1996-07-22-Obtaining Spirit Vision

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Topic: Obtaining Spirit Vision

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Welcome to you all this evening. It is a delightful experience for me each time we meet. I am happy to assist you in your morontial lessons. It is wonderful how Father works in all our lives. Last week in discussing observation and reflection we came upon a most necessary subject, being lead by the Spirit and obtaining Spirit vision. We discussed to see with the eyes of the Spirit leaves us less likely to be judgmental. I am hoping tonight to discuss a little on steps toward being lead by the Spirit and effects of obtaining Spirit vision.



As mortal sons and daughters you are required to live by faith. This concept must be experienced, another cannot really assist you in believing without seeing. You learn by experience in mortal living and contact with your Indwelling Father. I cannot give precise instructions on the steps to being lead by the Spirit. Your most crucial lessons lie within human experience and contact with the Father.

There comes a moment in mortal living where one may feel surrounded by darkness, overcome with confusion, indecisive of proper moves to take. In this moment of darkness many reach out blindly in faith and ask for assistance from someone who would truly have understanding for them. In reaching out a mortal has taken a step in faith and is open to possible forthcoming answers. Upon being open a mortal is able to feel the presence of something that eludes their understanding, but nevertheless, something is indeed helping.

As a mortal learns faith building there comes a great deal of stumbling blocks in which the mortal is learning to exercise and build the muscles of faith. As spiritual maturity sets in a mortal relinquishes more ego while steering towards the will of Father. You see, you are all approaching this reality that Father is unmatched in His intelligence and watch-care. You are beginning to see that without God there appears to be nothing of value and with, everything appears to contain value. You are trusting your Father to be the Father and waiting upon His words of guidance. A little more each day you request, "Father make me like you," and a little more each day you become like the Father. In aligning your will with Father's you are signing a contract which states:

The Father of all fathers guides me with a loving watchful hand in which I trust even in moments of darkness. I reserve this place in my mind, heart and soul to be for the Father. This place is indestructible. This place is devoted to Him who has loved me upon existence. I am because He is! I trust His infinite wisdom to guide me to the shores of Paradise.

This is the contract of a Spirit lead individual. I doubt not that you each have agreed upon such a celestial document and I understand that your Spirit vision becomes stronger day by day. To be Spirit lead is rather simplistic. Our recognition for our Father's love and watch-care for us leads us to believe in His ultimate power in the universe. Just as the story of the kind man and the abused youth that was helped by the mans unconditional kindness. The youth was drawn to the man and love resulted and then loyalty after that. To be Spirit lead is easy. To learn to use your new eyes of the Spirit is a little more difficult.


To be conditioned to the idea that you see with your Father's eyes is perhaps a little strange at first. You find your emotions are different, your reaction to others is changed. Your understanding of your place in the Kingdom is also different. This is similar to the excitement one feels when preparing for a vacation or adventure. The adventure is unknown and yet it is most exciting to discover landmarks along the way. If one can get past the worry of small details the vacation is much more worry free and enjoyable. To worry about being adequately packed for your adventure is to overshadow possible breathtaking scenery.

I say let not steps of being Spirit lead or using your new vision weight heavy upon your minds. I say you are to set forth on a great adventure and your experience and guidance from Father is your road map. You are well prepared. In using your Spirit vision you are looking out upon a vast scenery of mountainous understanding. To see with the Father's eyes is to view what He views, and I say, He is in great understanding of each and every one of His children. You also will be shown that understanding for your fellows through the eyes of the Spirit, and I say, to be judgment will become almost obsolete. You may perhaps view Father's children as He does, sometimes frail, sometimes weak, sometimes confused, at times astounded by discoveries, sometimes courageously taking steps toward being God-like, sometimes laughing with indescribable joy. I say to understand your fellows through your Father's eyes is to develop an unshakable love for them. To view life through Father's eyes is true liberty. You may set yourself free from being judgmental and being judged.

I say to build the strength of your Spirit vision you must desire to be Spirit lead. I say where is the stream of love, comfort and wisdom that you dip your cup? What leads you back to the desire to be Spirit lead, many may read spiritual truths from books, many may meditate, practice their stillness, many may desire to create, some may find their spiritual cup is most full when they are in the midst of nature, some may attend groups just like this. I would again ask, where do you dip your cup for spiritual comfort and assurity? What brings you back to the place in which you find God? A few questions.


