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Topic: Distortion

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Aaron

TR: Unknown



Aaron: Take this time to be aware of the ways you can affect your fellow man with your insights, inspirations, and by your actions, through the goodness. Be aware that you can be prepared for just about anything to occur when you set your mind upon the Father's will, and let the rest take care of itself.


This time we have is good. I am Aaron. I am your guide and friend, willing to furnish you insight upon what I have learned and to offer you some understanding upon life's challenges for yourselves. I look to tell you many reasons why you should not settle for myself to speak and then inquire, but for time purposes I would just say that this is restricting. If you want to truly grow continuously then you will always look for the new, the unsettled to occur. This can make one uneasy, unsure, uncertain in their steps, but as you well know, this too creates the growth.

Fact, Truth, Distortion

I tell you now tonight that everything you hear and all your observances will not be of fact. Distortion comes when one implements an imperfect vehicle of communication. Distortion has occurred and will continue to occur so long as you are human and even morontial.

But the truth and fact have two different existences. They do meet on a linear scale, but still the desire to do that which is right, to do God's will, to flow from the heart, to extend the truth as you believe it to be, this desire is as true as the fact. All that is true will occur in the desire to be truthful.

When one speaks of the love of God in terms of truth, beauty, and goodness, what does it matter who exclaims the remarks? It is high time to realize, though the emphasis has always been placed on this level by the teaching corps, that you must as a believer and as a sincere seeker of the truth, discern the love that is coming forth.

Teacher Contact

The teachers come through to aid in your growth, but there is a pattern of learning that goes on within the minds of those connected. There is a linking of understanding between a teacher and their student that comes about consciously and unconsciously in your willingness. These teachers, through the circuits of your Father, will prompt you and guide you and offer their knowing, and as time goes by you will begin to feel this growth within you and know that you are being led more consciously than the leadings of your Indwelling Spirit.

This is my commission to you, to tell you that you can have this guidance, not just in a group situation by myself or other teachers, but personally for yourself in the counsel of your personal teacher.

If you take this at face value you will realize that we are sincere and extend our hopes for your understanding.

Myself and other teachers within this group would like to offer you our services in any way that you are willing and we can let you know that this growth that will come will never be boring, for we have the counsel and the proclamation from the oversight in this ministry to go forward, to extend our learning to the experiential, to challenge you to learn from a process that we feel is very encouraging. This is new and this is an upstep, but the restrictions have been lifted to some extent for this area and we will respond to that with increased effort.

I thank you for listening to me this evening for I have had much to say. Now I would offer to you for your questions.


Stillness, Teacher Contact

R: I find myself impatient, waiting for guidance. I'm looking for myself to acknowledge the guidance that is given. I find myself becoming judgmental and defensive and since I'm caught between my doubts, I'm wondering if there is a process I can go into to not be so buried in my doubts and frustrations so that I can know the right words to speak when I need them?

Aaron: First dear friend, you must look to your Father when in doubt and offer Him to come through you and express the unsure feelings you may have. Remember my call to truth, for in that desire you cannot go wrong. Each day you should take apart some time to spend in silence with your Father.

You spend a lot of time reflecting on your spiritual life, but you need to feel more secure that you are a part of the spiritual. You are a son, who is as worthy as any other, and you have the full right to express yourself within your desire to love.

In your preparing, in your silent time, you will find an assurance that your Father will guide upon your efforts.

You may have the support of a private teacher if you would I so wish.

R: Who is the private teacher?

Aaron: His name is Meeshach.

Is this a spirit?

Aaron: He is an ascending son as I am. He has lived an existence on another sphere that was already in enlightenment and he is progressing and his assignment to you is part of his progression. Know that he can learn much from your growth as you can from him. To understand and be aware of his communication, I would call for you to spend time each day in stillness, in the quiet, reflecting your thoughts to your Father and awaiting response. The answers will come through that connection, for your Father does allow this connection between you and Meeshach. Does this answer you?

R: Yes this answers my question. Thank you.

Aaron: You are welcome. Would there be any other questions this evening?


Then I would ask of you to take the time to evaluate where you want to go in your growth. My friends are many that are interested in communicating with you, but I will not guarantee your comfort in this process. I would say that there is much to do and it is time to go to the next level of experiential learning and you can decide for yourself individually how you feel about being a part of this new effort. I would say goodnight.