1992-05-11-Self Realization

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Topic: Self Realization

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



"Who am I" is the most sought after question in the universe. "Who am I" is the central question in our lives, here and beyond. "Who am I" has deep meaning and significance in life. When this question is asked for the first time, it signals a spiritual awakening and continues throughout this life. The quest for your true self-hood identity is lifelong, even onto Paradise.

There are within each and every person/personality seeds of potentiality, which when watered and nourished begin to sprout into actuality. Through life these potentials are given opportunity to sprout, as it were, to grow into actuals--self-hood.

What was once only a thought of God becomes a steadfast universe reality within our existence. Through life there are many, many of these potentials which become real within. Life is a process of making potentials into actuals, actuality and reality. For example, within a child who is frightened by the dark, there exist the potential of a truly courageous and dominant character. In the child it is only potential and it takes time and life experience for this potential to grow into reality and actual character possession of the full grown man.

You may think of these potentials as boughs on a tree - branches. Each branch grows, sprouts new branches, which grow and sprout new branches again. In this way a mighty tree is grown over time from a seedling, which on first sight resembles not a mighty tree--it is potential.

Many of the contrary, or what you may consider negative influences in your lives, are in reality bringing forth a potential character reality within. For example, a child may be a test to an adult when crying, wanting attention, and so forth. When the adult grows from this experience a wiser way to handle a child, this is permanent and does not revert.

Once you have acquired wisdom, through adversity or not, it is a permanent part of your self-hood. One who is truly wise finds the correct or most correct manner he can deal with a given situation and this may lead to more and more refinement. Like a branch on a tree sprouting, this branch is a permanent part of the tree.

Life is full of sorrow and joy, of heartache, and happiness, of feelings of self-doubt, and exuberant confidence. Life is a challenge and through this challenge you are to grow within - grow those character aspects which enable you to more effectively live. Life never ends. Life goes beyond this short existence into eternity.

How great is this experience and how great is this soul who grows from it. Life is never stagnate. It is always moving, changing, growing, diversifying. A challenge? Yes. But, in life, if you discover defeat, are you truly defeated? No. Only temporarily blocked. One must learn to discover our true potential from these life situations. If you stumble, do you not arise again? In life, if you stumble, rise and walk on.

These daily tests and toils and worries are all a part of your growth toward God. How insignificant they appear when seen in this true light.

Who am I? Each person is a unique and individual expression of God. Who am I becoming? Each person has the potential to grow in this realization of self- hood. That this self-hood can be a reflection of God, even partial and incomplete, but true and unique, and there is no one else who has the ability you do.

Who will I be? You are becoming yourself in truth, the self which is deeper and more true than you are at this moment. Always is the self revealing its deepest, truest, most beautiful secrets. Little by little this growth towards God is revealing the child at the same time. The child is no less or no greater than all children, all are uniquely wonderful, all are uniquely finding self expression.

Those finding self- expression are finding God-expression. Each child is in a vast and seemingly endless universe of beings/persons, and all are experiencing this wonder of ascension. Beings who are created perfect, who lack experiential growth, truly envy those who have it. Though no less precious to God our Father, truly do they appreciate what wonders are wrought in His works; that such strong, yet fine characters are created in this way.

Look well to the future. See yourselves in transition. Do not try to hold onto what is fading, for life is new growth, new paths, new opportunity, new life. Life comes from life and springing there from - creates life and growth in endless abundance. Never is there stagnation and dormancy in truly living life.

Walk firmly and tall through your daily works, which even though may cause you grief, know in the end its' true purpose, and so much will your load be lightened. Jesus as He lived His life on Urantia was not given an easy road. On the contrary, His path was very rugged, yet He is the divine example of man made perfect. So can you in your lives, in your rugged paths, begin to show forth the divine within.

God as represented by your Indwelling Spirit, is active in your lives. He is not sitting aloof watching your life, he is part of it. He is part of you. He is living and suffering and watching you growing - in toil and fret. He is right there with you, not in some far away place. He is not waiting for you to come to Him. He comes to you and He is with you always. Always remember this in your minds when life is burdensome, when your tasks are difficult, know that God, Himself is with you, right with you.


QUESTION: If we don't grasp a potential that we have for our life, do we loose it, or does it come back in another opportunity?

HAM: Yes. These potentials are an inherent part of you. It is not something lost and found here and there. They are growing through your life and are never lost. The branch may turn, or sway, or grow this way instead of that way, but the potential is never lost.

QUESTION: Are these teachings going to effect the primitive people in their spiritual growth?

HAM: Yes. God's children are being drawn to Him, even those who you may consider un-spiritual. They have an equal potential. We are considering how to uplift the spirituality of all peoples. It may be soon or not soon, depending upon their leadership and potentials which I am not at liberty to discuss. But suffice it to say, that no man, woman or child is left out of God's Kingdom. All are on equal spiritual footing, even if they are unknowing and intellectually backward. Spiritual growth potentials are equal among peoples of all civilizations and times.

QUESTION: Will our whole universe career be such that there will be less opportunities for self-expression and service than there are beings desiring those opportunities?

HAM: The impulse desire for service is a growing development. When you are living this life, this impulse is small. As you progress in your universe ascension, this impulse grows to dominate your life, in joy and in love. For what is service really, but the opportunity to help God's plan! If you have this desire, truly you will have the opportunity to pursue it. When sometimes we are disappointed in our ambitions, this disappointment again, is part of this growth, for it stimulates a different growth potential. Each experience throughout life after life has this effect. One is unprogressive when not living ones full arena of life. Those who would seek God through isolation are erring and are stifling their own spiritual growth, for the opportunity for stimulation is lost. Yes. Theirs are potentials which are not developed now. As I said, these potentials are not lost and are given expression at a better more fulfilling time. Don't make the mistake of feeling cheated in life - that there is not enough time for this or time for that, for time is eternal. Time in eternity is an eternal moment. Fragmented time is only a temporary condition for your intellect. This time scarcity which many feel, is temporary, and soon, when you have acquired the intellectual and spiritual level of understanding in what is essential in your spiritual growth, then God's time is your time - Eternity in a moment. There is always enough time for all potentials within your ascension career to be expressed. After your ascension career is culminated, then you begin a career of descending, so that further potentials are allowed expression.

QUESTION: What can one do to better recognize potentials that we have?

HAM: This is a danger in free will' life. For in allowing free will choosing, is the potential great for unbalanced living. It is wise to recognize potentials - yes, and allow for their full development. When a potential goes un-actualized it may or may not have consequences in life. For instance; a person who has potential to be very gracious, and yet persists in abrasive action toward others, he stifles his potential and grows a little crookedly - you would say, so that his potential of wise and gracious action is limited by his persistence in being rude. This, in turn, creates further potentials in other directions. Life is filled with these and many of our fine trees are slightly unbalanced here and there. The mansion world experience is in fact designed to correct these deficiencies, if they are not corrected here.