1993-10-24-We Are Partners

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Topic: We Are Partners

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Iruka

TR: Unknown



Iruka: The love of God surrounds you, the power of God upholds you, wherever you are He is. Good afternoon, I am Iruka, I am your friend and guide. I am happy to be here after a few weeks of vacation. I miss these sessions. I look forward to seeing you and communicating with you, to helping you, to seeing you grow, for I also grow, I also learn.



You have become my friends. I am inspired by you and I like being around you. You see we are partners in this. You may think of me as a teacher and yes, I do help you grow and I do teach, but you teach me also. You have characteristics and traits that I learn from, that I am inspired by, that help me grow in my walk towards the First Source and Center. You give me courage when things are tough. You have inspired me. You cannot always tell this, you may not be aware of this, but it is indeed true. In the last year, I have grown much, I have learned much, and I am very excited for the future. For even as I point out things to you, you point out things to me. I may say something that is obvious to you, that you learn and remember, but from your questions and from your comments, you point out things to me that I was not aware of. So we are indeed partners, and I have so much appreciation for you, and I have so much affection for you. I am truly inspired by you. We are going towards God together, I am only a little above you and we are partners. We have a camaraderie that will last for eternity and I thank you for that. So I am truly in gratitude with you and I enjoy your company.

Teaching Mission

I wish to make a few remarks about teachers. As you know, J has made a request for a lesson on teachers to widen your understanding, and indeed I think this is very important and I thank you for that suggestion, J. If you can think of a teacher as a partner, this will be helpful. Our first number one priority of course is the teaching mission...has stated that we help you grow towards God, towards the First Source and Center, toward your Creator, to learn, to grow, to become, to become who you are meant to be. You can achieve much of this on this planet. Much of this on this plane can be accomplished. Your understanding, your love, your growth will carry you through eternity. So that of course is the first thing, that is what we are to do, but the picture is much bigger than that. We can become friends, confidants, develop trust, (you can) use us as a sounding board....with God anything is possible. You only need to expand your own possibilities, your own image of what can happen.

There are no limits except in your own mind. We can become guides, friends, associates and share things that we will both grow. This has been just a small sample of what can happen, but I want you to know that your imagination, your visual picture, whatever your consciousness can imagine, can be. You can instigate much growth from this relationship, as much as you wish, as much as you are capable of, at various times. There will be ebbs and flows. Typically there is a cycle, we have talked about this before, the cycles of life. Where there is growth, then there is pull-back, rest, contemplation, and then around again to more growth, more changes, and back toward rest. This is how it can be, not constantly growing every single day. Not intense work, but times of intense work, learning and growing, and then times of just enjoying each other. Times of friendship, of camaraderie, and rest. Then back again to more growth.

Every communication will not be awe inspiring or growth promoting. Some is just pleasantries, communication, a friendly chat. But all in all, as you move towards God you will not be alone. You are not ever alone, but so many feel alone. Know that you are not alone. There are helpers, there are ones around you who love you very much, who are concerned about your future just like you are. And if you choose to use these teachers and make them friends, the journey is much more pleasant, can be much more joyful and inspirational. And now I will answer questions.


Teacher Contact

E1: Hello Iruka, in terms of staying with the lesson today, can one have a teacher and not verbally ask for one, but more like go through a mental request. In other words, when one is going through some kind of mental decision making and then there is some kind of answer that comes to you could that possibly be someone or some other being besides yourself coming up with an answer? If there has been some mental request for a teacher?

Iruka: When you say mental, you mean a request for the Father, non-verbally, for a teacher?

E1: More like for example, you would say 'yes, I think I could use a teacher or a teacher would do good' or something to that effect. One of the teachers that God would have of course, or the Father.

Iruka: Because of the nature of human will and our desire not to cross it, to respect individuals as persons, it must be specific. That way we know that you are, or an individual, is in agreement. Do you see how we do not want to impose our will, and so this must be the way it is.

