2002-11-14-Answering Questions


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Topic: Answering Questions

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Matthew

TR: George Barnard



George: "It's important for me to know some answers to these questions I penned down. And all I'm really asking for is for you to come as close as possible to the real answers, whilst remaining within the concepts that I can comprehend. I thank you for giving me the time whilst everyone is flat strap with the problems we create for you Guys (referring to an earlier conversation about the Iraqi issue). I'm sure you imports are all having an exciting holiday on this rough and ready planet."

Mathew: "It's no holiday. There are some difficulties associated with explaining the methods of employ in our travel. You need to realize that as fast as we can move, we are not Spirits that are capable of "disregarding" time and space entirely. I cannot disagree with your explanation of the method of our travel, and about our dissolving into a stream of ultimatons, but you need to add to that the ability we have, and do use, to alter time, even reverse it to a degree.

"It is correct that your human development precludes you from totally understanding this process of "dissolution" and "reconstruction", or comprehending our ability to warp time such that it allows us to carry out our tasks at short notice, with a minimum loss of time in traveling to places that are far distant from the point of departure.

"We go on to the next subject. Here on your planet you have many different races - people of many different colors and sizes - and you need to realize that in the production of Secondary Midwayers other "Creative Spiritual Forces" also play their part. And these "Creative Spiritual Forces" can foresee the future needs for certain of your Midwayers to be tall, others to be short, and this apart from the different colors and innate abilities to suit contact with the different races and different work ethics.

Clearly, those from our planet exhibit a great degree of sameness in size, as does the human population, yet all of us know the others, and recognize all others, not so much by their physical build, but by the personalities that they are, and the wisdom and knowledge they have gathered in their lengthy task of serving the human element of their home ground. In other words, we can measure the others' energy fields, and we can determine the closeness of their approach by the strength of those fields and their connectedness to us, and we recognize the individuals by the specific "signatures" of these energy fields.

"When you describe us as "living computers", it does us little justice, as firstly we don't break down, lose a program or a drive, and even the most advanced of your computers lacks all emotion. We are greatly emotional beings. We are capable of experiencing joy in victory, and despair in defeat, humor, even fear - the full gamut of emotions, and in our ability to experience reverence we are much more advanced than you are.

"Going on to your next question. Yes, you will find that as you move onto the Mansion Worlds, you will be provided with a new body, and in many ways it will be more like the kind of body we now have. But whereas we will be able to continue to travel around at great speeds, and in the fashion we now do, you will not be able to do so.

"One could say that Midwayers, because of their long tenure, have earned the right to retain that ability to move at speed. In our acquisition of knowledge and wisdom, we will for ages be far ahead of you. On many of the worlds we will visit together, it will serve us Midwayers well to travel without much wasted time, because more often than you will initially be called upon, there will always be a lesser number of us, needing to turn up in many places to be the teachers in those fields that are specifically ours.

"Also, perhaps, one could say that it would be unfair for us to be "robbed" of our abilities if we were to be brought back to a mortal progressor's level, and where we could not travel as we now do. You will, however, also retain all the good you have learned here, and what we have stored in your minds, now quite hidden, will also surface as knowledge, wisdom, and "un-appropriated" new talent, nor does personality ever die. It modifies itself.

"Let us last of all deal with the first question you posed. To have a physiology not greatly unlike yours, but one that we can change at will, to become visible if need be, or utterly invisible to your eyes, and of a nature that allows us to walk through closed doors, and float down through your roof. (Inaudible).

"Of course it is safer to remain in that form and go through all obstacles, rather than to be in a materialized state and risk potential injury or be vulnerable, although to a limited degree.

"Even invisible, we decidedly have a physiology, but it is mainly through our skins that we are capable of sensing many things that are far beyond your realm of perception. Like you we can have gut feelings, unlike you, we can sense the finest of vibrations. "From one of your oldest Midwayer Friends (Bzutu) comes the remark that, ironically, with all your concern about the Urantia Midwayers, and especially the ladies, dressing appropriately when making visual contact with humans, it is you who now returns wanting us to bare our skins! And might you consider the expenditure of "universe credits" in the enormous quantity of fashion garments that now graces their collective wardrobes?

George: "Don't tell him everything!"

Mathew: "We have you on a very short leash, so to speak. In an effort to fit in with that, your requests of some years ago, we now have each of our female Secondary Midwayers vying to outdo their Sisters in obtaining the latest in fashion wear. See now what you have started, brother?"

"It is indeed the poverty of an extraordinarily primitive language that is disallowing you to push the boundaries further in this communication - the handicap of conceptual "inexpertise" - and so, in so many ways, the message I have imparted falls short of outright and complete revelation, necessarily so, but still I am counting on these confirmations allowing people to further delve into the reality of who and what we are.


"On normal decimal worlds the human contact is with the Secondary Midwayers, often for ages untold, and until other Celestial Teachers take their places as we continue to facilitate those contacts. This is Mathew signing off."

George: "How are your foreign language skills progressing?"

Mathew: "Very well. I have even learned to decipher your handwriting. See you later, and don't for one moment concern yourself with the false starts we earlier experienced."


Questions dealt with their control of the element that is time; their ability to travel as they do beyond life on their home planet, the possibility of much sensation (and memory storage) being in their scintillating skins; the disadvantage of having myriad languages on this planet.

The wise crack about fashion garments dealt with my warning them that not much business would be discussed, unless they, and especially the females, dressed appropriately, before materializing all over the shop. That was in 2000. They're still having fun about that "rather serious bit of advice" I gave them.