2015-06-18-Minister As You Go on Living

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Topic: Minister As You Go On Living

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Secondary Midwayer Sharmon (MNO-6)

TR: George Barnard



Sharmon: “Most human beings, including some of you we are in frequent contact with, are quite unaware of the kind of insight you have, after you have been enlightened by the study of the Papers, learning from your celestial teachers and being in contact with us from the Midway Realm. Most of time it is difficult for them to understand what you are talking about. That is why you and all mortals from the Progress Group must pay closer attention to the Machiventa recommendation that you should bring others to the starting gates of the true spirituality and let them run their own race. You are only the taste teaser. You just spark their curiosity and they will go on by themselves with the guidance of the Spirit of God within them.

“You are not in charge of their spirituality; they and their Spirit Fragment of God are. Share your experiences, yes, but do not bother with too many details or explanations which they do not understand. Rather, do the most possible to translate your experiences and beliefs into their level of experiences and beliefs. There is a great range of commonalities on which you can work and use as bridges to impart new cosmic concepts. Although you know that they are likely not to understand most of what you will say, do not compromise your beliefs by watering them down to make them more comprehensible. The Spirit inside you will lead your thoughts and words so you can find those contact points on which to rest your discourse.

“Do not presume that you are the only one working in someone’s spiritual life. First and foremost, they are indwelt by their Thought Adjuster. As well, haven’t you heard that our world is now filled with celestial personalities, most of them students and teachers of our own system, even Nebadon-wide, who are allowed to come here to participate in this massive spiritual pressure that is right now being applied on Urantia? Christ Michael is actively working to improve Urantia’s spiritual status, which for thousands of years was wasted under Caligastia’s default into the Lucifer Rebellion. You are just part of this major plan that is called the Correcting Time.

“Also, while you care for others’ spiritual needs, do not forget your own. Take time for yourself in meditation to practice the constant stillness to be able to, with greater ease and precision, contact both your Teachers and us, your Guardian Helpers. Yes, we are available; and there are many more available personalities now in the business of contacting Urantians and bringing them to the portal of cosmic spirituality. It has been as of now, a big shout-out, a wide-range activity, but in time it will become more focused and personalized. Many are being brought from childish mysticism to real spiritual sensitivity, starting with the 11:11 prompts and beyond.


“Finally, my dear friend, do not depreciate yourself and your work because of whatever plight may come to your mind. Life is what it is for each one of us. Do not keep yourself only on reflection — there are times for thinking and planning and there are times to act. Acting, however, has a precise time. To know when it is and not lose the appointed time is a question of spiritual sensibility and wisdom. You are not alone. Again, much help is available and most of you, who have been initiated in the cosmic path, have used only a small portion of it. Besides, do not forget to live, to care for your relationships, to nurture them with your presence and inputs. Check up often on the people close to you and let them have the best of you. I have to run: places to be, people to help. I am Sharmon, the most charming Midwayer of the Realm — and that is not vanity; rather, a ministry to please my likes with beauty and charm. Peace, my darling. Avanti!”