E1: OK, so in other words, it would have to be verbal. In other words if you just go over it in your mind saying..'yes I can use a teacher, I think I want a teacher' that is not good enough.

Iruka: It doesn't need to be verbal, but it needs to be conscious, that yes you wish, you want, a teacher. This is an important step that drifting...you cannot drift into this situation. It has to be a conscious decision that yes, you wish one, you would like one. [thank you]

J1: Hi Iruka, thank you for the lesson. Question, when teachers, spiritual entities are sent down to be teachers, are there boundaries. Are they given any boundaries, or any rules of thumb if you will, to deal with us folks.

Iruka: Of course, certainly there are certain topics we cannot discuss, and you are aware of that. There is much training for a teacher to understand about humans. This is true on any planet, whatever the human counter part would be. Every planet is a little different, so the teacher has to understand her pupil, like a person giving a speech, they must understand or know their audience. And so within that training of understanding on this planet, humans, there are certain ways of interacting. In that respect, a teacher would never consciously put you down, make you feel bad, hurt you, at least not on purpose. Of course that is in the range of possibility, if a teacher was unaware or unknowingly talked about something very sensitive. But that is dealt with very, very carefully. We in no way want to discourage anyone or make them feel bad. And you know all the encouragement that I have given you. Humans tend to put down themselves, and we certainly want to counter that. So in those types of ways that would be our boundary, never to do damage, never to discourage. Does this answer?

J1: Yes, thank you. To expand on something you were talking with E about...when you say a conscious decision to ask for a teacher, is it fair to say that means either during quiet time with the Father, or in a session such as this? Is this what you mean by an overt conscious decision?

Iruka: Yes, exactly.

J1: Another question, this is my day for questions. In reading the Daniel transcripts the other day, I came across an interchange between that group in which Daniel indicated he could read the minds of the group. Now on this planet that could mean either he is very tuned in to what they...or he thinks they are going to go because he knows them well, or it could mean that yes indeed he can read their minds. Can teachers do that, or other beings?

Iruka: Yes. Teachers and other beings have that capability. [comment-the room will now empty] But as I was going to say, we don't always use that. Certain members of the group, who are still making choices, still seeking, or seem to be uncomfortable with that idea, we would not do that. We try to be very careful about crossing wills, not only of humans, but in our association with each other, teachers, our helpers around us. We have great respect for each creature that God has created. So it is not just with humans, it is a trait that we have learned, and that we are trying to impart. So to think that everything you are thinking, I am reading, or your teacher is reading, or some being is reading is not really an accurate picture. But if you are struggling, with questions, or trying to understand something that is difficult, sometimes in my lessons, I can address that or try to address it. And we use it to help us to understand and to teach. Does this help?

J1: Yeah, it does, I guess. Does that mean that you can also then, if you wish, check into the thoughts of other people on your side of the continuum?

Iruka: To a certain extent, yes. From your perception, that is how we communicate. We also have privacy, but our growth entails our thoughts also, becoming like Father, becoming loving, pure, giving, joyful. It is an area where I personally am growing very much. But do not feel threatened, it is not meant to scare you, but that is how it will be as you get closer to God. Just to give you a little more understanding.


J1: Thank you. One last question. This has to do with this thing we heard about last night in Portland. The so-called materialization, if you will, of a Melchizedek. Can you elaborate on that?[1]

Iruka: There is much going on in this area. I wish to say that this will happen, is happening now. Much work is being put into this. You will hear more later, as more is accomplished and made known. I have not said much about this because I know that, for one thing, this group is very busy learning and growing on an individual basis, and that is of course where we are in this mission, individual growth and progress. Also, there is much caution in this group, as in many other groups. You have a history, not only in this country, but the whole planet's history of false rumors, false teaching, and you are careful, and that is the way you should be. So there is reluctance to immediately check out or search out a situation when you hear about it. You are being cautious, and that is indeed how you protect yourself. You will know, it will become apparent.

