Orbital Calendar - 2012

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2009OCalweb 2.jpg

This vision of a circular calendar sprang to life over 20 years ago while working in Landscape Architecture and environmental design. It has been evolving ever since for me with my passion to study sacred geometry and to live unity consciousness.

The Orbital Calendar began in one of those instantaneous “aha” moments that may hit any one of us. It’s 1988, I’m working as a civilian for the engineering division of the Navy base, doing environmental restoration projects. Reading the morning paper to gather any environmental news.

‘What’s this? Over 30% of all high school graduates are not POSITIVE that the Earth goes around the Sun?
Whaaaat? and 10% of HARVARD graduates aren’t positive either?

In that very instant a whole image of making it totally obvious settled in my vision.... and from there the passion to flush out the details kept gnawing at me for several years.

It seems to me that if our visual cues can better match our physical reality through this geo-spatial map and thereby increase each person’s awareness of their personal kinship with our planetary and galactic community, we can more easily affect peace and harmony on our planet.

Two goals are at the forefront of the development of this project:

  • local-system geo-spatial map literacy
  • increased awareness of each person’s kinship with the planetary community

Major concepts are introduced using the calendar-map to demonstrate space/time relationships, using the human body to describe planetary movements, and using cultural history to create an interpretive context.

To get to heart of humanities’ connection to universe, I studied the Mayan timekeepers work, mostly through the studies of John Major Jenkins. For me, a visual spatial learner, I had to put all that data into a graphic example. OH! It is amazing what that culture held in it’s galactic knowing. I am most excited to have developed the graphic conceptual model you will see in the advanced calendar studies section.

Since then, we have been developing other tools for a profound understanding of our place in space, inner as well as outer. Please see Profound Awareness Alliance, a community of experiencers and an discerning education for each of these natural capacities born in EACH of us. The Enchanted Forest School is now working on becoming a non profit, Profound Awareness Alliance.