1993-11-09-Various Crystals

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Topic: Various Crystals

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Aaron, Miriam

TR: Unknown



Teacher Contact

Hello, my name is Miriam and I just want to take this time and say hello and how are you doing?

It is a pleasure to work with my student who is trying so diligently to understand the thoughts coming through, and to distinguish the presence. You do well. Take this comfort in yourself that your proceeding is acknowledged and your willingness is applauded. Let the pressure be minimal in your understanding, for there is no rush to know everything tomorrow.

We will spend much time growing from each other. I learn by your habits, your efforts, in both material and spiritual pursuits and my thoughts do come through. You will know them consciously in clearer fashion as you continue the efforts.

I do not want to take up the entire meeting here, but if you would have any questions, feel free to ask.


Sh: Miriam, has that been you speaking to me these last few nights when I was having trouble sleeping?

Miriam: You can know that I am certainly involved with you and so is Aaron. There is a midwayer named Sharmon who aids in trying to work through the connections and of course seraphic helpers, including your guardians, and during this procedure you will often times feel the presence, or be triggered by the tuning of your frequencies with ours, in some sense of the words.


A: Is Sh. being prepared for a specific mission that she will accomplish?

Miriam: I would like to say hello to you too A., because in spending time with my student, I also have the opportunities to work with Aaron and some of the other teachers in going through the rounds during the week, and I want to acknowledge your presence.

A: Thank you Miriam.

Miriam: Yes, there is a mission, but it is not a secretive plan being hatched in a dark room somewhere. This mission for you Sh. and for all of you together is developing as you take the time to pursue and progress in your understandings. Already, aside from your technical differences, your opinions, and other quirks, you have a certain rapport with each other and this beyond the material is because of your common seeking towards the Father. Much...

A: Should Sh. share her understanding of the teaching mission with her fiance at this time or should she delay that until another time?

Miriam: Thank you for this question. I would quickly finish the prior [thought].

Much time you will spend together in growing your purpose and individually you can know your purpose is to share and branch out and be open with your incoming knowledge and love.

As this pertains to those close in your life, you must discern how you will go about this. It is not completely necessary that you stand up and shout that you are involved with this teaching program, but if you want to feel comfortable in your relationship to some extent, it would be easier to enlighten by some means to some extent, not for shock value or to make uneasy, but to keep the communication open between yourselves.

A: Is there anything that I can help Sh. with at this time?

Miriam: Pursuant to last week's lesson by Aaron— Just be her friend and support.

A: Thank you Miriam.

Miriam: Would there be anything else?


Sh: I was wondering if there is anything material here on earth that would help circuits to be cleared? So many people believe in crystals and herbs and scents. Is that beneficial?

Miriam: Prom(ise) me, I would say strongly, do not dab in the immaterial influences to bringing a spiritual occurrence to you. Truly the purest connector that you will find is your Father and your relationship that you grow with him in your life. As you commune, worship, and pray, and take the time to listen, you will communicate with Him on the unconscious levels and with myself as I am allowed to come through this connection. In time you will even realize the conscious awareness of your Father and His input. But truly a spiritual attitude is your best facilitator. Does this answer you?

Teacher Contact

Sh: Yes it does. When I'm in my day and feel frustrated or don't know the answer and I just quickly ask you, are you there all those times? All the time?

Miriam: I know about all of those times and I am there many of those times. I get incoming information from your guardians They are ever present and you can know that nothing of worth that you have exclaimed or thought or attempted, gets lost in the shuffle. Everything of value is known.

We're friends. We just need to come to know each other. Would there be any more?

A: Will we have the pleasure of another teacher visiting us this evening?

Miriam: How did you know? Maybe someone was shuffling through your thoughts, perhaps.

Before I go I would like to say to Sh. and to all your friends, to unfold your existence. I take a lot of time to look into your lives and to bring about awareness and to share love and kindness. Tonight I want to tell you that this does not have to be so formal. If you relax and I relax, and we share over a cup of tea and cookies, then we will be much more comfortable in the growth steps coming forth. How are you doing Sh.?

Sh: I'm fine. I'm concerned now that winter's about to come upon us that I may not make it to as many meetings as I would want to. I find such comfort and joy in these meetings and I hope that things don't just fall apart if we can't meet as often. I sure hope I get better at listening to you, so I don't feel left out.

Aaron: I have looked at the coming weather patterns and the potential for this splitting. I would be less than truthful if I did not say that I was concerned, but I realize that you all are striving and yes, you will communicate in due time. Keep up the practice.

This may be discussed between yourselves of how you can keep together during this season. When you want to talk to me and you still haven't gained the conscious perception, feel free to ask of Simeon or Jonathan. They will be glad to come and share. And possibly you may think of occasionally having a meeting where you live if this is an option for you, or a more convenient location. It does not have to be a formal, focalized, organized meeting and location. I will always come within a moment's notice if you all decide to meet on a Thursday or a Saturday, or at another place.

This location here is a shared and central location for this group effort, but know that as you come to link with each other that this outpouring is available on other occasions as well. Does this answer you?


Sh.: Yes it does. I've been trying to help my sister and her daughter in California, in making a great effort to do what I can with all this distance between us. Do you think that I've touched them?

Aaron: I think your approach is most admirable and support you wholeheartedly. Yes you've touched her. She may not grasp all of your understanding, or take to the same course, but there is just a little more belief and hope within her being that there is a truth out here. Does this answer you?

Sh: Yes it does. Thank you.

Aaron: You're welcome. How are you A.?

A: I'm fine Aaron. Happy. . ..Aaron, I have a question for my friend B., who we in this group care about very much. As you know we have a friend who, in the spirit of service, has begun the U.B. Connection. Should we encourage B. to write to this U.B. Connection so that he can find a complement to himself; someone who will greatly enhance him and help him in our teaching mission?

Aaron: While I would love to indulge this question, I would just say that B. needs to feel comfortable with himself and as he grows and allows more personal effort and outreach in his life, then he will branch into other areas. That is all.

A: Thank you Aaron.

Aaron: How are you coping with everything that is working in your life?

A: I'm taking each day as it comes; what needs to be done for my parents to take care of, the projects that come up I try to take care of. If there is any more that you would like me to do, please let me know.

Aaron: I have no requirement of you. Your love for the Father is prevalent and your service to others and those both near and far is obvious. Be assured that you are well received and guided with your Father.

A: Thank you for sharing that. I will open my home and the place here for my friends if the weather turns bad, so they can sleep over and drive in the light of daytime if need be.

Aaron: That is very nice of you and feel secure that your group effort here will stand. Would there be any other questions this evening?

A: I have no further questions

Aaron: In sharing how I am viewing my life existence, I am finding that I am sometimes almost overwhelmed by the levels of love that I see. I see your pain, your frustrations, your fears, and your uncertainties as well. This is why you are here to grow. The love will overcome these obstacles in time.

I don't get enough rest either, but I try to find my time to have recreation and I commune with the Father every day. It is to the point where I can discuss with Him and know He's there. I feel the presence stronger and stronger. He is to me, at the level of communication, that I am to Simeon at times. I will join with my Father soon. I look forward to this.

I'm busy, but excited, and with our new friends, Malvantia and the efforts of the others, there will be much to do in the coming time.


Open yourselves up to the love of God. Saddle up your steed and ride the trail to the top of the mountain. Goodnight.