1997-03-16-Team Work


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Topic: Team Work

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Abraham

TR: Jonathan, Gloria




Abraham (Jonathan TR): Dear friends, you have brought yourselves forward in your ascension by mobilizing your reserves as personalities, your gifts and talents. You have taken care of the elements of your being, mind and body, in order to facilitate your growth, and you have favorably accepted and reacted to the guidance that surrounds you and dwells within.

I would express to you today the notion that you can be part of a team even when you are alone, that teamwork does involve cooperation with others even when the game plan is personal growth. Always consider yourselves attended during times of personal difficulty and the sense of isolation that comes when the problem at hand appears to be irrelevant or disconnected from those of your kind, your fellows. You know the phrase, it is not good that man be alone. I would emphasize that there never is a time when you are alone. What is not good is the feeling that you are isolated. At these times it becomes important to turn in and to embrace the Father and to acknowledge those who do attend to you, some virtually constantly.

You are aware of the effectiveness of teamwork in service ministry in the execution of projects. But it is also just as important to likewise realize how many are involved in those efforts of an inner nature. Every time you root out traits that you wish to discard, every time you idealize traits you wish to become, cooperation is abundant, willingness to help you make these changes. When feeling overwhelmed, like you have a great hill to climb with no relief in sight, these feelings can be displaced with a simple pause to acknowledge and embrace your spirit guides.

One of the most beautiful aspects of mortal ascension is the collective experience of all of you ascending seemingly each on their own path yet apparently equally hand in hand as one family. Yes, I do encourage you to realize that, even when the room appears empty from the perspective of your visual organs, you are always part of the team. The conference room is always full. Many players sit on the bench. I offer this to you today hoping that you will exert yourselves with this understanding during those times when you feel like burdens fall upon yourself and that there is no one at hand to aid you.

(Jonathan: I get the word "Abraham".) And I am happy to make my attendance here with Elyon. I have finished. Thank you.


Change, Dissemination

unidentified (Gloria): Throughout history there have been currents of energy surging, sometimes undercurrents, sometimes abundant currents. A great shift will take place as the moon effects the ocean and people have the willingness to go forward. At times everyone seems content to stay where they are. It is the energy within the individuals that creates the shift, as the moon creates the shift in the ocean, as with the tenth monkey effect. As one starts to surge forward with an awakening with an openness to find truth, he then puts forth an energy that will develop within another who is searching. This can create an abundance of others searching.

When the air is negative it creates the same effect. Those who tend to be negative will go forth with negativity. If they have a slightly positive nature, if they pick up on the positive energy, it can help them to go forth positively.

The outworking that can come about by this simple act of love in a pure form, motivated from doing the will of the Father, if given to a brother or sister, can be transferred around the world in this simple form. If it is done from control or motivated from a self-serving source, it does not have the same effect. We tried to make it easy today and bring forth the feeling of love and the word "love" to you. We ask you this week to generate this feeling out in abundance in the purist form you know how and attempt to generate it around the globe, and be sure that it is effective. Do not doubt the transference, but in the simplicity put it forth as a gift to mankind. As the connections are made, someone will pass the gift on and on. It can start with a simple gesture as a smile to someone. They will turn and smile to someone else. We want to make this process as simple for you as possible and not to make it seem complicated so that you get caught in a complication. Go forth in a stream of love that is sent forth from the Father and put upon this stream of love your stream of love, and on and on. That is all.

Energy, Circuits

Gloria: Am I getting the cosmic energy into my spinal area okay? Is that what I am feeling?

Elyon (Jonathan): Greetings to you, this is Elyon. I will answer your question.

Often you mortals conceive of the brain as the dwelling place of your mind. Some of you are realizing the extremities of the brain are your neural network, the major trunk line being your spinal column. The energies that you are sensing do travel this network; it is the organic end of the mind circuits. This connection is one aspect of the way in which the Most Highs rule in the kingdoms of men, [1] through the transformation of the high morontia energies into your observable physical actions. Acknowledging this charge within you will create the confidence that you are indeed a healer and that you are indeed uplifting your own being, elevating your biological makeup as well as enlarging the arena in which your mind may function to effect the work of spirit. Has this helped?

Gloria: Yes. And the ball of light that I have been introduced to, I think I felt it. It was described as being like a cursor on a monitor. I can take it and direct the energy into my physical and use it to send to others. Did I pick that up correctly?

Elyon: Yes, you have, it is in a sense, to use your computer terms, a way to click and drag, to draw energy forward from within your reserves and deposit them in areas where you may minister both at the more superficial levels of your being, the area wherein you interface with your environment, as well as others.

Gloria: My brain would be the mouse to direct this ball of light? My mind, I mean.

Elyon: Correct, that was my correction. Your brain is like the cord hooked to your mouse.

