2015-02-01-Focus, Your Access to Greater Spirit Network

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Topic: Focus

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

TR: Chris Maurus



Teacher Ophelius: “Today we would like to speak to you students on the path about something that affects each one of you and that is your ability to maintain spiritual focus. Each of you has a connection to your Indwelling Spirit, the Thought Adjuster, yet you all maintain a different level of awareness and spiritual focus, which is your ability to maintain a conscious connection. Your ability to focus and expand your awareness of the Father’s Presence helps you to strengthen your spiritual connection to the Greater Spirit Network in the universe that can assist and guide you in your understanding of higher thoughts and ideas that lead to soul growth and purpose. It is therefore vital that you make time to work on this spiritual focus, which can only be achieved when you willfully choose to get centered and reach out with an open heart and mind asking for what you need.

“It is an inevitable part of life on your world that you would become distracted by the demands of daily living and the relationships in your life circle. Work, family, social events and media are always competing for your attention. It then becomes a choice whether or not to direct your focus toward the unseen benefits that are available to you by right and by your inheritance as an experiential child of the Creator with the opportunity for eternal survival and god-like development. It is easy to lose perspective of something which you have yet to achieve and have little understanding of and so it sometimes becomes an ‘exercise’ to go into that sacred space and connect to these unseen realities, which I assure you do exist just as assuredly as you feel the existence of love in your life.

“This ‘Greater Spirit Network’ has always been present and available to you and you might think of it as a concerted effort of theatrical production. You are the actor and the Greater Spiritual Network is the support staff that makes the production possible. We are the stage hands that help keep you on cue. We are all working toward the same goal and that is to see that the play is a success where we can all share in the glory of the moment. Your success is our success, for each one of you plays a vital role in the completion of universe destiny and therefore do our efforts to assist you help all of us move toward a greater destiny. We all will have our time on stage where we can shine bright and someone will need to aim the spotlight and see that the curtains go up and down at the right time. We are here and we want to help.

“Just as gravity is the law that holds your feet to the ground, free will is the law that prevents us from stepping in and speaking your lines to the audience. We can hold the cue cards, but you must focus, read them, understand them and apply them to your monologue in a way that connects with the audience. For some, art is natural; for others, they must work at their craft. And so you must ask for what you need and believe that we are listening and working with you. Only when you break away from the distractions of life and bring your awareness to the Greater Spirit Network can we assist you. Holding the goal of eternal life and purpose in mind while you open your mind for connection will help you stay focused. Making time to connect to the Source through the Indwelling Spirit will bring all these resources on line for you that will help you grow in love, live in truth, express beauty and embody goodness. Ask for what you need, my friends, and it shall be supplied.


“Peace to you,

“The Circle of Seven.”