WILLEENA: Last week you talked to me about spiritual maturity and you mentioned violent waves or storms and said to relax and float. I wondered if you would address what you meant by violent waves or storms?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. These waves are the experiences of everyday living, natural adverse conditions that grace all mortal paths, nothing to be feared, but wonderful to recognize that Father's faith in you to come through these waves more experienced. Another question?

WILLEENA: Yes. I was wondering with regard to this accident, that day I was walking in a state of 'thy will be done' when this happened. It has been an interesting experience for me, relying as much as I can on that place where I come back to often in the day, 'thy will be done, what's next Father?' I am finding that Father's way for me is much more slow and gentle and self-nurturing than my natural tendency. I am wondering if this has been a testing or a learning to help me learn, to help me get in touch with that pace, that new way?

ABRAHAM: There is not much one can do concerning the accidents of time and yet Father with His broad vision finds ways in which to teach spirituality and the fruits thereof. Yes, to be open to the Spirit vision is to approach mortal concerns and conflicts with a broad view combining logic, trust and love as a foundation. To believe that the universe is for you, not against you is a benefit of obtaining spirit vision. Another question?


HELEN: Abraham, I've got a couple gals in my women's veteran group that have both expressed being drawn to me on a spiritual level. I have been very careful as to what I share and don't share. I am going to see both of them tomorrow, a few actually, three of them. Tomorrow we were thinking about getting together. They wanted me to share some information with them about the Teaching Mission and whatnot. I guess I am asking are you aware of who the people are I am talking about and what could I say or do, any suggestions that may be best way to handle or anything in particular that I might address?

ABRAHAM: No I am not knowing of who they are, but I am happy to give you some guidance. These sisters appear to be searching and I would recommend a brief explanation as simple as possible, following up with a few questions from them. In their questions you will understand how much light you should put forth. You are understanding of this searching path and qualified to minister to those who seek Godly enlightenment and not mans spiritual understanding. Another question?

HELEN: I wanted to know if it would be possible that you might be present around 5 o'clock at my house to observe if nothing else?

ABRAHAM: Entirely possible, yes. I can help. Another question?


JOSHUA: Father Abraham, we have been told about many different religions. The other day we were talking about the Bahai faith. Is this a new religion getting started? Can you comment on that please?

ABRAHAM: I am unknowing about this particular faith, but I can say that deep within the heart of man there is a desire to encompass certain truths for the betterment of those that seek. These religions are occurring in rapid numbers and yet I cannot express much knowledge in that area. All I can comment on is that a religion containing much truth is a lasting religion. Another question?


ROLAND: Father Abraham, you mentioned that faith, that is believing without seeing, is primary experiential, one cannot learn that from someone else's experience. Is it not true that really truth is a personal experience, a reality that we read spiritual concepts, but we really don't read truth? We experience truth. I am wondering if I am off on that. It dawned on me when you were talking about faith experience. Can you comment about that?

ABRAHAM: Yes. This can also said about truth. When mortals are open to direct communion from the Father truth is experiential. Mortals willing to rely upon the truths of others, religious organizations, perhaps government officials, are willing to take the truth of others. This practice appears to be safe, and yet I say, this is not reality. The mortal willing to experience truth will do so, and those that search not, will not view truth in their experience. Yes, you are correct in your thinking. I am slipping. Is there one more question?

ROLAND: It seems like that for me I am beginning to understand that I have a certain capacity for spiritual energy expenditure and it seems to me like we are hearing that in your slipping with Ellanor. Is there a point in which we reach to spiritual exhaustion that we should retreat or should we be aware of the spiritual exhaustion? Can you comment about that now that you seem to be in that position?


ABRAHAM: Yes. I would say yes, in your material form an energy recharge is necessary. Yes, I refer back to the stream in which you dip your cup. My spiritual exhaustion is not so apparent any longer and I chose to quit when transmission accuracy become threatened. Yes, I can discuss more next week if you like. For this week I would give you my love and assurance that I will accompany you this week for extra understanding. Until next week, shalom.