1997-04-14-Prayerful Healings

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Topic: Prayerful Healings

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings to you, my friends. I am especially anxious tonight to get our meeting underway. We have entered into a new phase of our Mission. Our lessons from here on will require a bit more interaction between you. Our Kingdom is spiritual, but also is it active. I am honored to be a part of your spiritual education. My most humble gratitude to you each for your patience and persistence in understanding these morontial lessons.


Our lessons these past months have brought us to this new beginning phase in this the Correcting Time. We have learned how being submissive to Father's will enables us to receive immediate revelation. We have thoroughly reviewed prayer and the benefits thereof. As we learn more about the reality of the brotherhood then do we find ourselves more active in the area of service. Your world and its mental and emotional plagues have been of great destruction to the incoming universal information. I do not mean to imply this is abnormal, no, not at all. Your world experiences evolution as it should. These plagues of the mind can indeed be overcome through prayer. This is where prayer meets the brotherhood. Through service are you able to assist one another in overcoming these mental obstacles.

Your willingness to understand your fellows leads you to love them. Many desirous of serving their fellows are in some confusion saying, "what can I do to assist my brother or sister that appears to be in so much pain?" It has been said, "no greater love can a man have than to lay down his life for a friend." I would rephrase this for these modern times. No greater love can a man have than to earnestly pray for his friend. I am requesting of you this evening to begin a prayerful service for your fellows. This act of service will begin small within this group and go forth from there. I will perform these acts of prayerful healing myself until your level of comfort is adequate where you can take over. I would ask for your prayers for one another be verbal, in that it creates a greater reality for you, one or two to spend time in prayer with a recipient who may be suffering from the emotional disorders I previously mentioned.

To engage in verbal prayer with your friend creates a sharing connection, with not only between you and Father, but also the Supreme Being. Prayers are healing. Prayers bring comfort to those clouded by despair, anger, other various spirit poisons. To engage in prayer with your fellows is to create mindal healing, therefore physical healing is affected. I would ask of you this new service to create a more brotherly connection between you in the group. In time we will go beyond that. This world in its mental anguish can receive comfort and healing through the care of another who would spend time in prayer for them. There are great benefits to behold from these prayerful healings. There is peace, confidence, security and knowing that comes from these prayerful healings. Do you see how our lessons have led us to this point? I would give you a few guidelines to this, but your inner feelings are always trustworthy to follow when praying.

1) It is helpful in the transfer of energy to be closely seated by the healing recipient.

2) It is always wonderful to begin with a pledge to the doing of Father's will and acknowledgment of His all-knowingness.

3) There would be great benefits to acknowledge yourself as Father's child, loved completely as you are.

4) It is wise to have healing recipient state their desire. This allows them to participate in their own healing, whether this is verbal, it matters not.

5) To pledge faith and belief that the prayer was indeed heard, and the answer is forthcoming, peace is on the way.

This form of healing can be done by anyone. Anyone is also a candidate for this healing. Those in need of assistance due to mental aggravations may put a request to the group, and volunteers will remain after the meeting for this prayerful healing. I would at some point desire to give a demonstration. As for now, are there questions?


CALVIN: Is it not the main focus of this new exercise for just our physical comfort, but more so our mental and mindal peace and comfort?

ABRAHAM: Yes, which also benefits our physical well-being and renews connection to the cosmic mind. Another question?

TECTRA: I guess my question is do we hold the prayer session in this group here or do we do it on our own time thinking of each person in the group, and saying a prayer, or do we do it here while we are gathered?

ABRAHAM: Your prayers while you collectively pray have influence in the universe, and to pray personally with another is to promote healing. This is always more effective when done with some privacy. A prayer recipient feels more at ease to receive, and the energies that are used are more organized and focused on incoming information, but I say it is according to your own comfort level how you will choose to do this, if at all. I would not make this a demand on you. I am just now allowed to authorize these techniques of mental and emotional well-being. Another question?

CALVIN: Should these prayers to be concise like you taught us on meditation, not long drawn out energy draining, but shorter?

ABRAHAM: Yes, not as long as the stillness, and yet, long enough to find some unity in the thoughts of those praying and the one being prayed for. There have been many times where mortals can feel burdened by spirit poisons or misunderstandings. It would be of great benefit to them to have their fellows spend a moment to join in caring prayer to provide some clarification. I would desire at some time to do a demonstration. Another question?

MIRIAM: Abraham, your know how we have been spending all this time learning how to pray. You have been with us helping us, guiding us along. So like now you are saying we are stepping up to another phase. Is this phase not only for like the thing we were talking about before the meeting about understanding being a part of, and the brotherhood, understanding that, feeling it and connecting with it, to do it in our group, is it an exercise of walking through fear with each other and learning to trust each other, feeling open to communication? You know sometimes people feel stupid praying out loud.

ABRAHAM: Yes, there are those who feel discomfort in verbal praying, and yet, can help maintain an energy connection through kind willingness to go an extra mile for their fellows. It is asked that to be involved in these prayer healings, and only one need be verbal in the praying. I hope not to frighten anyone with this task. It is not required that you participate in any way. Your willingness to participate however will bring a greater bond within the group and myself. Another question?

RACHEL: Well Father Abraham, I know that you know that in the prayers during meditation that I do pray for everyone in the group. I go farther than that; I pray for all of God's children whether they are mortal or spiritual. Here I do pray silently, but at home most of the time I do it verbally. Has most of it been sufficient or been more like you are talking about?

ABRAHAM: Yes. Where you are dedication to the doing of Father's will. There are many forms of praying, and I would say that to pray with another activates a healing energy that there is a concentration in praying that is not there when you are praying for many. (TR says can I see your hand?) [She held Rachel's hand in both of her hands while Abraham spoke with her.] To pray with another with such earnest care can create healing affects and that is our focus. To spend time with another shows of your love for them. Do you see?

RACHEL: Yes. I think that is quite beautiful really and truly. I do have another question before you get all worn out and lose concentration with the whole works. Have you met with Debra R., spiritual name, Rutha, since leaving her mortal body?

ABRAHAM: One moment. She is in the company of Daniel at this time. He is counseling her on how to release her mortal responsibilities. She is somewhat distressed by her stepping out of her mortal life into her morontial. It can require some time to adjust. She is aware of the pain that is within her own group, and she also feels this pain. Rutha knows that her Teaching Mission group can carry on successfully with Daniel continuing to teach. This does not concern her. In discovering that she will assist us on this side with the Mission will help to ease some of the discomfort due to this adjustment.


This is all my information at this time. Perhaps I will have more later. I am slipping and I would ask to demonstrate this prayerful healing technique next week on whomever may desire it. My love go with you. Until next week, shalom.