1998-07-19-Learning To Love, Part 1

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Topic: Learning To Love, Part I

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Welmek

TR: Unknown



WELMEK: Welcome back to another session of instruction and enlightenment. Let us continue with the progression of the elements living, learning and loving. At our last meeting we took the element of learning to live and explored it in further depth. Today, let us discuss learning to love. Again, a friend has come to and said, “I am having a problem in my relationships with others. I do not feel love the way I think I should.” What advice would you impart to this friend? Think about the element learning to love. Still your mind, seek guidance from your Adjuster and we will resume.

  • Comments from students


Flow, Love

WELMEK: Each of you has raised some interesting points. On the one hand, there is the feeling of a naturalness, is it not, that the Father's love flows out of you and it becomes easy to express to others regardless of how another person may react or perceive you. On the other hand, as S indicated, there is the component of truth, or the concept of the nature of love—where does this love come from, how can you best come to express it in your life? Both of these elements must be in place in order for the process to unfold or flow out of you in a natural state. Most humans on this world have yet to understand that dynamic relationship that exists between the individual and the Father. Hence the ability to let that love flow to naturally into another is modified and sometimes is unable to happen at all.

Learning to love is a challenging growth principle of spiritual development. It does not happen overnight, it is a process—to receive that love and to tap into it every day to become so saturated with it so that it can only flow out of you. It is as if you are the soil and the Father’s love rains upon you, and the soil becomes so full of water that it can no longer contain itself and it must begin the drainage process. So it flows in rivulets down, down deep and seeks other means of expression. You are like this soil now and are beginning to know and really appreciate all of the Father's loving, merciful, and compassionate qualities. It is much easier to return to this source to ask for guidance and the loving support and nurturing that you must have as an individual. When you return to that source and allow that love to flow through you--to begin to swell into you into proportions that sometimes overwhelms you--then the only means of expression is to allow that to flow out of you into your brothers and sisters. It is very natural at that time to exist at that state of mind.

But to get to that state of mind is a process that must be developed. The trust that God loves you and the deep understanding of this is what is missing from your brothers and sisters. That is why the concept of God as a loving individual, as compassionate, tender, nurturing, patient, tolerant, must be ingrained into the individual’s mind in order to help feel that love. It is not enough to just feel the Father’s love, it is just as important to know of the Father’s love-- to begin that faith-trust process that builds the conceptual framework around which the flow can begin to flow. Learning to love is a two-way dynamic. You must feel the love, but you must also be certain it is there for you. And that can only come from knowing the concept of a loving compassionate spiritual parent.

The challenge then becomes how do you show this to another person? You cannot change their mind or their concept of God. But you can indeed share love with them. In time it is hoped that by your actions, and when they see how you live and when they know that comes from faith in the Father, it may plant a seed in their minds. Continue to love them, continue to water that seed with your compassion and understanding. Show your empathy with them and help them in whatever way you can to develop that concept – to shine the Father’ s love on that seed. Allow that seed to germinate its gifts. Do you have any other comments or questions?



Question from student about how this flow of love and drawing spiritual riches to you and how to draw material things to you. Welmek’s response:

In order to more fully understand the component of the flow, or two-way street, of spiritual riches, let me ask you a question. When you have felt love from the Father and asked for particular answers to questions--prayers that were pointing to be led to certain individuals--were these questions answered? How would you identify how these were answered for you?

Answer from student was yes, but difficulty in understanding the distinction between drawing spiritual treasures and material things to you. Student thinks there is a split between the spiritual principle of drawing what you need to you and the material level of drawing things to you. Welmek’s response:

You must understand at your level of existence this split that you indicate is in your experience real. However, I would not define it as such, for on the morontia and spiritual levels, there is not this disparity between physical reality and the morontia/spiritual levels. There is more harmony, there is more connection between the levels of reality. However, on your world there is not, and while universal laws are meant to be synchronous and harmonious, great disparities still exist.

