1991-10-07-Personalization of Creator Sons

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Topic: Personalization of Creator Sons

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Tonight I wish to begin with a lesson on Sonarington. Sonarington is the one of the Sacred Spheres of Paradise. It is the World of the Sons. You, all ascending sons from all seven superuniverses, pass through Sonarington on route to Paradise. It is by all accounts exceeding beyond understanding in beauty and personal charm.


Sonarington, is where you will most readily understand the Eternal Son's person. His person will touch yours. It is also a special world for the Creator Sons of the Local Universes. They have found personalization there and proceed from Sonarington to their future world stations. It is the most precious of the worlds for ascenders - finaliters. It is the first taste of Paradise and is forever enthroned in each finaliter's memory for all eternity.

This world is a precious world also, forever living in your memories for all eternity. For the memory of Michael, His birthplace is Sonarington and Urantia. For Michael, this world is His second birthplace and home. He will always take special interest in Urantia. You who have been born here are very privileged and cared for. It was understood in His day by Him - Jesus, on this world, that this world has a special destiny before it.

You are the initiators of this rapid changing transformation of your world from darkness to light, from ignorance to wisdom, from despair to hope, from war and poverty to peace and prosperity. This is your mission on earth. You, my children, are the special emissaries, role models, evangels and teachers, of a new and better world to come. Think not lightly on this. This is a grave and awesome responsibility on which I am placing you. Much will come to pass in the coming years, and you will one day be the leaders of your world.