1995-07-17-Taking A Chance

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Topic: Taking a Chance

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. How was your week concerning obsession? Did you learn that you may obsess over much? Did you realize the things you obsess over are really not so important as to cause you anxiety? Did any make attempts to hand over their obsession to Father? Yes, it is a difficult lesson to learn.


Risk, Rejection

I am happy to be here this evening among my friends and co-workers who endeavor to make a change for the better in this world. In your efforts to make this world a more loving and God-conscious world, you may have to learn to take a chance, and that is the topic of my lesson tonight.

At times you, in the midst of socializing, find an opportunity to speak in a manner to bring about God-awareness, but you soon learn to expect rejection from those who you speak with about your beliefs in our Father. Therefore, sometimes it is easier to remain silent. You withhold your inner self for fear of rejection from others. I will not tell you there will not be rejection, but I can say, sometimes you just need to take that chance in the hopes that we may lead one more soul to the light of our Father.

Rejection brings fear because mortals take much value in fellow mortals opinions, and some cannot bear rejection from their friends, family and acquaintances. Yes, it would appear to be wise to sit and wait for a friend, an acquaintance, to bring up the topic of spirituality, but too often it is not brought up by the person you are speaking to.

At times you must go ahead, out on a limb, and let another see inside your heart. You must learn that if you live your life according to other peoples definition of you, you are blocking off your contact with the one who truly knows you best and values you for who you are, who you are becoming. I am not implying to be totally uncaring toward your fellows opinions, no. I am saying, don’t let their opinions dictate your actions. You have your own source of enlightenment, the one true source. And to let your fellows limit you with their definitions of what they think you should be is a setback to your own soul growth.

To take a chance means to honestly expose your inner feelings and beliefs without fear, without the worry of rejection. With this feeling of indifference, it allows you freedom in your endeavors to add to the kingdom. I say worry not, there is no contest to bring souls to Father. Father does not totally depend on His children to recruit new believers. Father has His own lifeline to each child, but I suggest that you hide not your true inner self, that you take a risk and worry not upon the results. Try not to be embarrassed of the source that brings you true and everlasting joy.

The world awakens more each day and mortals seek out others with similar thoughts and beliefs. It is quite possible when you take a chance, you may find the one with whom you speak with is quite interested. I do not recommend pushing your beliefs on just anyone. I ask you to look for the smallest opening of a door, just so that you may catch a little glimpse of light. It would be unwise to keep conversing to one whose door is completely closed. I say to you, it is a joyous feeling to stand up and be counted in the kingdom. A few questions?


C.: Abraham, it seems like we do have to take a little assessment. I read what you are saying is like don’t be ashamed or hide what you are feeling inside, who knows where it might land and open a door. It seems like in my experience Father is always opening them anyway, somehow. In my understanding, at some point we have to be wise to know when to share and when to just back off, because maybe our comments are not welcome. In a sense there is a judgment call to make there?

ABRAHAM: Exactly. It is like you said, Father is there assisting you and the individual you speak with. I would advise you to be not afraid of trusting your inner feelings, your instincts. Another question?

Self Knowledge

J.: Abraham, I have a problem that has bothered me for a long time. I know I shouldn’t let it bother me, but I don’t know how to overcome it, and it keeps reoccurring in my life. It is something that my step-dad told me when I was a kid, that I will never make anyone happy, and I took that as no one will ever love me. I know you said that we are not to take what other people say about us too seriously and live by what they say we are or should be, or what they think we are. It seems every time I do have a close relationship with someone and they do love me or think they do, I feel like I don’t deserve it and do things unconsciously to cause them not to love me anymore. This isn’t what I want to do or I mean to do. It is the opposite of what I want to happen.

I wish that I could stop believing what my step-dad told me was true. I know it’s not, but it still keeps coming back to me and causes so many problems for me. I was wondering if you have some advice how I could stop believing this, and realize that I am worth being loved by someone and not hate my step-dad so much for saying it, and not hate myself so much for believing it? I don’t know what else to say.

ABRAHAM: Understood. I am aware this causes you great pain. I am first directed to say the step-father spoke primarily of himself, although it was directed at you. It was a fact that he thought this of himself. In his ignorance he has scarred you, and this statement you have carried around for years, sabotaging yourself and relationships. This is a great step in your soul growth. I cannot give you answers, but perhaps only a few suggestions. To give you the answers would rob you in your morontial growth. Do you find any time for a moment of stillness or meditation?

J.: Yes I do, especially when I am hurting and in pain, and sometimes--not as often--when I am thankful, but I have been doing so quite a bit.

ABRAHAM: Yes, a wonderful step, first step. Step two: Have you ever attempted to perceive yourself as your Creator does? Your Creator views you as His learning child. This does not mean incomplete. This means totally and unconditionally, you are His child as if you were His only child. In your true Father’s eyes you do no wrong. You are still learning and these steps you take can be painful. The Father, He reaches to help guide your steps, but He cannot take the steps for you. I say, the Father walks every step with you. Cast off your step-father’s opinions, for they mean absolutely nothing, and cloak yourself in the light and love of your true Father, who showers you with nothing except acceptance and love.

Step three: Until you can change your own self perception you are seemingly stuck in this same behavior pattern. I recommend that you write. Lay your thoughts and feeling out on paper for you to view them honestly, for your problem is like a tree. You can see the trunk as the problem. You can see the branches that act as the smaller symptoms of the main problem.

I say, dig down to the roots hidden from plain view. Fear not to expose these roots, to explore, to understand where your problem originated and how this problem branches off into other areas of disappointments. I ask you to also discuss this with friends and spiritual co-workers, for it is certain that they understand.


It is with that thought that I must take my leave. I pray this time for you is educational, and also, joyful. Until next time, shalom.