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Topic: Loyalty

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Loyalty is a sacred, blessed virtue. Our personal loyalties are the highest expression of self-worth. In personal relationships our loyalties are paramount and precious gifts. The innermost soul is exhibiting its highest and most profound beliefs. Our first and foremost loyalty - duty, is to our Heavenly Father, who demands in love, our first allegiance. God gives of himself in all creation. He has sent His perfect Spirit to indwell the mortal mind. How loyal is this? How profoundly loyal to His creatures is He? How can we exhibit a lesser loyalty than full, personal, worshipful, complete, wholehearted and consecrated loyalty? Our Father/God, is love. He is also the most consecrated, divine and complete Parent.

Who has a child that they are not completely loyal to? This word is inadequate for my complete expression, but in necessity we use it. In human life loyalty can express a lower form of consecrated duty in you. This loyalty which I mean to express is supreme. For each person this loyalty - to follow ones own inner spirit, must be supreme over all else.

Blessed is he who walks in his own light. Yes, for the light which I ma y help you discover within is already there. I am but a helper - teacher, to help you to discover your own inner loyalties,' your own inner truths,' however this may be expressed. This concept/reality has an ever increasing truth within each of you.

As a child, loyalties are learned in childhood relationships which have relatively simple meanings. As we grow through our mortal experience, loyalty becomes related to our understanding of the fundamental concept, which involves the Fatherhood of the Universal Father and our relationship to one another as spiritual brothers and sisters.

Consider the idea/command of the Son of Man, in which He asks that you love your enemy.' Recognize even in this adverse mortal experience that the enemy is still your brother. This requires a new level of understanding loyalty.


Ponder this lesson, asking yourself is this loyalty?'