2001-08-19-Welcome To New Group

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Topic: Welcome to the New Group

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Michael

TR: Daniel Raphael



Good afternoon, this is Michael. Greetings my children, it is so good to have you here today. I am pleased with your curiosity to explore the greater parameters of your faith, to challenge your beliefs, to expose yourself to new ways of thinking about the larger perspectives of the universe and your relationship with me, with each other, with your Thought Adjuster and with God.



I know that many of your fellow brothers and sisters are commemorating my birth today and that you are apart from them, but know that I am not apart from any one of you. Since my ascension and completion of my last bestowal and the bestowal of my sovereignty-ship of Nebadon I am with you all, at all times. My presence pervades, my spirit pervades, this planet and all others of my domain. I am as here personally as I am in Salvington; I am here as personally with you as I am with those who are at court with me. You may not understand how this is possible but it is not necessary to understand how, but know and feel that I am here. Know and feel that I love you and I care for you, and that my compassion for your condition and that of your planet is overwhelming to me and to Nebadonia.

This planet and those that were in quarantine have been saved, yet there is so much work to do. You speak of a need for service, there is service enough here for many lifetimes. Open yourself to where you are. You are of great assistance to those around you. You may be at work where one or two of you are gathered together, so am I. And when you open yourself to the flow of my presence, my presence flows through you, to those around you. In a way that is personal, of a way that is almost palpable. Know that it is I who work through you in concert with your Thought Adjuster, the plan of your life on this planet.

You meet in these groups weekly; I salute you, I applaud you, I congratulate you, and encourage you to continue. You may decide to meet for more personal contact, you are most welcome to do that and your efforts will be rewarded. You may decide to do this on your own at home. Again, your efforts will be rewarded, for any effort to be in union with the Father, your Thought Adjuster, myself, Nebadonia, and the flow of all good in the universe, will not go unrecognized. Your efforts for personal growth, the amendment of bad habits, the acceptance of new ones that are positive, constructive, and your service to others are recognized. Willingness to be a part will be joined by us, and know that we co-creatively will together bring us back. It may take your lifetime, and a generation of lifetimes to do this, but we will succeed.

Reserve Corps

I wish you to note that we are making success and progress already. There are small inroads here and there and yes; the Most Highs have been most successful to work in the medium of the affairs of mankind, all spheres. There are many of us who work among you. There are many of you who work among yourselves, those in the Corps of Destiny and those of you who consciously have joined us.

Do not distinguish yourself between those in the Corps of Finality and Destiny and yourself who may not be a part of that corps. For if you have consciously, willingly, delightfully and with joy engaged me and the plan for correcting the difficulties of this planet, in concert with your life plan you will know, you should know, you must accept that this will pass so. You are useful, your willingness to participate is as important as though you were a part of the Corps. We see no difference.

Those people, who are a part of the Corps of Destiny, they have prearranged their work, so to speak, with their Thought Adjuster during their lifetime, though they consciously may not be aware of this. This is not a concern of yours. Your concern is for your own work, your own destiny, your own life plan, the fulfillment of your service concomitant with your life's spiritual obligations. They are only obligations when you accept them. At no time will myself or any of my celestial legions abrogate any of your will -- or your fears. However, know this for certain that your Thought Adjuster will evermore, always, perpetually and parentally assist you to overcome your fears, to push the edge of your consciousness, appear to dissolve it, to cut a path to let in the light.

Fear, Thought Adjusters

The only limitations to your growth, and to your being a service agent of mine, are your fears. With my agents of light, I enjoin you to lay down your fears, most intimate fears of your life for working with me, for working with God, your Thought Adjuster. But begin to dissolve your fear, for in love, eternal love, there are no limitations; there is no harm, there is no abruption of your feelings, there is no effort to subvert, so accept with thought for greater union with your Thought Adjuster, with God, for the good of the universe. We all work for good.

Even now on your planet know fully and well that Thought Adjusters and the larger population of your planet work together. And only those individuals who reject the light are exempt. Outside of that, even those who are incarcerated have this option. There are some who live in those places who live in light, even though they have done wrong by your society.

Is this real? Yes, certainly I am real. Is this occurring through Daniel? Yes, it is and it is occurring through you simultaneously. I am present with you; I am here with you. You are not without light, you are not without a path forward; evermore your Thought Adjuster leads you forward as I, hand in hand with you, walk that path through your mortal experience here. I wish you well and send you my love; when you work with my love, I am here for you. There is as much of God's universal light and love here as you can possibly accept. I invite you to accept -- as much as you can.


Blessings to you my children, I have enjoyed being here today. Thank you for your celebration of my birthday, in thought and word and deed. Know that I salute you, cake in hand as well. Good Day.