds offer the extremes between the animal and the spiritual that your world offers.

“The tension between these two opposites can make life very hard and confusing for many. However, the same help and the same inspiration that can be found on advanced worlds are already available on this world. The Thought Adjusters assigned to human beings on Urantia have been tested in everything and have a wealth of experience. This means that anybody who wishes to be successful in his or her spiritual career can do so and every opportunity to achieve this will be provided.

“The only requirement to move from the animal to the spiritual is the sincere desire of the human soul. The conditions into which you were born or your environment are irrelevant. These things can certainly influence you, but if you decide to overcome your fears and doubts — and when as a good scientist you start to explore the spiritual realities — you will find the experiences that will reveal to you the truth and the love of the Father. Despite the great confusion of this material world, there are legions in the higher realms that are just waiting for any of you to peek beyond the curtain, to then offer you their services and welcome you to the universal family of the awakened children of God.”