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Topic: Commitment

Group: Tallahassee TeaM


Teacher: Will, Michael

TR: Rebecca



Michael: Greetings, my children, it is I Michael. I wish to thank each of you for making the effort to be here this evening. Your lights are even now being watched by many who sojourn here to view this Correcting Time, as it unfolds on this, our planet. I will be spending increasingly more time with each of you and here among you, at your Mission meetings, in order to help prepare for the days ahead. Recognize my beloveds, your part. I have already recognized and accepted your commitment. Your roles will become clear as the days unfold. Each of you will be given your own understanding of what your role is to be. Do not be afraid, for there is nothing to fear. Never will you be asked for more than you can give. This world is indeed on the verge of awakening en masse, and your part, the role you have played, has in fact helped for this to become a reality. You have had no way of knowing or seeing the implications of your commitment, of your daily striving to do my will. But hear me now, when I tell you, your influence has been great, and has moved out from beyond your individual environment and touched many. One day you will be given the vision of seeing first hand, just what you have accomplished.

Know that we are always with you. Reach out to me, through your open hearts my beloveds, and reach out to your Mother as well, for she will play an increasing role in this unfolding, and in your individual lives. She is your Mother and yearns so to have a stronger connection with her little ones. I leave you now this evening, with my blessing and the understanding that I -am- ever near..reach out to me...allow me to assist you...and upstep all that you are becoming. Shalom.

All: Shalom.

Will: Greetings, dear ones, it is I Will, your teacher who loves you.

Our time is growing late this evening, yet I would like to let you know that we who teach you, as well as many who are watching on this evening, will be with you as you begin this discussion down stairs of what this Teaching Mission will become here in this geographical area. We have no worry, we know all will work toward the higher good. There will indeed either be a large group, or there will be a smaller one, but there will be indeed, a group, of that we are certain. Allow to be, what will...all unfolds as it was intended to. I'll leave you now with my blessing and my love as always, and know that we are there watching with much pride in our hearts. Shalom.

Unknown guest: These are the days that you will remember! The early days when there were but a few of you, when you strode forth with faith. A vanguard.... but behind you many assemble, many awaken, and many will soon be working with you, side by side, with the fragrance of the Father's love spreading out throughout the world, and you will recognize them by this fragrance, a love imbued attitude, and a cheerful countenance. And when you see them, and they see you, you will smile, tip your hat, and move forward, knowing that the connectedness between all people grows. Yes, these are the days you will remember and yet it's just the start.


We raise the flag, as the standard bearers, to bring this world to Light and Life! All Hail Michael! Shalom.

All: Shalom.