Water Among the Rocks

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While we experience the vicissitudes of human love, the Master of love divine lives and moves amongst us weaving his way through our patterns of resistance as water among the rocks in a flowing stream whispering ever so quietly and with a gentleness often lost beneath the crashing sound of our mounting waves asking each of us, will you show my love, will you re-present me to your fellows and give yourself the unspeakable joy of feeling me living in and through you, each and all; and drop the weight of your material concerns to rise within and upon the fluid that I am and flow with me? Regardless, until then, I will wrap you in the cool refreshment of my love and gently stroke your injured feelings, these striking marks of time etched upon your hard shells I will smooth, and in time, if you allow, I will wear away the weight you hold fast, and then we will run as one.

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