2002-09-08-Many Teachers Await Assignment

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Topic: Many Teachers Await Assignment

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Mathew

TR: George Barnard



George: “What about you, Brother? I’d like to know about you Guys, and who first thought of your coming here.”


Mathew: “It was our proposal. Consensus. We came up with the idea and we petitioned “The Power That Be” - Michael - for His allowing us to be included in the “Urantia Reclamation Initiative” (The Correcting Time) when the time for it would come, because, you see, it is a great honor to be allowed to reside on our Master’s bestowal planet for even one day, one hour. We’ve actually got a much sought-after job here!

“Consider your planet to be a “holiday destination” in this corner of “Our Champion’s” vast real estate holdings. And, yes, already hundreds of years ago, we were among many other Midwayer groups, from many of your sister planets, who made repeated formal requests for such one-of- these-days inclusions, which, in turn, were subject to scrutiny and consideration for extensive periods.

“Yes, we long-ago received notification of our pending service requests having been granted, and on our world we then individually focused on our theoretical and practical study needs. Closer to departure time, I then also asked to be included in your group’s specific activities as Machiventa did inform you. Only in relative terms there was a long wait, mind you.

“And so it was, also with the Teachers. And of course, yes, on all their worlds it is very well understood that if you are a mortal, you start off right at the bottom rung in your being a student, and that’s all you are - a student. And as you advance, and as you translate towards becoming a more spiritual being, although in time, or eternity, you always remain a student, more and more of your available hours, or timeless effort, will be taken up in teaching others those things you have already learned.

“And, likewise so it is for the former mortals and the Celestial Artisans, the Coordinators, Celestial Surgeons, Doctors, Psychologists, Architects and Engineers, as with the many Seraphim that are not attached to duties with any given mortal on their “Paradise Climb” - those “miscellaneous” loving Daughters of Mother Spirit - that are, as they call it, “waiting in the wings”.

“Yes, understandably, they want to know when it will be that they might be taking up their appointments, for many of those Teachers have themselves studied for a great number of years, decades. And although a realization of “urgency” and a feeling of “time running out on one” is almost entirely a human idiosyncrasy, there is pressure on them all, from their innate needs and desires to move forward, and to progress through service.

“They’ve got their Bachelor Degrees in Arts and Science, Diplomas, Certificates and Head of College or Department Recommendations on all they’ve studied in readiness to come out to this planet. And, by and large, they are all waiting, still, and treading water, one might suggest “Discreet enquiries are being received at monotonously regular intervals, some pressure is on, and, to a more mortal-like being like me, and if I had to respond to all such enquiries, the task would take on the [[ominous proportions of a public relations nightmare. No one wants to disappoint]] another, and I’m pleased it is not my task.

“Virtually every Celestial Personality connected with the Correcting Time wonders when it will be, that great numbers of human individuals will go in search of a Private Coach and Celestial Tutor to fill these pressing needs for both students and Guides.

“From my point of observation of all this, I note, and almost as if I had forgotten my own childhood, George, that each day again more than a few hundred thousand of your brothers and sisters are “translated from here” without ever having known the benefits of a Spirit Guide’s counseling. Without any of these humans ever having had the good news brought to them, and without the notion of there being better times here and now that will propel Urantia towards Light and Life.


“To answer your earlier question about how Machiventa sees all this: He will not say. The widespread urgings of late would be indicative of his thoughts being with the many whose careers are on hold. I thank you, brother.

George: “I love you, Mathew.”


Mathew’s code is “of many threes” - 33:333 or 33/3/33. He is the offspring of the 33 rd family and either the 33 rd, or the 333 rd child. This is hard to get straight, but the middle 3 of the five digits may well signify his color (3 rd of the primaries -- blue), relate in some way to his innate or acquired talents, or be an indication of his “time differential in relation to us” - his “location in time, three segments removed”.

Mathew’s time/prompt is 3:33 AM or 3:33 PM. Already, and to their great delight, he has visited some subscribers on these lists. He is also the first of the “imported” Midwayers to have been given a specific task on this planet with what was then the 11:11 Platoon, with just Sandy, me, and our Celestial friends. Mathew’s consort is Clare, and she, too, is blue. Unlike our “home- grown” six-foot-and-over Midwayers, Mathew and Clare are less than four feet tall.

Mathew’s request was to assist in clinical work, but that one-on-one counseling was no longer happening when he got here. I like his cheerful ways.