1999-01-24-Gifts For Assignments

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Topic: Gifts For Assignments

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM: Greetings. I would have to apologize for I have missed much of your discussion this evening. You see, I was on another assignment where my particular skills could be utilized to alleviate some group misconception. I have been well trained in the area of reality awareness. I have been taught how to help guide individual's mystical thinking into more of a reality purposefulness.


My life experience has taught me much of what I know to be true. Time has also shown me that basic truth is eternal. Those spiritual concepts I experienced that I wondered if they were reality -- time has proven that those things of value are lasting.

My Brother/Father has indeed been a wonderful Teacher and His expertise in certain arenas has added to my ability to teach. I also have enlisted in certain educational activities to sharpen my skills, but for the most part, I would have to day my Indwelling Adjuster has unified all that I have learned into a practical purpose, a valuable resource in which to serve the whole.

As you dedicate yourselves to furthering the growth of the Correcting Time, you can also see certain aspects that have enabled you to help. Certainly your life experiences has shaped you and in that -- there are various occurrences that had an effect on who you are and how you put forth your unified knowledge to help.

Family does add an ingredient to who you are. Society has also added its twist. Experience is also a method in which one could be made to learn to bend, or be broken from. The Adjuster surely has a say in how these ingredients will be measured out in order to endow you with those skills you will require to be able to serve with.

There are so many personalities you will come upon in your spiritual career. There are indeed worlds you will travel and cultures that will certainly astound you. Your astonishment will not only be by a visual method, but by a spiritual one as well. You cannot at this time conceive of the diverse individuals you shall meet.

I am always meeting unique personalities which add to my source of information. I cannot ever catagorize the many individuals, for no two people are the same. Certainly there are personalities who still are having in common -- same personality aspects that can be woven into various types of individual fabrics. We can certainly see how personality ingredients would add positive or negative aspects to each individual soul.

My main message this evening is concerning your individual gifts that lead you on assignments. Your own Internal Guide has set before you those lessons that endow you with the ability to teach but also, does He unify your experience with that of others to aid in the growth of the whole -- the world, the solar system, the universe, and the Supreme Being.

Your world does know the ministry of experienced Adjusters. Your experienced Adjusters can help to teach you skills that you cannot possibly know how you attained them. Many individuals are either ridiculed or accredited with certain personality ingredients when all the while, these things could very well be Adjuster related.

Individuals who are a bit aggressive are perhaps endowed with an Adjuster who has previous experience with aggression, but also, could this individual have had a childhood where he had to be aggressive in order to attain what he needed. This individual would perhaps be gifted at organizing or accomplishing certain tasks that would be difficult for the one who is passive. Do you see, how the various aspects of experience and Adjuster influence can endow one with the skills needed with which to minister to their fellows?

I was called this evening to aid individuals in a group that were perhaps leaning towards a more mystical non-reality type thinking. My mortal life gave me the experience in which I could understand how they were leaning towards mysticism for I have also done the same. My Adjuster experience was knowledgeable in areas of public speaking and talking in a manner requiring authority. That knowledge has allowed me to help guide and direct and guard against the untruth.

As we come across individuals who possess this type of personality or that, stop to ponder -- from where does their personality makeup originate? How have you become the person you are today through your human experience? What valuable tools has your Father Adjuster imparted to you to enable you to answer your callings or mission assignments?


Something you may be critical of about yourselves or others could very well be Thought Adjuster endowments. Yes, take a moment during the week to explore your gifts and ponder upon your desire. Ponder upon how your gifts could apply in service to the whole, yes.

Once again, I would thank you for having me and allowing me to do what I love. As always, my love is with you. Until next week, shalom.