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Topic: Diligence

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Malvantra, Elena

TR: Mark Rogers, Jonathan



Elyon (TR Mark): I greet you once again today. This is your associate and friend Elyon. I applaud your efforts at your directed thoughts and your prayerful patterns; I and the others are respectful of this time allotment during your sessions and realize that any time devoted in this directed thought or in subsequent stillness is valuable to you, and therefore desire to remain silent and observe this time with you whenever you are willing to take time to observe this. Every time that you are in a prayerful state or in a receptive state, your capacity to access this condition is enlarged. Through repeated exposures to this reality, you become well versed in this condition, very much like your material and mechanical attempts to undergo training in mathematics and vocabulary exercises.


Practice, Stillness

As a small child you are unfamiliar with these conditions, and it takes much repeated exposure to structures of numbers and words before they become familiar to you, before your capacity to understand them has been sufficiently strengthened and enlarged, and you are able to build on your familiarity with these symbols in order to expand your understanding. When you are just beginning, you would not dream of learning your multiplication tables. But after you have experienced number symbols for a duration of time and been disciplined and regular in your contact with them, you will take for granted the earlier lessons which were so difficult to you when you first began.

When you arrive at your multiplication tables you realize it is completely unnecessary for you to go back and refresh yourself on what two plus two meant. The same is true with your stillness and prayer practice. It builds upon itself in the beginning. It is awkward. It is unfamiliar much as your numbers are to a small child. Through practice and repetition you develop a familiarity with this state of reality. It becomes easier and easier as your practice continues to return to this state of reality, and once there, it becomes more and more familiar. Thus, instead of returning each time to add one plus two, you return each time to a more difficult problem until much experience grants you the ability to return to do complex mathematical equations at will.

The course of your human life has taught you that you begin unfamiliar with all aspects of life. It takes a child decades to become familiar enough to be considered an adult, one who is well versed in life realities. You are in a similar situation spiritually. You are entering realms in which you are currently not altogether familiar although you are becoming more so each day. As your educational experience proceeds, you are coming to realize that what was unfamiliar to you at one point is now part of the foundation on which more spiritual truths are built, and you are finding yourselves taking for granted some of your earlier problems, your earlier equations.

Much as it took many, many years of practice and diligence to learn how to do an algebraic problem, it could take many, many years to become proficient at the practice of entering the spiritual realm on command and with certainty. This should not be surprising to you although it is easy as an adult to forget the long period it took for you to become familiar even with your own life surroundings. Grant yourself this time of learning and experience. Realize that it is a process that only starts now. You will not complete this process in this life. You will not be here long enough, nearly, to do that.

So, grant that it is an ongoing, continuing process which you are beginning now, indeed, have begun in earnest for some time. Realize that as with math or music or any other physical principles, it must be a disciplined practice in order to become proficient. If you do not practice a musical instrument you will rise to a level of proficiency and remain there. If you do not practice stillness, you will remain at the level that your growth dictates. Indeed, your growth dictates to you the desire for more stillness. You each feel it in your yearning for spiritual truths, and you will accept this discipline and this principle much as you accepted the fact that you had to go to school as a child.

This is your next school, your adult school. This one requires more discipline because there is no bell to ring or bus to catch. You must voluntarily show up at this school. You can arrange your time so as to best fit into your daily schedule, but you must choose to do this yourself. That is one of the aspects which makes this school so special. It is all volunteer. It is by your choice that you attend this school as you are even now. That is why we as teachers and facilitators of this school are so impressed with your attendance. We realize it is strictly volunteer, that you must take time out of your busy schedule and busy lives to attend these classes, and we are so greatly impressed by all steps taken toward this end. You ask for greater realization of your roles in this joint project of the Teaching Mission, and we have been forthcoming with much information as to our roles together and your roles as differentiated from ours.

