1995-01-20-Thought Adjusters

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Topic: Thought Adjusters

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Tomas

TR: Rutha, Gerdean



  • Opening prayer

Daniel: "Greetings, I am Daniel, your guide and teacher. It is our pleasure that we can come here weekly to be a part of the ongoing progress of Urantian mortals. Through the overcare of the First Source and Center is Christ Michael given to bring forth at this time an influx of spiritual pressure to help bring the darkness of this decimal planet into greater light and understanding. As you continue to bring forth your own personalization of the First Source and Center you add to the greater care of this planet. It is part of our mission to help you in this endeavor through encouragement, through teachings, and through the weekly communication such as this.

Our friend and co-teacher Tomas is here and will be giving the spiritual message/lesson for this week. Tomas.."


Thought Adjusters

Tomas: "Good evening. I am Tomas and, indeed, I have prepared some words for your benefit and enjoyment. It is pleasure to greet you and welcome these sons and daughters of the Living God into broadened communication with Spirit reality. We in our efforts to bring you into closer contact with your own Indwelling Spirit observe your relationship as it is with your God Fragment and pay close attention to the stamina with which you reveal yourself to your own God identification.

We and you recently read in your text about the loneliness of Thought Adjusters and you have voiced your lack of comprehension as to how a Fragment of God can know loneliness. I call upon you to look to yourself and to look deep within yourself to that existential place of aloneness which can only be transcended or dissolved through close interaction with other truth reality which transcends time, material, space, and even personality. That element of you which is in process of becoming is identified as the bride or betrothal partner of this Indwelling Fragment of God. And to the extent that you know the need to interrelate with your companion, to the extent that you yearn for understanding from your fellows, to the extent that you perceive yourself as misunderstood and alone, is the extent to which you are bereft of your own God-consciousness; for in companionship with God in you is the companionship of eternity, the hope of your destiny career, the enlivenment of all secondary and subsequent personality manifestations.

The Thought Adjuster is, as you know, able to communicate with other Thought Adjusters. But how can they truly flourish unless they are communicating with their intended, with their mortal partner/comrade, yes, in this process of merging the aspect of humanity and divinity? The earlier lessons that you were given, the early lesson of opening doors and breaking down barriers and creating bridges of communication between yourselves, acts of kindness, simple communication and eye contact have been practiced and established. We urge you now in your dealings with your peers to go even deeper and to touch the essence of God within the soul of your sisters and brothers. For that is the reality which is becoming, which hungers for acknowledgment, which longs to fellowship in soulful satisfaction and radiant joy of the family of God, in and through one another, in service, and companionship with God.

It is to be borne in mind, of course, that many individuals bear tremendous fear of the power of God and the rumor of judgement or wrath. But the love of our First Cause is not limited by prejudicial belief or regimental behaviors; rather is it the effects of a love saturated soul pouring itself out upon humankind without restrictions or conditions.

In order for the budding mortal to emote such potential greatness it is vital and necessary to recognize your relationship with your Indwelling God fragment as loving and good, true, and beautiful for you, and therefor, to radiate such qualities. These are your qualities, children and students. These are your gifts inherent through your intimate association with that Fragment of God which dwells within you. Identify personally and closely with that essence of life and endear yourself to It and it will endear Itself to you, the better to further your resolve to become one and bestow the gifts of our Father and Mother upon the earth.

It is a pleasure to have this opportunity to speak words as seeds of growth and comprehension for you. Do not be dismayed if you can only plant one smile or get in one word of good cheer. But in time your efforts will be made manifest and in time the need for spirit reality will deepen in your peers, strangers, and passersby. You need to prepare yourself in your soul for those days so that you will be ready for the hungry to learn as you learn now from the teachers who serve you. Thank you for your attention."

Daniel: "Tomas' words ring true through the universes! Indeed is the Fragment of the Eternal and Universal Father/Mother the special gift to the mortals of this local universe as the many other universes. In your individual lives the loneliness of human understanding can, indeed, be circumvented with the understanding of spiritual togetherness, of the Inner Spirit.

Never alone are you! Those who continually are able to integrate the human/mindal understanding with spiritual understanding have the security and comfort of always feeling the presence of a greater Source. The time is now available for questions."


Virginia: "Good evening Daniel and Tomas. Thank you very much for those words. I would like to introduce a guest we have tonight. Sandra is here with us."

Daniel: "Thank you Virginia and to Sandra may I give you our love and appreciation of your desire to search and appreciate truth.

The pathway of life affords one many opportunities. And it is those who are aware of these opportunities who continue to grow and seek deeper and higher levels of meaning within the framework or truth.

Sandra, your presence is not new to the teachers. Your struggles have been noted and your continual search is part of the experience of life. Your willingness to risk is a step that will bring forth greater understanding as time unfolds. It is our hope that through the workings of your Indwelling Spirit and your teacher and angels that you will continue to find the answer, you will be able to move into higher circuitry of understanding. You are most welcome and your presence will always be a part of a growing and enlarging company of mortals upon Urantia. Welcome, my friend. I have been with you on many occasions. Welcome to this group setting."

Sandra: "Thank you Daniel."


Bill: "Good evening Tomas and Daniel. Thank you, Tomas, for your lesson. And I have a question that has occurred to me in the past. It has to do with prayer and praying for the Thought Adjuster of another person. I have found myself praying that another person's Thought Adjuster would be effective in working in the mind of other individuals. And then I catch myself embarrassed by that kind of prayer, as though I should have to be praying for the effectiveness of a 'piece of God' is almost absurd, it seems. So I guess since I don't know if that is the right way to pray I am asking your counsel."