I would suggest that in order for you to fully appreciate this dynamic, to not spend so much time focusing on the material out-gain of your well-being. This is difficult and a difficult transition to make. Much of your habitual patterns of living have been deeply ingrained in just living on this material world, finding a career that satisfies you, earning enough money to have material comforts, and then to find someone of harmonious resonance and to have a long-term partnership with. These are all the goals or outcome of material success. However, I wish for you to turn your focus to how you adjust your attitude to those spiritual principles that you are now learning…to focus more fully on the Father, to ask the Father to guide you in all things. That is not to say that you not use your wisdom, your judgment, your reasoning, your discernment and intuition to help you sort through the problems in your life, but you are being challenged now to live at a higher level. And that means going deeper within your being and finding the answers at a deeper level. How you adjust to the problems and challenges that you face are more important than any material outcome that you seek.

I know this may seem like a difficult and somewhat harsh answer, but I think you can appreciate the dynamic of what I am saying. At your level of reality, you will see a split, as you call it of the benefits or rewards of the spiritual versus over the material. But at my level there is none and you must concentrate more fully on the spiritual so that your mental and material life will become more harmonious. Does this answer your question?


Comment from student about being slightly unclear about turning to the Father about all aspects of life and in dealing with my brothers and sisters and turning to the Father for answers. Having trouble shifting focus more to the spiritual side. Needs further clarification on how to accentuate the spiritual level. How does the flow work in coming toward me on the spiritual level?

The key word is “natural.” It is effortless. It just happens. There is nothing you need “to do.” The other component to your question, “is what can I do?” You are, my sister, doing the things you should do. You are spending time with the Father, you are seeking guidance, you are listening, you are trying to follow the wise counsel of your spirit guide. What more can you do, or should do? The only thing I will add to this is you must allow the proper time sequence to evolve to get you to this higher level of living in the enlightenment that you seek—to feel more of the Father’s love. Remember that this process that you have embarked upon has been operational in your mind for only a few short years. It does take time, it does take patience, dedication and perseverance in pursuing this path. Continue your efforts, do not be so concerned about how you are doing, but that you are doing it and still honestly striving to achieve it. Take the spiritual pressure off yourself. Take the parameters of success off of yourself. You will be successful. Success is built into this process. There is nothing you have to know other than that, my sister. Does this help?

Are there any other questions?

Question about getting practical advice about people not getting what they should be receiving. Welmek’s response:

I would ask what is it that they think they should be receiving? Is it of a spiritual nature or material nature? If you are talking about another individual, I would ask you to probe them gently to see what it is they lack. Ask some questions that will make them ponder more deeply what it is they feel they need or what it is that they should be receiving. There is no one pat answer that applies. Each individual will be hungry for certain things at certain times in their lives. But if there is one overall suggestion it would be to say to that person (tape turned). Encourage that individual to spend time in deep reflection. If the words “feeling the Father’s love or communion with the Father” presents problems, then pose it in more neutral terms that says to the individual you have a greater availability for answers within you. Challenge them to go within that place to find the support and guidance they need.

It is a simple answer, but to do it especially when there is not a habit does require some effort. Tell them that being happy and being fulfilled does require effort, it is not something that just naturally happens because there is such great disparity between the ego, the self-centeredness of human nature, and the spirit—the altruistic selflessness—that true happiness feeds upon. When an individual starts on the spiritual path, they are slowly trying to divest themselves of this animal ego towards their truer spiritual nature that is resident within their spirit fragment. And you know from your path what an effort this is. Do they want to be happy? Do they be fulfilled? Then they must try…they must make the effort…they must put forth some spiritual energy, mental energy and emotional energy to achieve this. Does this help?


Again, it is always a pleasure to be with my dear friends. Always center yourselves in our Father’s love every day, and surely you are evolving toward that state of happiness and fulfillment that you seek. Good day.