2002-03-31-Men Seek God While Rejecting Me

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Topic: Men Seek God While Rejecting ME

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca


Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and again I welcome you each for our gathering on this day of remembrance. Welcome now the Master's message.

Michael: My love I bestow upon you freely, even upon those who reject me and reject my message and my mission. Wide do I open the door of salvation for all who find God in their hearts, yea do they find me also. I am the door. None comes to the Father but through me. Yes, always do I stand ready to give freedom, hope, joy and deliverance to my children. And yet, I am rejected today as I was during my earthly existence. Vainly do men strive after God while rejecting me.

I am the giver of saving faith. I am the spiritual partner, mentor, friend, and father to all who truly seek the Father's will. My peace I would give to all of the world, but many reject me out of ignorance, prejudice, and fear. Verily, verily I say unto you, this world will not find unity except through my spirit. Your world will not find peace except through my spirit. This world will not find eternal salvation except through my spirit.

There are many, even now, who preach in my name, who claim great deeds in my name and who know me not. To follow me, man must lay down his earthly lusts, his lust for power, his lust for privilege, and many many who have begun by taking up the cross have set it down somewhere in their lives to pursue their own worldly ends forgetting my spirit. It is not only through ignorance that men preach my words while forgetting my spirit. All these things are known to me, there are no hidden places from my searching gaze.

My call is being issued, my call goes out this day. All those who would lay down their lives and seek after me with a sincere heart will follow and will find the way opened. There is no half hearted measure that will sustain you in these endeavors with me. All my followers have been through earthly suffering. All my followers experience the pains of rejection, the pain of growth, and the sharp sting of worldly disappointments and failures. But these things only serve to strengthen the resolve of my sincere followers. You who follow me must work with a complete resolve. There is no short cut for those with whom I walk.

Be assured in your hearts that you will each in his own way aid my spiritual reclamation of your world. Have confidence that this is so. I have called and you have answered in your hearts. Therefore, you will experience that which you need and be given that which you require to aid me in my work for the spiritual advancement of every living human being.

There are many who reject me with their minds but who know me with their hearts. There are many misguided souls who seek for me in places where I am not. There are some who call out to me and then refuse my answer. Recognize these things. Have an open heart and an open mind to be my hands in the world. Remember as you go about your work that I have first claim on all your fruits. Give me the harvest of your labors for as I claim my children, I claim also the yield of their spirit. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad for your work is welcome to me, your striving increases our bounty together. The fruits of your labors are my fruits and thus I will give you increase in all things needful. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad for you have heard my voice and responded to my call.


Take the message forth that I am alive, that my spirit speaks to this generation as I spoke to the generation living during my incarnation. Speak with my voice about liberty and spiritual bounty. Speak of joy and peace and the happiness born of a righteous life. Give my children to understand that a righteous life is not a rigid life but rather that righteousness is the heart of joy and the soul of liberty. Let my children know that I am close and let them know that I will not forsake them in their time of trouble even as my Father did not forsake me.

Blessed are you and happy to hear these words. Take with you my joy and my peace as you tarry in the field of mankind. Give freely as you have been given. Demonstrate your faith in my bounteous plenty. And above all, love. For as you love your fellows, so will they know that you know me. I am the risen Christ, the hope of the world, the alpha and the omega. I am the way, the truth, and the light of this world and I stand beside you and I lead you to the Father of all light, to the source of all existence. Follow me for I have called you.

Father, watch out for these little ones, even as I stand watch over them. Give them your strength and your wisdom, even as you gave them to me in my life. Erase their sins and wash them clean with your Holy Spirit. Let them enter the holy places and sup with me in time. Let your spirit wash over them Father and create in them a clean heart, and a willing soul. And above all, enshroud them in your love, keep them safe as they journey through this world with me.

Amen and farewell.

Ham: That is all for this evening, questions will wait until next week. Farewell.