1995-09-24-Minds Are Stretching

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Topic: Minds Are Stretching

Group: Tallahassee TeaM


Teacher: Will

TR: JoiLin



Greetings, dear ones, it is I Will, your teacher who loves you.

JoiLin is reminding me that I had completely forgotten the opening prayer, as I had been speaking to her asking that she receive my words, and in the process did forget. Let us begin anew.

The love of God surrounds us, permeates our beings, is in and of this very world we live upon, and yet is beyond, throughout all creation. The beauty of God fills our hearts and minds, our very souls, is in fact the inspiration that leads us to seek Him further. Wherever we gather throughout all the myriad levels of creation, He is.


We who sit in attendance at this meeting this evening have rejoiced at listening to your discussion. We could almost feel your minds begin to stretch and reach beyond yourselves. In the final analysis, as you have already stated, it matters not what name you call us by, indeed it matters not what name you know Deity by, it is all the same. And you who sit within this room have a power within yourselves that you are now learning to tap. We like to think that we had some small part in helping you to recognize this power you hold within. Yet that is only the pride that we feel as the teachers of this ever expanding classroom earth...Urantia. You made mention this evening that others across your planet were being worked with and you spoke of different levels as they worked within your individual lives. There is much truth in these statements. There has been much truth and wisdom expressed within this small room.

The umbrella, for want of a better term, of Michael's mission to Urantia, known as this Teaching Mission, by you, is indeed much broader than what you have heretofore understood. This student, she who transmits this evening, spoke of her recognition of the same teachings that we inspire you to bring out into your communities, out into the arena of your work day, into the areas of your leisure, these very lessons, if you will, are the very same lessons that other teachers are inspiring their students with. These students have no working understanding of the Teaching Mission as you know it, yet it does not interfere with their ability to receive the lessons that are being given.

The part that you play specifically, is an important one only insofar as you actively, consciously pursue the role of apostle. In this active role is more energy expended outward, through the Father within, than with those who do not consciously understand the role they play. The change in consciousness levels will come about more slowly with those individuals than with you who work in partnership with He who dwells within you. Your changes have the possibility of changing not just your intellectual, emotional, spiritual being, but can and does in fact, create changes to and within your physical vehicle as well. All of these changes will one day amplify the Christ Spirit in this world through you who will have become a wholly integrated human being. These changes will come about when each of you have reached the point in your development when your spiritual development has reached the point of a clear recognition of the relationship between you and your indwelling Adjuster. When this relationship begins to be experienced by you consciously, then will you be ready for these changes to commence. The length of time is or will be different for all of you.

You have begun and that is what matters. You have committed to continuing and therein lies the hope of your world. We are filled with excitement and ever growing love and appreciation for your willingness to sit each week and allow us to impart to you lessons we prepare and what little wisdom we have to share.

Recognize beloveds, as you continue on this path, that you have much wisdom within you. And you have a storehouse of wisdom between you. The sharing that you did this evening substantiates this fact. Know it. Recognize what you are, and who you are becoming, and give yourselves permission to bring that God consciousness, that power within you, into the arenas of your daily lives. Know always beloveds, how blessed, loved and how precious you are in His sight! The hour grows late and I will close for this evening, but will return within two weeks time.


All: Shalom.


Helen: (Ed: beginning of questions lost, so will paraphrase) If you're still there Will, I'd like to ask a question. Dennis and I talked about concentrating on the larger group to see if there were some way that we could, through our silent efforts, elevate the consciousness of the group when we're together, so that our discussion would be more meaningful, and less like things we can get in the cafeteria. Can you guide us in that or offer some encouragement or give us some instructions?

Will: You are referring if I understood your question correctly, to silent prayer?

Helen: Uh, focused energy or desire.

Will: It all boils down to prayer. Prayer, as I am sure all of you in this room understand at this point in your development, is one of the most powerful tools available to you. When two or more are gathered in His name miracles can and do happen. We understand your desire to mend and heal what you consider to be a breech between the two groups. You who live on this planet must live by the laws that are in place on this world, the physical laws, and so you deal with linear time. Yet I say to you time itself is changing. And we who have a broader perspective, understand the greater plan and we understand the gifts that are to be found in the outworking of this plan. And so we on this side have always known that all's right with the world, as God is indeed in His heaven, and does have His hand within your very hands. Yet we also recognize your frustration, your inability to yet see the greater plan. And so in answer to your question, yes, much can be accomplished by a concerted effort of wills and a desire to do, in all things, the Father's will above your own. This may have been a bit of a left-handed answer for want of a better term, but has it helped at all?


Helen: Very much. Thank you!

Will: You're quite welcome. I bid you all good evening...shalom.

All: Good evening! Shalom.