Think back to how you read the Urantia book. Most of you started out with caution, you read the book, you thought about it and decided yes, this is truth. That is the same way you approached the teaching mission. You checked it out, you made up your own mind, you made it your own decision. Whether it was truth or not, whether you wanted to participate in it or not, but you processed it. You processed everything you could find out and learn, and apply it to your own life. Yes there is a Melchizedek here on the planet, but do not worry about this. As you have done before, when he makes himself known, hear his words, judge those words as you do mine, as you do the Urantia book, make your own decision. Learn what you can and what does not apply to you, leave alone. Follow your heart, listen to your thought adjuster, and go from there. That is the best way that I can advise all of you to handle this. There is much excitement on this side, but you have been through situations that have led nowhere. So keep your eyes and your ears open, apply what you know and make your own judgements. Does this help? [yes, thank you]


S2: Iruka, are our minds like a sense, like hearing? What goes on in our minds, our thoughts, is that another medium like hearing?

Iruka: Thoughts are the beginnings. They are what makes things happen. Before you do anything, you have to think about it, anything from brushing to your teeth to getting a college degree, or getting a job, or deciding to stop smoking, or any changes you are making in your life. They start with thoughts. Thoughts can be very powerful, because what you decide will point in the direction you wish to go, your decision to do something or not do something. I am not sure what you mean by medium. Is that what you referred thoughts to?

S2: I am thinking of air as being what sound waves travel through and arrive at our ears, and heat, and light. My question is, is the brain like a receptor of thoughts and a transmitter of thoughts, so that what we think in our heads is really not a closed entity. The thoughts that seem to be contained in our heads are really not contained in our heads. They are leaving and arriving and there is a connectiveness underneath of us all that the thoughts travel through.

Iruka: Yes, yes they can be influenced, they can be changed. Arriving, leaving, yes, from things you see and read and then what comes up from the collective consciousness, that you can in turn send back to and change, and we have talked about this before.

S2: So we are not our thoughts. Our selves, our soul, creates these thoughts and it is the first step toward action. Thoughts can be received from other entities, such as our teachers, and our thought adjuster. Is that correct?

Iruka: Yes, they are also...they are a very strong part of you, who you are, because as you grow and change your thoughts change. That is what I was referring to on this side. As we communicate with our thoughts, because there has been growth and change, the negative thoughts, the fearful thoughts have decreased greatly. The loving thoughts, the peaceful thoughts, have pushed them out. Yes.

Thought Adjusters

S2: Do we all have self-acting thought adjusters or virgin thought adjusters, as described in the Urantia book, or does it vary.

Iruka: On this planet as a whole, it varies. In this group, they have been experienced. They have evolved and learned. Just by being, reading, your curiosity, your development indicates in many ways their experience, and how they have guided you here, guided you to this book. Does this answer?

S2: Yes. To practice communicating with my teacher, is it best just to try and not worry about whether it is yourself or whether it is the teacher, and just to practice talking with him?

Iruka: Yes, that is the best. You have to begin and acknowledge that you can be wrong. But that is OK, you are learning, just as you learned to do something else. Water skiing, you fall and you get up and you do it again, and you may fall again, but after a while, you learn what has happened. You learn about the water, you learn the pull of the boat and how the rope acts, and pretty soon you respond and you know. You know when it is you, you realize when it is the teacher. Some of these doubts can come back for months and that is normal. But yes, you have to begin, you have to get in the water. [thanks]


M1: Hi Iruka, I found it very interesting, that you had mentioned about being able to read our minds because I haven't been to these meetings lately and you had mentioned about growth and we don't constantly grow, we grow and we rest and I guess because I haven't been here in a while I started feeling guilty and looking at maybe what you had explained as rest, I looked at it as backsliding and I guess feeling sort of guilty. You didn't perhaps read my mind to know that, that was something I was concerned with, did you?

