1998-01-27-Furtherance on Relationships

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Topic: Furtherance on Relationships

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am Abraham. Welcome. How blessed am I to be here with you again listening to your discoveries and soul growth. I would like to again pledge my devotion to you each. When we first met my devotion to you was somewhat on a non-personal level. More of a teacher student level. Tonight I would say I can feel the real friendship between us. Yes, our mission with one another is personal and our dedication has grown. I sincerely believe we have a long and loving friendship with each other.



It is my understanding that your week of experience has proven to be spiritually fruitful pertaining to our lessons. I can see your efforts to remove those barriers of self protection. You are beginning to see how you miss a great deal of Father's joy by not allowing yourself to be known and to know others. It is said... "to have a friend, one must be a friend." Walls of self protection prevent you from putting forth effort to show yourself friendly. To have a friend, one must extend themselves towards others. There definitely needs to be some effort put towards this. Chances must be taken, perhaps a little discomfort must be felt, but I can say without this an effort, there is something of a repellent that you radiate towards your fellows.

To extend yourself in friendship is not a contract for people to take advantage of you, no. To extend yourself in friendship is not an inconvenience waiting to happen. To put forth your best efforts toward being a friend, is to ask for Father to participate, to be witness to this participation is truly worship, inspiring. Jesus was a friend, and worried not about the baggage that might come with each person he met. He was always extending himself in friendship for the complete joy of knowing his fellows and feeling the Father's participation in the friendship. "Where two or more are gathered in my name, I shall be there" is a favorite saying of Michael's. It is true that two connecting in friendship do literally join the cosmic circuits.

When friends are neither concerned with putting up screens of non reality, or attempting to be someone they are not, there is a mutual agreement that each are accepted for who they are, and there is a comfort. This comfort is only bringing out the best in one another. There is no judgment, there is just friend to friend interaction and acceptance. There is where friendship becomes spiritual. This is where perhaps our Father or Michael's spirit could be allowed to participate, to perhaps speak in assistance and assisting in some difficulty, or adding to the joy that is felt by the interaction.

I would ask you this week to review your friendships. Is there holding back? Is there perhaps fear of baggage that may come with friendship? Is there a friendship between you and your Indwelling Spirit? Also, you and our Spirit of Truth our Creator/Brother/Father Christ Michael?

In your journal continue to distinguish your friendships that are on spiritual foundations and those that are not. Note the Father's participation and the joy received therefrom. Are there questions this evening?



Calvin (paraphrased): In your past lessons, you taught us that in our teaching or in our lives, to not let another clip our spiritual wings, and to be as the Master in not lying down before our struggles. Also, you have taught us to not seek to change another. Is there a balance in this that you could kind of tie in for me? In posting on the internet, sometimes I wonder which way to go!

Abraham: I am aware that you do well acting from love and avoid anything ego base. It is apparent that you wish to serve through this method of communication by means of goodness, and you know that your messages have been understood by some. You are certainly free to act upon your desires and those that can understand your message, will. You are coming from a place of loving service and know full well that credit will not be rendered. You will do well to act as this for your indicator.

Calvin: I don't understand... "you will do well to act as this for your indicator?" Could you help me with that one?

Abraham: It is acceptable to act upon your desires to serve as long as it feels it is from a loving place and not hidden agenda from the ego. To desire to spread good is truly beautiful and yet I can say, not all will read your message in the same meaning as you put it out. Does this help? (Yes, thank you.)

Calvin (paraphrased): Abraham, you heard me read the letter from David in Tulsa, Oklahoma before the meeting, it is a great thrill for us to see a person be so appreciative and enthusiastic of your lessons and of the Urantia Book as he is. Do you have any words which I can pass on to him this evening?

Abraham: Yes. David, it is known to me that your searching has been quite extensive, and you finally feel at ease to take a moment to filter your new information through your intellectual mind as well as your spiritual heart. Your desire to serve is known, and I would say that time is drawing near. There is perhaps a concept of the past experience with religion that need to be brought to the forefront of your mind, and filtered through the intellectual mind and the spiritual heart. There is to be an understanding to take place, a cleansing so to speak. Worry not; this is to be a joy filled experience. I would be so honored also, to maintain a friendship with you my son. That is all.

Miriam (paraphrased): Abraham, your friendship means a lot to me. Especially did I feel your love and friendship on the way home last week when I was in tears. I just wanted to tell you how much you are appreciated. Also, do you have any further guidance for the Nashville conference coming up in July?

Abraham: Miriam my daughter. You are a friend and do indeed extend yourself in this way allowing others to be themselves. You emanate an ease that allows you and your friends to feel the joy that comes from seeing our Father's fingerprints. I am happy to be a beneficiary of your friendship extension. I am also aware that your efforts made towards the conference are going as well as can be expected. You have a goal set before you that is challenging and yet is teaching you all at once. Be at ease my daughter. Know that you have assistance.

Allanna (paraphrased): I don't know if this is really a question. I had a wonderful relationship with my brother that is now gone. He helped me learn a lot about people. I can see now how I can be of help to people in letting down their walls and defenses to receive Father's help, and the Teacher's help, is that an okay role?

Abraham: Yes, you are saying that you extend faith in your fellow’s ability to know the answers for themselves. You make that known to them. This is indeed valuable; it is a barrier brought down just to have people know that you view them as an intelligent child of God. That is truly beautiful Allanna. I would say to you that I also have faith in you to know your inner Father and be able to know what He has planned for you concerning your mission. Your instincts on your mission are correct and yet, there is still a holding back. You are learning to recognize that connection between you and your Father and are able to go beyond leading your fellows to your inner Father. This is quite wonderful, yes, and yet your training goes beyond planting the seeds to tending to first beginnings of growth, yes.

Rachel (paraphrased): Well Father Abraham, you are truly my friend, and I thank you.

Abraham: I also thank you Rachel. You have been a wonderful friend to me over these years. Your faith in me as a teacher and friend has allowed us to feel the joy from connection with the cosmic circuits, and feeling that spiritual essence therefrom, yes. Thank you.


Abraham: I am indeed concerned with each of you as my friend. I do endeavor to know more each week and I am available for conference if you should so desire. You will know when I am near. My love is with you. Until next week, shalom.