We will continue to be forthcoming with all the information allowed under our mandate, and we have no doubts but that you will receive this information and accept these challenges just as we have. We only send by way of gentle prodding the recommendation that, if practice sessions were allocated during the week, then the times when we get together to play together may be more fruitful. Do not take my statements as any form of reprimand, for they are not so. They are offered as words of encouragement not as pointing out any shortcomings. Indeed, the realities I speak of are imminent. It is only a matter of time, my friends.

I must once again share with you the great love I have for each of you and for our beloved group. It gives my life purpose. I echo your thoughts and sentiments of appreciation and send my love. I would withdraw at this time to allow for others.


Teaching Mission, Outreach

Malvantra (Rick): I am Malvantra. I also approach you this day with love, the love shared by Elyon, as we each hold you as dearly as he does.

I have a lesson that entails twisting the word "submission". You know that the Father has a mission, and that is for His children to become perfect as He is, and that the Son undertakes the mission of bestowal, of personally experiencing the life of the Father's children, and the Spirit has undertaken the mission of ministering to the needs of these children that they may accomplish the goal of perfection. You are, in a sense, sub-contractors. You are sub-missionaries.

This mission of yours is threefold: The ever-continuing, personal progress of your spiritual growth is the Father aspect of your mission. During this process, you are experiencing a broader and deeper dimension of life. You are undergoing the same processes that Michael undertook in his bestowal, and this is the meaning of, "Follow me". You are revealing yourself to the Father in your perfection attained, and you are revealing the Father to yourself as you come to deeper communion with Him through His divine presence. You are literally enacting in a stepwise fashion the perfection attainment He has asked of you. Also, because of your love for your fellows, your compassion, your concern for their growth, you are participants in the Spirit's ministry program, and we of the Teaching Mission are a subset of that very program. To submit yourself to the will of the Father is to undertake the sub-contract, not only to grow, but to reach out and to aid in the growth of others.

Once again, another of Michael's phrases, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you", holds true. I would like you to reflect upon this, for submission is often viewed in the sense of being a delegation of your power and authority over to another. It can truly be said, when given to the Father, you have received in exchange all power and all authority. But today I simply seek to shift the perspective of cooperative outreach, of cooperative undertaking, both for yourself and for your fellows. That is all.

Elena (Mary): The power of God pours down upon you. Stretch out your hands and receive from Him His strength, His power, His goodness. Willingly open yourself to Him. He is there always, waiting to give Himself to you. His love and His power are so great, so wonderful, so transforming. As you receive the revelation of His power, His Love, His beauty, His truth, His goodness, your eyes will be opened wide like a child upon discovery. You'll continually have this experience of discovery of the depth of Him. Avail yourself of the opportunities you have to experience Him now, as you are. You will be surprised. You will be fulfilled. You will be overjoyed. Once again I say, stretch out your hands and receive all good things from Him.

[Mary: I believe this is Elena speaking.]

Rick: I was reflecting on love compared to wisdom, how love is all-embracing where wisdom seems event-specific, discriminatory in a good sense, knowing the difference between events and superstition, knowledge and understanding. Love washes over all of that, beyond or through all those evaluative levels. Your message hit home how powerful that love really is.

Elena: Thank you for your comments. I tried to convey the feeling of the future of experiences you will discover as you go further along the ascension path and the depth of beauty, truth, and goodness that God has in store for you to discover. You will have an eternity of these feelings of the light coming on in your mind and in your heart, of discovering further realities. It is exciting the life that God has set up for all of us. It's exciting in this sense of discovery, and it also encompasses the fulfillment of achievement of striving and achieving goals and levels. It is a well balanced experience, this time and space reality that we find ourselves existing in, and I offer encouragement, enticement, to lure you further into your own personal discoveries.

Rick: You mention achievement and future discoveries. We can return to what appears to be a recurring experience and relish it as if it were ever new because of that. Like worship or expressing love. It might be considered the same experience, but it isn't. The Father is the same, but the passing of time means our experiences have advanced and our potentials have increased. Whenever we pause to worship or pour forth love, it is new.


Elena: Isn't it beautiful? I would say thank you for your attention and also thank you for sharing your lives and offering yourselves up to all of us.