Tomas: "Good evening, my son. Indeed, I appreciate the folly of your prayer and truly the sincerity of your motives in your prayer as well. For as you well know the Adjusters never fail. The mortal recipient of the stimuli of the Indwelling Adjuster is that being which is in need of prayer. And yet it is difficult to know what one ought to pray for regarding that individual, with the exception of their willingness to be open to the guidance and presence of their own Indwelling God Fragment. The Adjuster is, assuredly, always eager to approach and sooth and spur the mortal on.

Your prayers may be specific if you aware of the underlying nature of the human being. You may put yourself in his or her position lovingly and make a determination for yourself as to what is needed by this individual and ask, then, that the individual see that which you have seen. It is an effective method of prayer and yet it is limited by your understanding of the true picture and problems of that individual. For as I said earlier, we do not truly know each other except through the Spirit which transcends much of the difficulty of decision making processing of the mortal ascension.

It is always effective to pray for the increased faith of the mortal. It is always effective to elicit the assistance of the United Midwayers. It is always effective to seek the healing ministrations of the Mother Spirit and the protection and presence of the Universal Father. Indeed, your frustration is shared by all who have love and concern for their fellow sojourners."

Daniel: "It would behoove this group to collectively read in the book about prayer. (1), (2), (3) The concerns of prayer are not the sole concern of one individual but of all. Even the Apostles asked many questions concerning prayer. [[The book[Urantia Book]] in the section will help you. One moment. The TR is having difficulty...to the section on Jopatata, 1616..too much interference...you can find it yourself. The section to read this evening is a good one for new beginnings, is a good one for all your prayer concerns and thoughts."

Bill: "Daniel are you referring to page 1616, Jesus' teaching on prayer and worship?"

Daniel: "That section as well as Jopatata..TR is misunderstanding{Ed. note: Group discussion of various pages and mention to Daniel of page 1638] Indeed."

Bill: "So you are suggesting we do that tonight for our reading, Daniel?"

Daniel: "Indeed."

Nancy: "Which one should we start with?"

Daniel: "No difference."

Bill: "Thank you very much, both of you."


Virginia: "I do have a question about the section that was read a couple of weeks ago in our Wednesday night study group. It is right along with the lesson that Tomas taught us tonight about the Thought Adjuster. One of my greatest problems is fear. In one of these papers it says that the Thought Adjuster could do a lot more if we mortals were less fearful. I know that the thing that you always tell us to do is spend more time in the silence and recognize the presence of God within. Is it just so simple? Or is there something else that we need to know?"

Daniel: "Fear, as you know, is a primary characteristic that is necessary for survival, but can be overly aggressive when it comes to allowing for spiritual growth and soul survival. Often the mortal becomes trapped in the material plane of understanding and becomes unable to get beyond that which is apparent or seemingly apparent at any given moment. If one can continually affirm the fact that the First Source and Center is real then fear has no way of strangling the individual. It is the struggle of the human animal/material/being that circumvents the understanding of what 'real' reality is. Going into the stillness and quiet does, in fact, allow for the spiritual reality, which is the true reality which you are evolving toward, to take, again, precedence in your life, to help you become centered and focused again so that in living the unfolding of the material life you can let go and allow the overcare of God to flow through you and around you. Even though there may be material cause for fear, in the broader scope and picture there is not cause for fear. Fear is a crippler to the spiritual progress as well as to the enhancement of a material existence. Those who live in constant fear tend to surround themselves with many barriers. Those who can turn over and allow God to work have fewer barriers. Thus the path that they walk is less hectic and stressful. One is not taxed by having to walk a maze in order to circumvent running into walls one has built. And so seeking silence and allowing the words and comfort of the First Source and Center to uphold you will alleviate fear. Those with less fear have an Adjuster who is able to urge and spur, as Tomas said, into higher realms of righteousness. Indeed it is not easy living in a material existence to alleviate fear. But it is not impossible. It is a choice that is made. There is help available to those willing to allow it."

Virginia: "Thank you Daniel."

Tomas: "I will draw for you a picture of a classroom of young children who are unfocused and full of energy and curiosity, and without discipline, who tax their elders' patience. Yet give this group of children a task and it will occupy them for a time. Give these children a candy and their focus is immediately upon the pleasure of this reward.

The gift of the Thought Adjuster is like this candy for the pleasure in absorbing the essence of God is sweet. It is not to be feared. The emotions of reverence and awe are often a part of your communication with divinity, however, the somber aspects of religion are not required as a basis of communication. You well know the bliss, harmony, and joy inherent also in spiritual moments or instances. It is requested that you, indeed, ask yourself if you truly comprehend the existence of God dwelling within you, working tirelessly to enfold you and guide you into your spiritual awakening and being. How in even mortal logical sense would one fear the evolving reality which is yours and yours uniquely? I conclude my picture."

Virginia: "Thank you, Tomas."

Daniel: "Friends, as we conclude this time together this week Tomas and I ask that you take time this week to further understand the nature of prayer and worship, that in the time put aside daily for this and through the integration of these two you will understand the beauty of silence, the time of communication with that Father Fragment within, the gift that is truly yours and yours alone. For each Indwelling Spirit specifically brings the Father into your own life on an individual basis that cannot be duplicated or cloned or replicated in any other way. It is unique to you. And thus the Father can be made know in your life.

The personalization of the Parent of us all is one of the greatest understandings you can take from this life. When true comprehension and understanding of this evolves within, the physical, mental, and spiritual self that you are, then there is a great transformation on all levels and a continuous heightening of spirituality.


Go this week with the understanding of the Father Fragment within as that aspect of your being which is, in a phrase stated earlier by yourselves, like the umbilical cord from Paradise. Good evening