2015-07-21-Your Genetic Inheritance

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Topic: Your Genetic Inheritance

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Beloved One

TR: Lytske


  • Edited by Linda Abell


The Beloved One: “You seem surprised at the title of the subject, even though you knew that I desired to further instruct you. The previous lesson was about living nobly in this mortal life. We touched briefly on a very sensitive subject for many people: reincarnation. You yourself are not bothered about this as you have enough in this lifetime and need not previous ones to use as an excuse and as a promise to come back to this planet.

“Therefore it has become a timely subject to speak about human genetic inheritance. The Creator can foresee any potential conception resulting in the pregnancy of a potential mortal with the capacity to become immortal. These events can be forecasted already generations beforehand as the Gods know everything as if it were to happen today since They exist in ‘all-time.’

“The Creator can endow at will genetic material on a certain personality that has not yet been conceived. This is also why children in one family can be so utterly different from each other. I note that this last bit of information is making sense to you, being one of many in your household and yet different as night and day. You, quite frankly, did not know where you fit in, but you felt like a stranger in your own household growing up.

“So very many humans on earth feel the same way as you do and for those of you, life has not been easy by any stretch of the imagination. Often you felt singled out for punishment just for being different and your parents not knowing how to handle you. This will resonate in many hearts, but the real reason was that you were thinking deeper and therefore reacted differently to the circumstances.

“Give this some thought, I suggest, as you all do have a divine blueprint given to you at birth. Your Thought Adjusters within you are completely apprised of what you humans are capable of and are able to achieve in this life. Your genetic inheritance is the most important clue to discovering gifts with which you have been endowed. The secret lies in developing inner listening skills and opening that all-important channel of not only listening, but also acting on suggestions from your on-board Partner.

“It is no accident that you are here on terra firma at this time. You will be held responsible for how you spent your allotted time. Was it for the progress of the planet, or did you spend your time with idle and meaningless endeavors and let someone else worry about the planet? Many recent messages have dealt with how to conduct oneself as a worthy child of the Creator God, in service to one another with dignity, honesty, sincerity and courage practicing the golden rule. The planet’s progress depends on it — one person at a time.”