Gloria: Right! So, here I go again, wow!

Universe Broadcasts

Last week when we talked about the circuit hookup where we go mind to mind as we all learn to hear the words, as we get good at that, our answers will be interconnected with the source, with you, and the Spirit of Truth. Our answers will flow through evenly. Maybe we can all get the answers at the same time?

Elyon: This is the goal of the encircuitment. Your world has recently grown to the point where it understands brotherhood on the physical level in that you have explored the sphere on which you dwell and realize the boundaries of your abilities to travel. This has helped define the interconnected brotherliness of yourselves. But this world has yet to travel in like manner in the realm of mental camaraderie, of shared comprehension and conjoint knowledge and experience. Waves, meanings of understanding, flow throughout this universe to be received like radio frequencies by any one of you. You know the line that knowledge is possessed by sharing. (48:7.28) It is the goal of all ministers of spirit that you possess the knowledge that is shared and to share equally to all. The only aspect of this universal broadcasting to all minds that limits reception is the necessary requirement to have gained some concrete experience, for to be at the brink of an experience wherein this information is beneficial, it is freely given to all. Only the degree of your experiential attainment can qualify how much you receive at any point.

When rebellion was still astir upon this world, these broadcasts were not so broadly cast, as much damage could be done in the distortion. Some were selected to nurture the enlightenment and share slowly with others. But today this is not the case. Greater safety abounds upon your world for many to receive even simultaneously such broadcasts.

Does this illuminate?

Gloria: Yes, and it brings up the question, is part of our ministry that we help others to open their minds so they can get this broadcast and when they do get it, they aren't frightened by it?

Elyon: Indeed, this is very true. Receptivity is 99% of what is involved in information gathering. The openness is the greater requirement without which availability of such understanding would be meaningless and useless.

Gloria: Thank you for answering my questions. I love you lots and lots.

Elyon: I would now request that each of you express the word you discerned this morning and share it with one another that you may begin to grow comfortable with this effort at discernment. I do hope that you refrain from indulging in frustration and simply accept what you experienced as of equal value with any other in the room. This is an exercise in convergence. As we begin this there will be more difference than similarity, but we will come into a coalescence as this unfolds. Anyone of you may express your word.

(The responses were: fresh or refresh, strength, the urge to open, walking into a fog, accord)

Elyon: I would return to Abraham's speech this morning on teamwork and remind you that when you are in a fog, open yourself, become refreshed, seek the love and become in accordance with the Father's will, strengthened.

Mark: Beautiful, that was wonderful.

Elyon: I am never weary in my expression to you of my love, for there is no greater expression I can make that would be any higher form of ministry than to repeat often this feeling, this reality of affection, of care and concern for another personality, for my friends.

I am willing to withdraw at this point and allow you your daily activities. Should you be interested in further dialogue, I am in company with several teachers.

Mark: You say you never grow weary of expressing your sentiments, and at times I feel I may be too expressive in this regard. While you have gained a friendship with us, I feel the love I have for you is largely due to your service to me and those around me. I am forever in your debt for your help in my struggle in this existence. I appreciate the task you have taken on. I am eternally grateful for this.

Elyon: Thank you, my dear friend. Your receptivity has enriched my assignment greatly. If I could get that in writing I would submit that statement to my Melchizedek supervisors.

Mark: I'll get you a transcript.


Tom: I'm going to visit my friend who was in a car accident. Can you or any of you come along with me and lend assistance? Am I correct in assuming this is from Thought Adjuster to Thought Adjuster, and perhaps we can transcend mind to mind so we don't have to deal with ego involvement? Is this a legitimate form of transferring healing energy or love from the Father?

Elyon: Firstly, your request for attendance from myself and any of my associates is granted. I will be available. Secondly, you are correct, this Adjuster circuitry is open as always and will be functioning. But I must direct you to the understanding that the mind to mind level is equally valuable, for, as you have stated, the ego intentions are present on this material level and you do need to become skillful at working at this level as well, for there, on this level, are the screens and barriers your friend holds which are in need of being removed. The understanding of spirit to spirit contact you hold is not necessarily understood by this other individual. It will take time to affect the enlightenment. So please be patient and conscious of these functions on each of these levels.

Has this helped?

Tom: Yes. I thank you.

Gloria: I am happy about the letter I wrote my mom. Since I did it from the pureness of my heart, it worked. It taught me how important that is. I am so happy about that.


Elyon: And so am I. I would take this opportunity to illustrate how your expression, even though rendered into the most material of forms, a letter, has ministered. It is so well received due to the spirit circuit work of your Thought Adjusters, the laying of the groundwork preliminary to the reception of mind and heart among humans. Keep up the good work, Gloria.

Gloria: Thanks.