2015-10-04-The Paradox of Wills

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Topic: The Paradox of Wills

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

TR: Chris Maurus


  • Edited by Linda Abell


Thought Adjuster: “My child, I AM and forever shall be with you — for all time and eternity. All that you are, all that you do, all you have seen and all you have experienced has come about under my guidance and direction — even those things you believe are hidden from me or in secret between souls. All have I allowed for your growth. You are the temple and the vessel for My experience and exploration into My creation — you are a precious child. ‘Be you perfect, as I AM perfect.’ This, my child, is the key to all the mysteries of eternity and infinity for there is no darkness or imperfection in the Father I AM. How then could there be any darkness in you?

“I have now revealed to you in the stillness of your meditations the ‘Paradox of Wills.’ There is only My Will. What you call ‘your will’ is nothing more than your free resistance to My Will, which creates the illusion of self-will and with this illusion comes all manner of troubles and even darkness. I allow this resistance so that you may learn and grow and become the perfect creature that I have called by your own free choice. What you call ‘free will’ is your ability to choose, yet it is My Will that allows this choice.

“You have asked with a sincere heart for the keys to My kingdom and so shall I reveal to you with meted restraint, that portion which is for your highest good at this time in your development. Because there is only My Will, you must learn the difference between what IS and what is not — I AM that you are.

“The Father, in His perfect Will, would never allow His vessel to be invaded or corrupted; nor would He allow darkness to seek refuge in His temple. You, my dear child, have only to learn that there IS only One Will — My Will. Therefore shall you take up this mantra: ‘Let the Father’s Will be done.’ You shall say this in your mind and with your tongue until there is no resistance and no fear. You shall speak it with boldness and confidence until you master it with a commanding demeanor. At every decision you make, according to My Will, you shall say these words.

“As you believe these words, so shall you be lifted up and your vessel cleansed. The timbre of your soul shall sing higher and higher until there is no resistance to My Will. As you believe, also shall you trust in the I AM. Trust and faith do I require for your growth and perfection attainment and so shall I guide and direct your feet toward the path of least resistance, yet it remains your choice to walk this enlightened path or to continue in the illusion of self-will. The ‘new mind,’ which I have promised, requires an utter surrender to My Will: ‘Let the Father’s Will be done.’

“As you rise each morning and when you retire each night, ‘Let the Father’s Will be done.’ In all your ways and in every breath, ‘Let the Father’s Will be done.’ As you encounter the ignorance of your brethren who are steeped in the illusion of self-will, take no offense, ‘Let the Father’s Will be done.’ As you see the suffering of the world and feel compassion for their need, ‘Let the Father’s will be done.’ When darkness knocks at your door, ‘Let the Father’s Will be done.’ Resist it not! And ‘Let the Father’s Will be done!’


Love, my child, IS the essence of the Father’s Will — become it, and be astonished by the workings of the One Will.