1998-12-13-The Swim of Mortal Living

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Topic: The Swim of Mortal Living

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. My greetings.


What an example of beauty in action! Not only do you nourish each other physically but emotionally and spiritually as well. This is beautiful to behold. I am always made to rejoice when I view Michael's Spirit through my mortal friends. As I know Him I at times see His facial expressions on you. His well known hand gestures have also been apparent when you are speaking with one another.

It is visually seen by me when the Spirit of Truth has won out over decisions that could have very well been made through ease seeking. Michael's Spirit however cannot just magically appear to minister among the mortals of Urantia, no. There indeed has to be allowances on your part to invite Him in. Some can only allow the Spirit of Truth to act in their lives to a point. There can be a moment’s hesitation where one might think Michael would curtail their plans.

As a child looks to a parent, we might look to Michael. We might involve Michael in simple, joyful decisions, and on the other hand, limit His involvement when self will appear strongly. This is to be expected as you are learning and progressing. It is not sinful but simple misconception. Individuals can say Father's will be done to a point, and fear letting go of the reigns. Father may have lessons which impose upon moral plans. There maybe cause for delay in mortal desires.

It is perfectly acceptable to stand on the beach of mortal living, slowly allowing life's experiences to roll up over your feet. It is not however experiencing the actual participation in fully experiencing all life has t o offer. Yes, swimming can bring about taking water in and choking, yes, fatigue and fear may play a part, but one does not build upon those spiritual muscles without exercising in the swim of mortal living.

It is acceptable to stand upon the shore. At one point or another you will have opportunity to dive in this life or the next. Urantia however, is seeing an age where standing on the shore is not enough. Feeling fearful at drowning or injury is not bringing fulfillment. To step in deeper into the living waters is a mystery, yes, and yet, it builds confidence, intrigues the mind, exercises those spiritual muscles, and opens up a new world of learning.


You, my friends, are those who find the beach boring and at times indulge in the ocean. How beautiful this is to me having lived a life in the flesh. Our focus for this week is to show your fellows by living example how wonderful the water can be, how mysterious and refreshing you find it. Allow the Master to have expression through you, and do not wonder why your fellows seek you out. My friends enjoy. Until next week, Shalom.