1995-03-20-Becoming More Morontial

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Topic: Becoming More Morontial

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am here. Shalom. I am ABRAHAM.


Last week we discussed some on the group format. I am a little more clear on which direction to take in teaching your group. I would like to say a little on my understanding of the needs of this group. It is known that all of you desire to be closer to Father and His kingdom of various helpers. It is my understanding you desire to attain more of the Master’s attitude and mannerisms. What I am understanding is that you desire to become more morontial. I wish to express my dedication in helping you reach your goals.

There are so many daily human tasks that seem to take from the growing morontial being within and at times seems like too much work. I say when you are wanting to improve on a certain area in your life, start small. Don’t become overwhelmed with all the possible potentials of your being. Don’t try to do too much. This can only bring confusion and a desire to give up.

We have been taught that it matters not what you are at this moment. It only matters what you are becoming. Much of the time your Father-fragment/Indwelling Spirit, will show you your areas of need for enlightenment or improvement. So I say be patient. There is no time limit for your inner growth and higher understanding. I will answer a few questions.


C: May I say thanks Abraham, for your concern for us as a group and as individuals, and for your help. Thank you for your coming and teaching us. I am sure we all feel the same, in talking with each other. I know everybody is happy to have you here.

ABRAHAM: I would say you’re welcome and I would also thank you. Your persistence has helped to bring about this new teacher/student contact.

Celibacy, Sacrifice

R: Abraham, I’ve expressed this in this gathering tonight and you probably know my question of the heart better than the words I will express the question in. That is in the process of attending to your words of caution about personal agendas which are selfish, interfering with Father’s will in sharing love with our brothers and sisters, that part of that selfish agenda is sexual attraction. It is my question that as we become more enlightened and those who have gone before us who have been masters and enlightened beings, who have chosen in their life at some point celibacy, is it a worthy goal or decision making process to become a celibate being to serve as a pure vessel of God’s love? Or is there a way to balance sexuality and spirituality to do the will of the Father within that framework? I leave you with that question knowing that it has many holes in it.

ABRAHAM: My friend, your willingness to give up a part of your humanism for the sake of the Father truly shows what a dedicated and loving individual you are. The Father doesn’t ask you to sacrifice any part of your human existence. I would say, your natural reactions at a moment of spiritual intention are just that, natural. It is not bad. It is part of who you are. It is part of the human learning experience. The Father knows your true intentions and your efforts to discipline your own mind. I would say, don’t be too harsh with that mortal mind. It is still in training. Seek not to flee from your human experiences, but to traverse them with your constant companion - Father Himself. Does that answer?

Materialism, Abundance

R: Yes, very well. Thank very much. As a follow up question about the spiritual and material world, we know some of the history of your life. You had much material wealth and you lived a very spiritual life. Is it possible for us now in this very materialistic world to have the abundance of materialism and maintain spirituality as you did? And would you change it in any way?

ABRAHAM: Abundance may not have the same meaning for all people. Some who have little find abundance in their family setting, in the benefits of good health. Some may find the abundance in lessons learned and knowledge earned. What person would honor material goods over these blessings? I would say, you can have abundance and spirituality if the material wealth does not interfere with the spiritual. Does that answer? (Very well. I thank very much again.)

Children, Parenting

J: I have one Abraham. First of all I am really grateful that you’re taking questions. This is most interesting. One of the things that really grieves me about life is the suffering, the tragedy of innocent children having to suffer under the mistakes of their parents or the mistakes of society in general. It seems so unfair. It seems like a tragedy to me. I wonder how you who are farther along the spiritual path, or even the Father, views these types of inevitability’s from this planet?

ABRAHAM: We cannot express our heartbreak for the children of this world. The angels and other helpers to this world mourn the tragic treatment of the children. Much of the horrible treatment of children was not foreseen, had not even entered our thoughts. It is unknown to us how a society can produce uncared for children.

We find hope in the Spirit of Truth who tells the world of the injustices done to children, therefore, allowing society to recognize specific problems and address them. At this present time there is a great upheaval of emotions from our youth. They only cry out for what you would want for yourself. They too want to be just as important as adults, not seen anymore as a burden.

Many youths have come forth in a rebellious attack calling for attention. Though their ways may be destructive, they still send the message that the young are very important to our culture and society. Many know not of what we can learn from a child. The many know not of the wisdom, the pure wisdom from a child, but I can say that this matter is of much importance to us and we find that Father is in control. Does this help?


J: Yes it does. You say Father is in control--what do you mean by that. Could you expand on that just a little bit?

ABRAHAM: I would say much of our worries or concerns are magnified when we lose sight of the overall watch-care of our world, universe. We sometimes feel overwhelmed and discouraged by all the changes needed in the world. We sometimes forget that one source of all power, of all control. Mortals may sometimes forget that they are not in charge. Yes, you have your free will over your own human existence, but I say in all universal matters, the Father has His will also. My point to you is worry not for nothing is too big for the Father to handle. Does that answer. (Yes, thank you.)


ABRAHAM: Next week it may be beneficial to think more on your direction for desired growth. Look for me throughout this next week. Shalom.