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Topic: Courage

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Greetings. I am Ham. I am your teacher and helper. Our lesson is about courage.


Your understanding of courage is limited by your social conditioning, so that your understanding needs widening. Human courage consists entirely of a heartfelt conviction of truth. Wonder not at a courage exhibited through conviction, for your knowledge of courage is as deep as your conviction. Truth is ever the basic motivator of will creatures. It hastens all moral growth as it creates character and true character strength. Life is in essence only meaningful as the relation between man and Truth. As this relation is made real in the world, so is meaning created. All spiritual value resides as meaning becomes real. The value of man is in relation between himself and God or God the Ultimate Truth. Faith is the process of increasing realization of these meanings as they grow into true values. Courage is that quality of spirit which is manifested as a result of awareness and appreciation of the value in ideals. Human acts of valor are valuable only as they enhance value.

Jesus lived a valiant existence revealing the value of life as He preached the human sonship relation to the Father. Indeed, His life is, and always will be, the epitome of valor. Courageous action always beckoned Him forward and invigorated His moral teachings with genuine heartfelt conviction revealed to all. Jesus lived and loved a courageous life that stands forever as testimony to the Father's love. He courageously denounced sin and courageously lived a holy life. His followers and detractors alike were impressed by His courage and touched by His conviction.

As you continue in your human search for value and meaning, so shall you increasingly discover these spiritual realities and make them your own. As you discover the value of men, so must you discover your own true value, discover your true life's worth, so that as you continue on the path of true righteousness, the values you become your own.

Courage is fearlessness toward unreality. Courage is conviction of life's worth. Courage is gentleness toward creation and rock-solidness toward faith. Courage exhibits love without the fear of rejection. Courage whispers truth through the eyes of a child. Courage shows hope to the hopeless and finds worth in the "worthless". Courage gives all things needed. Courage pays any price required. Courage upholds true justice and denounces the unjust. Give gratitude to God as you love His children fearlessly. Give love with courage. Let yourselves be channels for the Master's love and allow Him to effect others through you. Pray unceasingly for the courage to do so and to become one with Him.


Blessings upon you all tonight. I trust you to the Father's care for another week. Farewell.