1997-07-08-A Break To Empty the Spiritual Cup

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Topic: Emptying the Spiritual Cup

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Welcome to you each here tonight. I am moved by your unwavering group support. It is what our Mission is about. I also lend my support to you.



Father is a kind, patient, and loving Parent. He is not a stern, stubborn, and unfeeling teacher who would see fit to punish His students in need of a rest. I can say that Father is quite the opposite in encouraging His children live a more balanced life incorporating study, fellowship, and service with fun, rest, and recreation to provide a renewing of spirit and mind.

My lessons are not as urgent assignments that you must complete or forfeit, no. I have said your greatest lessons are in and through experience, personal experience, group experience, divine experience within mortal living. It would be well advised to break for now to empty that spiritual cup to prepare for my upcoming series on 'Self Mastery.' As Ham had said, "let this be a time of absorbing those concepts you have learned so far," continue the prayer healings and fellowship. In your togetherness there is much more lessons than you know. You each already contain such spiritual wisdom. This meeting place would be put to good use for discussing the realness of life. Are there questions?



CALVIN: If I understand myself, I think you're recommending that we continue to meet and digest your lessons, in whatever form we choose to do that as a group, and get to know each other in our daily living and concerns, help each other in our personal growth and personal lives, problems and so on, and then reconvene down the road, probably unsure at this time how long that will be--with a new series of lessons. Is that kinda what you are saying here?

ABRAHAM: Yes yes. Put to good use those spiritual tools we have discovered here together, and I will continue to assist you in the proper usage of these tools. I would ask that this rest be a "rest" though, not serious continuing of study, perhaps more observations of the realness in mortal living, and your divine understanding therefrom. Yes. Another question?


JENNI: Yes. I have been having some trouble communicating with people, and understanding a lot of stuff about myself right now. I was wondering if maybe you have any suggestions or some help that can maybe help me get through this real rough time I am having right now?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. First, I am understanding that there is confusion in your thinking, and a need to organize these thoughts. I would ask that you write these thoughts. Untangle these thoughts with paper and pen. Second, I would believe you to feel some apprehension towards the revealing of your true self to the Father. I would tell you, my child, that nothing is hidden from our Father, and He loves us completely anyway. Practice of the stillness would do you well to connect with Father, and feel His presence, stillness, yes. Third, you are unaccepting of your style of prayer, and I must say that your Father is knowing of your true feelings, and your words need not be formal or of a particular manner. You just need to be yourself and talk with Him as though He were your closest friend, because I say that is exactly what He is. Is this helping? (Yes.) Another question?

MIRIAM: Abraham, I have a question, but first I hope this isn't bold, but I'd like to ask if you would have a message or guidance for Ellanor?

ABRAHAM: She does well. She knows my feelings. I am in support of a emptying of the cup to make room for new learning. Yes. Another question?


MIRIAM: I was wondering if you could describe to me-like sometimes when I am reading things it is like I almost can't hold consciousness reading it, like if it is really full of light. I was reading a transcript of Ham's. They were talking about synchronicity of the goal and morontial and vibrational frequencies. I was kind of out of my realm in asking what it is, but I was wondering if you could describe to me or enlighten me as to what that is when you're reading something that's full of truth for you, or if you are talking to someone and its just almost got like that tuning fork hum about it. Is that like a higher level that you don't know and so you lose it and can't hold it? Does that make any sense? Do you have any idea what I am talking about?

ABRAHAM: Yes. I am aware of the developing soul. As you experience there is literally energy connections. As the soul continues to graduate level upon level, these energy connectors are more and more. These are in relation to the universe system circuits and the cosmic mind. There are definite times when there can be crossed signals or connections or perhaps non-existence connections, which would not comply with your understanding or soul knowledge at this time. This is not bad, no. This is soul growth. To chastise yourself for mind wondering would be detrimental to your existing energy connections. The Father sees to your growth that you receive what you need when you need it. This is not to be of concern. Worry not. Does this help?

MIRIAM: Yes it does. I guess I haven't been worrying about it. It is kind of funny. It is like I can't hold the consciousness, and I know I am getting, I know something is happening, but I don't know what it is. I just figure, oh well, on some level something is happening. I don't worry about it. It just gives me comfort to know that's a reality, not just zoning out. I guess that is a comment, not a question.

ABRAHAM: Yes, I would say when re-reading your spiritual material there is always something that catches your attention that you know you have read, but did not understand. Through life experience there is various happenings that help the soul to strive forward, and in this, there is new understanding. Another question?

ALAUNA: Yes. I just want to welcome a friend of mine to class tonight, named LaReen. I think she will be an asset to our group. I was wondering if there was anything you want to say to welcome her to our group? (ABRAHAM: I am already familiar with you, my child. I would formally welcome you, and ask, have you a question?)

LaREEN: Yes, first a statement. I feel very honored to be here with all of you, and a confirmation on a spiritual name for me.

TR: It sounds like Sara. It sound like Inesara, but I don't think he is saying that. It is probably just Sara.

ABRAHAM: Sara is as close as we can describe at this time. Does this help? (Yes. Thank you very much.) You're welcome. Another question?

CALVIN: I want to welcome a friend of my friend Jenni, Ryan. (RYAN: Hello. I just want you to know it is a honor for me to meet you.)

ABRAHAM: It is also an honor for me, my son. Welcome. It is well that you have decided to venture forth on this spiritual path. I can say this decision will assist you in your journey. Is there a question? (I just want to thank you for what you just said.) You are very welcome. It will be a great joy to me to become better acquainted with you, my new friends. Is there one more question?

RACHEL: Father Abraham, I'd like to know how long a vacation you're going to take?

ABRAHAM: It is depended upon how soon you each empty the spiritual cup.

RACHEL: See you next week then! LAUGHTER!


ABRAHAM: I could see you anytime Rachel, my daughter. The time is short, not to worry. I am aware of your educational needs, but your Father is overseeing all other needs and it is Father's green flag I await. I will see you soon. My love is with you. Shalom.