1995-05-22-Mission Update

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Topic: Mission Update

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa, Abraham

TR: Nina



Teaching Mission

I am MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK. I bring you greetings from on High. I also bring to you encouragement and good news concerning this Correcting Time. Countless hours, days, have our spiritual hosts labored . Much have our mortal contacts contributed. And I am here to report to you a universal broadcast message that took place earlier.

We were informed that our struggle with the Correcting Time is beginning to finally produce the first fruits. I must report that this world has taken a giant step forward in their progress toward Light and Life. Many mortals now have some form of communication with the teacher staff and/or their Indwelling Father Fragment. I am making the rounds to several mortal groups to express my thanks, my gratitude for their efforts in this Teaching Mission. I must report, your diligence and forbearance have greatly helped in our cause. I further encourage you to continue in your efforts to further the progress of your world. My thanks to you all.

I am ABRAHAM. We are overjoyed at this news. It is most exhilarating to hear all our efforts have been worthwhile. What should have taken many, many years has already occurred through the efforts of the celestial hosts and their mortal friends. I would say still much work is there to do. Much seed planting is there still left to do.

It was my superiors choice to inform you of this good news in the hopes that you may be encouraged, that you may find the energy to continue Michael’s work. Yes, a little encouragement can go a long way, a little faith in someone can give them such confidence. Like a child unsure, unknowing of the results of their actions, an encouraging word can greatly build their confidence to know the results of their actions themselves. Machiventa has encouraged you to continue your good works. I ask you to make an effort to show faith in someone who might need a little uplifting.



Encouragement will not always be there for you. Encouragement cannot be counted on. During times of discouragement I ask you to truly open yourselves and realize the being that dwells within you, your personal Monitors, your Indwelling Father Fragments. If you stop to ponder this internal guide and realize they are of our Paradise Father and God is love. Our Indwelling Fragments are God. God is love. This love may help you through these times of discouragement, knowing of His love for you can help rejuvenate you.

Many times you may not receive the encouragement you desire, expect this. But I tell you, each of you, you can be a light of encouragement to the downhearted, the hopeless, the discouraged. Your show of faith in them can help to produce Adjuster contact and energy. You know where guidance comes from. You know the depths of the Father’s love more so than the hopeless and the discouraged. Share this encouragement, this love from our Paradise Father. Take a moment this week to encourage someone that needs it. Are there questions tonight?


Progress, Challenge

R: Abraham, I am not sure I understand what the encouraging news is. Some standard of superior knowledge, a superior mind must set up some space/time measure that has to do with that the world just made a giant leap--in what area? I mean are you guys looking at the same world that I’m looking at or... I feel a little confused by this announcement. I’m not encouraged.

ABRAHAM: This is not for me to divulge the details. The overall picture and plan for this world is mostly viewed by my superiors. It was they who informed me that my time of laboring was well spent. Nor do I have an overall view, but I trust my co-workers, my Creator. Let me ask you, look back on your years, has not much changed? Have you not grown? This is the same with the world. Worry not. Your view may be confined, but the changes in this world today are great. The mind shift has far exceeded our expectations. Does this help?

R: Yea. I don’t want to leave the impression that I’m not aware of my own personal change. If I look back from the time that I began this path and now, there has been tremendous amount of change. I want to express my gratitude to you Teachers, my personal teacher, and also to Michael and Machiventa. I ask forgiveness of my limited perception.

ABRAHAM: That is not necessary.

R: It was for me. But you take a look how this group is right now. This remnant of many, these people I’ve grown to know and love. I know their problems.

ABRAHAM: Your discouragement is common and understood and felt by many. Yes, terrible, terrible problems exist.

R: Well, how about fixing them for us? Just said in jest. Laughter. Give us some more bad stuff.

ABRAHAM: Yes, we are in understanding of each other. May I offer a little encouragement to you, my son. You do well. Another question?

Catastrophism, Celestial Contact

W: On that note, I guess a little sideline from Roland, with regard to what I heard from the message from Machiventa. So I am asking if I am perceiving correctly. If there is a leap in the connection of mortals on a wider scale with spiritual assistance, or at least recognition of spiritual connection, and my question is in regard to the fact that there is so much going on on the planet right now with regard to the flooding and the disasters of many kinds, wars. There is so much testing, if you would. And due to my own process, my own journey, I am wondering if I am understanding correctly that those kinds of experiences do bring us to a greater need in ourselves on a personal level, and therefore, a really deep soul searching quest for some help from Father, from Spirit. Is the bad news in effect assisting the good news that is happening in the spiritual connection?