Iruka: First of all guilt has no purpose in this. You come to the meetings because you want to, because you are ready to. I certainly don't want you feeling guilty, and don't make yourself feel guilty. But I have been aware of your feelings, your concerns, and certainly I want what is best for you, and you make that decision yourself. So you come when you want to and when you don't want to, you don't come. There is no judgement on my part, and I don't think there is any judgement on the group's part. You are welcome at any time. Does this answer?

Free will

M1: Yes it does. I was also wondering....I noticed you had mentioned that if we listen to you or the words of a Melchizedek and the reason we listen to these words is because we believe that they are true and you also say that we have to judge in our own hearts whether or not we can accept some of the things that are said. I guess I am wondering is if something is said by a teacher or a Melchizedek or whoever and we decide that it is not for us or it is not right would that not be an error?

Iruka: Every one is different. God has made us all unique and it may be that there is something that doesn't fit with you, or any of you, something that doesn't feel right and you are not going to use it. It will not be a part of you. A perfect example are those who have fear about this mission. They are still on the path to God, they will still get there. They have rejected a tool, this teaching mission is a tool. Your teacher is a helper and friend, but certainly you can get to the First Source and Center without one. That is your choice, that is their choice. That is something that they have rejected, so you go from there. You must make choices in your life all the time, you know that, and yes, you can say no, you can say yes. It is ultimately in your hands. Does this answer?

M1: Yes it answers, but I guess...I guess maybe it is hard for me to understand how, or why, I should not or would not accept anything that is said by a teacher since you all know more than we do and you are further advanced that we are. It just doesn't seem to make sense not to accept anything that is said.

Iruka: I see what you are saying, however, I think we may be talking about a little bit different things. I am saying to keep your power. That you are the final judge. Of course, if you recognize truth, accept it, incorporate it into your life if that works. If you understand it and believe it, absolutely. But we are all individuals and we also perceive things differently. So the ultimate choice is yours. I feel I have not answered this very well.

M1: No, that is...I feel you have answered it well, it is just that I see what you are saying is that we basically have the ultimate decision as to what we accept for our own lives. You give us the truth and basically we decide for ourselves whether or not to accept it. [absolutely] I think I am straight on that now. As far as gauging my own growth, how could I, or should I go about this, or is this something I should be concerned with?

Iruka: In some ways it is difficult for humans to gauge their own growth. But certainly in small ways, you know yourself better than anyone does, and if you are working on a problem, say something like fear and that in your life certain things make you fearful, and then you progress to a point where certain action or incidents doesn't make you fearful, then you know you have made progress in that area. In a general, total area, I am not sure you can detect your own growth. I see growth in you, and in every member of the group, in an overall way, but I am out of the picture. I perceive you differently than you perceive and see yourself. So when I tell you that you have grown, you may not feel that inside at all. So specifically, you can tell a change in yourself, but in general you may not be able to. Does this answer? {yes it does}

I have quite enjoyed being with you today and communicating with you. I look forward to it, I look forward to our meetings...yes?


E1: Could you tell me something about this Gabriel of Sedona?

Iruka: This group is like you, seeking God. They are searching for truth, they are trying to live their life as they perceive the First Source and Center would want them to. But they have given their power away, and they are looking to another human being. They are not judging the truth, judging the words, and deciding what to keep and what to throw away. If they are doing that, they are being discouraged from doing that. And that is something that I keep encouraging you, to make your own decisions. They are finding some truths and experiencing some growth, but in the long run it may be more detrimental, more negative to their overall growth. Because they are not exercising their own judgement. Is this answering your question?

E1: It does, but is he a part of your teaching mission?

Iruka: No.

E1: Where does he come from. Is he something like Caligastia was, as being a part of the Planetary Prince's (staff). Was he initially a part of this teaching mission and you all decided 'well no he is not part of the group now' and so he has decided to go on his own and be of his own person....

Iruka: What I will say about this is, this is largely a human, a human personality and their feelings, their beliefs, and that is all I will say at this time.

E1: Well thank you anyway.


Iruka: Thank you and I will see you next week. Good afternoon.

Group: Good afternoon.