1996-01-29-Decision To Be Godlike

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Topic: Decision to Be Godlike

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. My greetings to you this evening. I am happy to be here in service to you, my students and to my Father in Heaven. I have found great joy in serving. I have come to realize to serve is to be at one with Father. To be in such close contact with my Father is to discover joy on many deeper levels of understanding. I thank you for allowing me to experience this joy by assisting you in your understanding. I have been with you each this week. I find you all so unique and I stand in awe of your courage and endurance to carry on. I am honored to work with such unique citizens of our universe.



Many are improving upon their technique concerning stillness practice. Many of you have learned to relax and trust. You are discovering that stillness is not ceremonial and formal, but is a renewing of spirit connection with Father. In time you'll see improvement in your direct channel of communication with Father and His subordinates. I would say, please attempt to integrate the stillness practice into your daily routine as a natural part of your human experience. Stillness is quite natural and simple. With practice you'll find constant connection with Father. He will reveal to you His will and you will have clear understanding on what steps to take.

Learning, Desire

I have taught many students various truths that they have integrated in their daily lives and have witnessed the benefits thereof. I have endeavored to reach those students who require extra help in understanding their own relationship to spirit. I have witnessed much joy on the part of some students who are discovering these teachings to be real. I have attempted to minister to other students who struggle with doubt and guilt over that doubt. I have experienced so many relationships and have worked to understand each individual. This understanding does not come so easily. I had to be educated and exchange my will for Father's. But I can say through experience do I have a better understanding concerning individual personalities. In my memory there are various personalities with whom I have been educated on how to deal with. My learning to understand took much desire and effort on my part. I truly desired to be God-like. With this desire came my education, my education in understanding my fellows, understanding my students, myself and my Father.

As you grow in spirit you discover an island in the midst of the ocean that can keep you above water. This island is a safe place in which to center your spiritual understanding. This island is your desire to be God-like. I say your desire has carried you this far in your spiritual education. Deep within the human soul is there a place of knowing, knowing the Paradise Father, knowing the Creator Son, knowing the Mother and Her many angels. Deep within the human soul do you recognize what it is to really be God-like. You know this. This is what we all strive to be. Let me say, your desire to be God-like is the key that opens the door to your spiritual education. Desire to be God-like is good. It is your intention, but I say, there needs to be a moment of solemn thought that you must decide to literally be God-like. To desire is good, yes. To decide is more of a commitment on your part, an opening to the door of spiritual learning. One can say, "I wish to be God-like" and hold within fear of this actuality. This is not opening the door. This is showing good intention, but not opening the door. One can say, "I have made my decision to be God-like and I am committed to receive lessons that will help me reach that goal." Do you see, the decision and commitment is not always easy? You are to be educated in learning to be God-like. You are opening the door. You are viewing what's beyond your average realm of learning, thinking.

This is why I express to you my joy. I have decided to be God-like. I was educated on how to attain that, and I am qualified to teach and serve, and I reap the joy from that. I am so filled with the light of God. He has trusted me to extend His hand to others. I am filled with such desire to give thanks and praise to my God that has so carefully guided me. I am so comforted in the fact that I am a child of God and that my place in the kingdom is secured. I give thanks and love to our Father who has always reached out to us. I am without words to express my love I desire to return to our Father. My joy began with my decision to be God-like. Those that stand firmly in their decision are to be educated in whatever form that Father deems most beneficial. This is not to bring fear. This is to bring the excitement and enthusiasm that a mortal can find within this humanly ordinary life. This decision is to bring you new challenges and train you in the ways to be of service, if you so desire, and decide to be God-like.

You know little about how much power is within each one of you. God is the source of all power. God is love. Love is power. You seem to have little self-trust and confidence while within your very being there is the source of all power. To trust your Father is to believe His trust in you and to discover your own self-trust. I am a teacher. I have been assigned to this position to help with this time of Correction. I am to help move the whole. We all are dedicated in the upliftment of this world. I am so honored to be counted among Michael's teachers, and I wish to express to you, this world is not alone. It is lovingly watched over and being assisted in moving closer to Light and Life. This I know to be fact, we will reach our goal without fail. I want you to know, be aware of how much help there is for 'all' of Urantian mortals. Tonight I will receive a few questions.


ABRAHAM: If there are no questions, I would ask you to review your commitment status and closely look at your decision to be God-like. Continue practicing stillness and this week I will attempt to show you each the joy I speak of. Until next week, shalom.