ABRAHAM: In a sense, yes. The spiritual helpers go through any open door. If it is an open door in a disaster, then yes, they will go through it. Sometimes that is exactly what it takes for people to connect with Father. A surrendering, yes, a plea for help, also the Adjusters take advantage of this moment of opening of the heart. Does this help?

W: Yes it does. I just want to add that since my last question to you a couple weeks ago I have been in fairly consistent communication with my teacher, Danielle. I want to ask you if I am indeed hearing from Danielle and/or if I am...if you could verify if I am indeed hearing from Danielle or if my own mind is in there a lot? I am just trying to understand how clear I am in my reception.

ABRAHAM: Yes you are perceiving most of her message. There will always be some of your input, but yes. I am told you are making great progress with her. A wonderful team. Does this answer? (Yes, it does. Thank you.)

C: I want to pass on my appreciation for Machiventa’s addressing us. It’s a great..I don’t know what word to use, honor, I guess, to have him, the spiritual host of this world, address us here. I think I connect a little bit with what he is saying. So many minds are open and ready because of whatever, you know, the disasters have been happening for centuries and so on, but now minds are open to receive higher truths. And it seems like our old hard traditions are becoming foolish and people are ready to listen to reality maybe more now than they were even not too long ago. That’s not a question, is it? Laughter.

ABRAHAM: Well said, yes. It was also desired by Machiventa that he connect with this Utah group. You are a big part of this mission. He wishes to stay in contact with all the mortal students. Another question?

RA: Father Abraham, someone that we haven’t heard from for so long...I would like to inquire as to how they are, and that is Ruby and her friends in New Zealand?

ABRAHAM: My information is they still continue the work. Yes, like this group, they started as a root, and from there many roots began.

RA.: Are you still teaching them?

ABRAHAM: No, I may visit from time to time, I may help direct. (Please give them our love and thanks.) Yes.

Correcting Time

T: Abraham, I have a question. About ten years ago I read a book called Messages from Michael. I thought it was quite interesting, lots of seemingly truth from that book. Just recently at work I saw a pamphlet called The Progressive. It was a pamphlet of a group of people that is worldwide now that gets messages from Michael. In this group it seems the Michael entity was not as I know it as Michael being the Creator Son of this planet, but Michael being a group of beings, like a group of ten beings I believe it was what it was. I am just curious if there is any connection between the two, the Michael we know and this Michael? Is it something we haven’t come across yet? What is it?

ABRAHAM: I am somewhat limited in my knowledge of this. I would ask you your opinion? You are well equipped to judge this. I would also say this Correcting Time has infiltrated many spiritual and religious groups. Although names will always be confused. It is the context of the words that concern us. It is the fruits that are produced that concern us. Yes, many groups shall come and go, many shall confuse the names, perhaps the ideals of spiritual living. But I say, the truths that linger from year to year are the ones you can rely on. Does this help? (Yes it does. Thank you.)


W: Abraham, I recently was introduced to some information around a subject that I am a little awkward, but I want to understand, about extraterrestrials. My question is are they mortals from another realm, a part of our universe, but assisting in some way? Are they supernals of some sort or are they fictional or delusional? Are they real and if so, who are they? (I am unable to comment.) May I ask that in a private session at some point? (I must get authorization and information.) Would you do that? I guess my real question is, is there any reason to consider all of the news that is starting to come in around them here? Is there anything to be concern of? (No.)

N: I read a book some years back called Communion. For those who haven’t read it, it is a story of extraterrestrials entering peoples environments. They talked about two different types of beings that would enter their abodes or establishments, homes, whatever. One of the beings wore a piece of clothing and on it was the concentric circles. Did that have anything to do or any tie in with the Urantia concentric circles? (Again, my information is limited, but its possible.) Also the Urantia Book talks about entities coming from Mansion Worlds and how they get here. Its on the energy circuits. Could that be construed as part of the alien or UFO visitors from other life forms? I just won’t leave it alone, will I?


ABRAHAM: Even we teachers have been confused for extraterrestrials. Laughter. Let me research this. I know it is a topic of great interest to your world. I thank you for the joy and faith you give to me. I ask you please allow me to continue to encourage and enlighten you with hopes of Paradise. Shalom.