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Topic: Understanding

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Betty



JarEl: This is your teacher who loves and respects you. Who feels so humble before you today. I am so pleased that you have taken the time together to converse among yourselves of these many things that confuse you. This is the format of learning. Let us begin with our prayer. The love of God surrounds you. The power of God protects us. The presence of God enfolds you. Forever in your care, He stands to guide and love you. The concern for your welfare is constant.


Understanding, Thought, Knowledge, Spirit of Truth

Today I have prepared a lesson in understanding. What is this process of understanding? How does it work? Many have voiced their confusion, and yet each in their heart knows the reality of what is real. Are your beliefs real? Are the things that come into your realm old information or new information; passed on from father to son, or divinely impressed? Lets us begin with this process.

When knowledge is acquired it is first a concept. A concept that may be new or a concept that has its beginnings from previous information. When a new concept is presented the mind searches for a correlating concept, or information regarding this new concept. When no new information is retrieved from the memory bank, then confusion arises. Then an element of fear, yes somewhat ambivalence of the new information. This is a normal process. When knowledge of the new information comes forth, the determined outcome of the new information is already formed in the perceived knowledge. So you can see that new information requires overcoming the inherent elements of the reactive physical being and something else, a new element is required.

Humans have this phrase, "open mind", and upon examination of this state of mind one will notice the ability to set aside previous concepts inherent in this action and absorb the new knowledge. So, here we are dear ones, with the dissecting of this process and this element of open mindedness, which is called many things, foremost in our minds should be truth. You have been endowed with the Spirit of Truth which permeates all of this planet. So arm in arm with faith, to be led into the world of the unknown and open ourselves to these new possibilities of knowledge.

The understanding of self is the foundation for an outreach and the possibilities of cultural change. The understanding of self is the platform from which outreach is possible. The understanding can be degrees of all segments of self. These segments are not always known. However we see great strides in outreach to humanity through enlightened understanding of self. We do well to concentrate our knowing and the experience of our being that validates our knowing. I hope that this has somehow clarified some of your confusion.

Now I will be glad to answer some of your questions.


JOE: Greetings JarEl. This is Joe.

JAREL: Greetings Joseph.

Communication, Transmitting

JOE: In our discussion prior to our quiet time we were wondering about the fact that your answer to our questions sometime is that you will look it up. Should we re-ask the question or will you volunteer it at a later date?

JAREL: Upon the request for the knowledge, immediately the command is carried to our headquarters by the Midwayer assigned to our group. This information is noticed and dispatched to the Midwayer. The Midwayer upon receipt of this knowledge transmits it to myself and it is available at that point in time.

HAL: Is our Midwayer Lansia? or what is her name?

JAREL: Verona, is the Midwayer assigned to our corp group.

Unknown, Faith, Morontia

HAL: Jarel, you mentioned in your lesson on knowledge that when a new concept appears and the information is not in our memory bank this produces apprehension or fear in us. Is that our problem in this new concept we were discussing earlier, of the means by which we respond to God's love and spiritual values? The difference of responses in the material and spiritual level. We have asked this before and we don't seem to be able to grasp the concept. Is there anything further that could be added to this?

JAREL: The reactive self to stimulate in this realm is mostly fear, based and resistive to the unknown. Faith is the bridge that allows the trust pattern to form. The trust pattern presents the platform for future consideration of information unknown. On the morontial worlds you are much more cared for. You are unfamiliar with this care upon this planet. Your activities are many, and your responses are cooperative and love based. If you are in need of certain healing processes these are provided before your cooperation is needed. Remember that time is of no consideration on these worlds. Your individual cooperation is forever employed and is the vehicle for your advancement. This is the pattern for all of the universe. These opportunities are presented and your cooperation is given or withheld. Soon you begin to welcome the opportunities, as they bring great exhilaration and emotional joys.

Does this help?

HAL:` Yes. Then we go on into this new adventure in faith. The question is probably unimportant other than of interest to us. We should not worry about it, just go on in faith and it will be solved for us in the future.

JAREL: The opportunity for new adventures leaves little time for concern and consideration beyond the glorious adventure towards the exhilarating and worshipful journey onward towards the Father.

JOE: Regarding my first question. Do you automatically relay the information to us on receiving it from the Midwayer, or should we restate the question?

JAREL: The information is then stored, available for transmission. However the process is given by lessons presented by Machiventa, Christ Michael, and a corp of administrators designed to monitor each corp group. These lessons are the first on the agenda for the day. The answers to this inquiry is often presented in new lessons. So the necessity of reiterating becomes unnecessary. However please restate your questions, if indeed they have not been presented as requested.

DONNA: This is Donna.

JAREL: Greetings Donna.

Spirituality, Materialism

DONNA: Several of us in the group here, Stella who brought this up,, and Hal & Lucille and we have been talking about the question of the great majority of humanity , about the evil in the world. I know this question comes up over and over, I think we have had answers. Never-the --less there seems to be a little dichotomy of understanding. Some people in the group think that God the Father is mainly concerned with our spiritual growth and development, and not necessarily concerned with our material needs or well being on a material level, based on a previous lesson which said that nothing material is spiritual. Others of us in the, group myself being, one seem to think that God the Father in His love for all of creation is concerned not only with our spiritual growth and well being, but also our material well being. Could you respond to this please?

JAREL: Yes. This question indeed has risen over and over again, as you have well stated. The Father has prepared an environment in which your spiritual growth is possible. He has given the fields full of grass , the seed to feed the birds, and the cattle. The grass and the seed have no spiritual value. However nourishment of the cattle and birds is necessary for their existence. So it is with Gods children. He has prepared and environment for them in which those spiritual qualities can flourish and develop. We are most concerned with the development of the individual soul, which under the direction and protection of your Father fragment is ever watchful. The need for physical comforts are an illusion. An illusion to the spiritual fragment. The animalistic beginnings were the vehicle from which we began, and not the reality. Once God has been chosen, the existence has been assured. The opportunity for advancement then depends upon the efforts and will of the individual. However if you are in need of physical properties in order to continue your spiritual advancement these things are often provided. Does this help to clarify this age old notion?

DONNA: I think so Jarel. But I would like to open this up to anyone else here who wants to ask further questions about this.

HAL: I have been trying to summarize what the answer was. I gather that it is, as he said, if the spiritual values are dependent upon physical needs they will be provided. Otherwise it is up to us to provide for ourselves.

JAREL: Yes. The physical progression is also dependent upon the advancement of the individual.


Now dear ones, the hour grows late, and we will close now and know that each are loved and cared for. That you must not concern yourselves with the fluctuation of the group at this time. These provisions are noted and the core group has a pillar that is strong. Others will be coming, and remember to embrace them as you have your brothers and sisters here. Farewell.

GROUP: Farewell JarEl.