1996-09-29-Healing the Planet

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Topic: Healing the Planet

Group: Tallahassee TeaM


Teacher: Will, Mayleena, HaReel, Alphonso

TR: JoiLin

1st Session



...must rise above this for your duty and your task and your mission is to take the highest path, the path with the most love in it. For you are shepherds of the Light; you shine it forth for others to see. You open the eyes of those who falter and who desire to know where the true path lies. Denominations, religions, philosophies, theories, theologies, are all unimportant in this regard. Love will conquer all. It is the lesson that we continually emphasize. Even the Stillness practice is designed to connect you with the Father, who is Love. Our blessings upon you; our hopes and prayers with you. You are on a sacred mission; one that cannot be stopped. Strengthen your resolve. Stay focused on this attitude of love. Convey this to all you meet, in your eyes, in your smile, in taking time to be in the present with those with whom you interact. The Master was never in a hurry, and He ministered to those as He passed by, with a loving heart and a keen ear. The message has gone on for awhile, however, I felt it important during your exercise tonight, to again urge you forth, and to give you my loving embrace, for we are working together and we long to share your hugs, and one day we shall. Shalom.

Group: Shalom.


Editor: At the close of her ministrations, she again addressed the group:

Mayleena: If you will please turn your hands palms upward, opening your hearts, sending the Light from within, allowing it to move out, from right to left to connect with all those within this room. Think now of those beyond this room, members of this circle, who are absent tonight.... members of your family.....distant friends.....and now include your global family......and all of your family beyond this world, include if you will, the First Source and Center and all who extend from His heart, for indeed are we all connected one to the other. I leave you now with my love and appreciation for being given the opportunity to share myself with this beloved group. Stay, beautiful spirits, always within His Light, for indeed does His Light live within your very centers. Shalom.

2nd Session

Reclaiming the Planet; Change-One Person at a Time


Mayleena: Greetings, it is I Mayleena (?) Come to work with you once again. You may remember in times past that I have come before you in an effort to share my expertise with your group. I come once again to offer my spirit, my heart, my knowledge. There are those among you, this child is one, for whom healing will play a role in their futures. I’m picking up resistance. Please bear with us. It is my desire, if it is also your’s to minister to you through this student. I understand that there may be those present who do not wish to participate. I would ask you to turn your hands palms down if it is your desire to -not- participate; if it is your desire to participate, turn your palms upward. We will now begin, and I thank you.

Editor: T/R moves behind student to the right of her, and begins to administer some form of altered Reiki hand movements, spending differing amounts of time with each individual student, until the circle has been traversed. At some point Mayleena told the group to please proceed with their regular group transmissions, that the work she was doing would not interfere with their ability to do so.

HaReel: Trust the Father with your problems, with your needs, for after all, He trusts you to bring a part of His spirituality to fruition. Let happiness abound. Shalom.

Group: Shalom.


Teaching Mission

Alphonso: Good evening my friends, this is Alphonso and I would like to speak to you tonight briefly, on the magnitude of the effort to reclaim this planet. You have recognized tonight that people will be approached in whatever manner will be most likely to pique their interest. Every door ajar and window cracked, any opening, and we will take it. Not in a coercive fashion, but to encourage those seekers to take the first step in their continuing search for the Father’s will in their lives. Every person will interpret their nudge from their historical perspective. And so, many will continue to claim to prior paths, which is fully acceptable to us. But within those paths they will be shown and taught and will experience how the Father’s love is the force that will unify all people. And experientially, they will find that when they approach a situation with love in their hearts, and tolerance for others, that the results will consistently be positive. This world -will- change, one person at a time, as heart connections between people are made, and love is transmitted. This love will fill this planet, will raise all ships, will reach a depth so deep that no barrier will stand taller. It is this love energy, the Father’s love, that is the foundational impetus to this mission. And so we encourage each of you in your work, in your play, at home and abroad, to be agents and purveyors of this love. Let nothing stand in the way of a loving attitude, and many will test you on this, with their disagreeable personalities, unkind and unjust actions, but you....

This is HaReel, I’m glad to be with you all tonight. This evening I would like to remind you and I say remind because you all are aware of this, to remind you to go to the Father with your needs. He can be such help and such comfort! And He is right there! He is with you; you have but to ask. This world can be difficult when traveled alone, but you are never alone.