The Amnesia Factor

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To Harold and Herod
the true authors of this book,
who opened doorways to hidden knowledge
with such unique and memorable statements as:
To us, even your instantaneous is slow.

Table of Contents

Introduction & Prologue Amnesia Island

Chapter I Space Missions

Chapter II Communications with a Legend

Chapter III Experiments with Control

Chapter IV Tomorrow's Knowledge with Today's Wisdom

Chapter V Adjusting to the Occasion

Chapter VI Zero Density = Instantaneous

Chapter VII The Silver Shadow

Chapter VIII The Unchangeable Symbol (?)

Chapter IX The Multiplex Key

Chapter X Primary and Secondary Realities

Epilogue Rainbow's End




Perhaps more appropriate than attempting individual acknowledgments, would be a sincere expression of deep gratitude to all who contributed, down through the ages, to man's massive pyramid of knowledge; to those who, despite quicksands of time and human nature, forged out into new territory to expand the frontiers of human advancement. A special depth of gratitude goes to one in our midst who has selflessly devoted his life to this very cause. Departing the serenity of homeland and friends to aid a turbulent, frenetic Western society, he arrived seemingly empty-handed. But the gift he brought so gently across the oceans has enriched and uplifted the lives of more than 500,000 Americans in all walks oflife. Available to everyone, this effortless technique for achieving deep, blissful rest twice each day produces an amazing range of cumulative benefits. It is natural, positive, and progressive in its improvements to human systems. Business, education, health, and government are enthusiastically endorsing this scientific, extensively researched preparation for activity and creativity. In addition to his ceaseless direction of a World Plan Movement, the expansion of many centers, and opening universities in seventeen countries, he has taken time to author the exquisite new Commentaries on the Bhagavad Gita, correcting many centuries of misinterpretation. On behalf of 8000 teachers of his unique gift, the students at MID, and all TM' ers worldwide, we convey our deepest appreciation to this paragon of peace and lover of humanity, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi; and to his beloved Teacher: Jai Guru Dev eternally.