1997-12-30-Use This Mortal Life Wisely

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Topic: Use This Mortal Life Wisely

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am allowing for a bit of meditation time. During the busyness of life we find little time for that which is so beneficial to us. A soul that would find unrest in daily doings finds the quality of mortal living to be less. A quiet moment or two can help refresh a weary soul.

This time of year brings a great deal of reflection on past happenings, good and bad. I can say to you it is entirely within the will of our Father to drink from the well of His peace and comfort. Our lessons are not to meet any time frame, no. Our lessons are to be taken in as the recipient is prepared to receive. Moments of stillness increase your capacity to receive those things Father has for you. We are assisting you in building your foundation of faith, bringing to you hope and encouragement.

I, having experienced the mortal adventure, understand your trials and testing, your joys and triumphs. I would not mean to minimize the mortal experience by saying to you that you are burdened because you are not putting forth effort, no. I hold an enormous amount faith in you each. I also have experienced those mortal experiences, and I mean to assist you in any way I can. I would agree with you when you would feel discouraged towards worldly issues or individual dilemmas. I could understand because I have shared your experience. I could say having experienced the mortal realm, and went beyond that, our Father is indeed knowing that your experience is a pathway to Him.

Self-forgetfulness is for you. Self-forgetfulness is for you to be successful in your communication with Father. Self-forgetfulness is not self-denial, is not going without. If you could perceive the Father's watchcare from where I am you would be astonished. To be involved in the mind of all minds is to free-fall without concern, to look forward to each and every challenge with excitement and enthusiasm.

Always will you be reminded of your adventures in the flesh, and these lessons will be an eternal lesson for you to always reflect upon. Your experience is valuable. I would wish for you to take advantage of every opportunity, be it an obstacle or a time of rest. Use this mortal life wisely for your lessons learned here will be used eternally.

I would conclude our lessons on self-forgetfulness to prepare for a new series of lessons. Always keep in mind what we have learned on the brotherhood, spirit poisons, spiritual fruits, and self-forgetfulness. These lessons are always ongoing. I would though begin a new series of lessons concerning relationships, yes.


The relationships you have are in themselves valuable lessons. All whom you know are valuable in your mortal experience, just as you are in theirs, whether they are biological or not. Each one person you come to know are an assignment put before you. Relationships are lamps upon your path to Father. Relationships are a branch on the tree of self-mastery. You will not learn some spiritual lessons without personal relationships. The skills you can learn today are skills that can be used on your eternal journey.

It has been said that isolation is a form of suicide. Mankind need one another, and it is in our upcoming lessons that we will acquire skills needed to find success. Be watchful this week of your personal relationships, and continue to journal, and find a time to drink from Father's well of peace and comfort. Are there questions?


RACHEL: Father Abraham, I think I was given one phrase and it goes like this. I think it was given to me because I so enjoy the Christmas lights and the Christmas tree. It seems like it does something for me spiritually. The phrase I received was: The beautiful glowing lights of Christmas represents the gleaming love that emanated from Christ Michael's soul.

ABRAHAM: This can be, yes. Your understanding is a glimpse at what is a fraction of things to come. The Father is called the Father of Lights, and this is familiar to your soul. The glory and grandeur of Christmas brings on a feeling of anticipation and excitement, which is common feelings to those who first experience the morontial worlds.

You are correct in your understanding, and I can say with certainty that the feelings that is brought on by certain lights or colors is familiar to you on a soul level. Light is spiritual. I am indeed one who is still made to feel in awe at the presence of our Creator Father. He is one of extraordinary beauty and grace, power and understanding. Is this answering? (Yes it does, and I thank you kindly. Happy New Year to you.) My best wishes to you Rachel also, and your continued participation in our group for the coming year is looked forward to and expected. Another question?

HONOREY: Father Abraham, I don't have a question. I would just like to have you say hello to my great grand daughter Kera. This is her first time here visiting us, and she is unfamiliar, but she is brave to come tonight to meet with us. I do want to thank you for your weekly visits and your lessons, and tell you how much I appreciate you, and how much I love you. Thank you.

ABRAHAM: Also my love to you Honorey. You have been gracious to us indeed, and a faithful student to these teachings of Michael's. I am aware that your show of dedication and faith to those you love have set a wonderful example. I would welcome you Kera. Be not concerned, for your family is a great light in our Mission. We are fortunate to know you and express our gratitude for your understanding. Another question?

MIRIAM: Abraham, you were talking about if you could perceive the Father's watchcare from here you would be astonished, and that we could free-fall without concern. Am I interpreting that right? Like when I try to do my best with relationships--I am really glad to hear that is coming up--and I am going along doing everything to the best of my ability and I don't do as well as I wish I would. So I don't do as well as I wish I would, and then I kind of like wish I could have done better. Would a good thing with that be just say, you know, I did the best I could and chalk it up to another day? Is that kind of the mind-set of the free-fall thing? I just maybe need some help there.

ABRAHAM: I would bring encouragement to you by my statement of perceiving Christ Michael, and knowing that you could move with full faith and trust knowing He is concerned with your journey, and provides you with protection. In relationships we will find our greatest challenges to put forth our spiritual understanding, to use our spiritual understanding, and as you ascend levels of your spiritual education will your regrets seem few, and your blessings seem many. Your drive to be always better is a spiritual drive, at times where one is concerned for others. At times this drive could be a concern how you would appear in another’s eyes. Are you grasping my meaning at these differences? Is your desire to do better spiritual, and if so, is there not always other opportunities to do better, not to be perfect perhaps, but do better. Is this answering? (I am a little confused, but I don't know how to clarify. When you were saying are you grasping--I am not grasping.) A question asked in general terms would receive somewhat of a general answer.

MIRIAM: For example, with my grandmother, she is 91, and every time I see her I don't know if it is going to be the last time I see her. Sometimes I am not as sweet or kind as I want to be. It makes me feel bad then when I am about to leave. Everything is okay, but I just feel guilty. I just want it to be okay. I don't know if that is getting more specific for you. When I have feelings of criticism it makes me feel bad. I don't want to have those feelings, so then it wish I could have done better.

ABRAHAM: Understood. Yes, that is more specific. Thank you. I would ask you if you felt you were being yourself? Were you acting on your own knowledge? Were your feelings genuine? It would seem to me that this dilemma that your grandmother could meet her demise would cast a confusing light over your response to her. Do you see that this brings down the quality of the time you can share with her? To meet with anyone you know could be the last time you could meet with them. Do you see how this would bring on such anxiety and project a negative light. My words to you would be to loose the dark cloud that brings you to fear the end, and focus on those positive moments left to spend with those you love, and your feelings of guilt will be transformed into feelings of gratitude that, yes, I was myself and our time was well spent. Is this answering? (Yes Abraham. Thank you.) Another question?


If there are no questions I would take my leave, and always extending to you my love and assistance. This week ponder upon your relationships, and I will begin our new lessons next week. Shalom.